Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Good morning all...

I've been a busy lady of late and so glad I've gotten off the merry-go-round of life for a bit.  Returned from a whirlwind trip to Tennessee a week ago where my Mr. AGP Man and I helped my big sister with an estate sale.  She sold off tons and tons of her personal property (downsizing to a small home) and also the remaining merchandise left over from her vintage home decor and apparel business.  I've never seen so much stuff in my life and my guy and I are beyond happy the trip (and the work) are over.

Came home with some wonderful things to sell in my booth, some fabulous old finds, vintage lace pieces, lamps, furniture and also that fabulous antique counter my hubby will be transforming into our new kitchen island.  It's going to take some work to refurbish so I won't be sharing it for a while.  But...hopefully before Christmas...

The bed in the photo above (my local booth) is one I hauled home from the estate sale.  Originally my sis had it painted black.  I actually liked it black, but...I'm still loving vintage whites and all things tattered and worn and those things still sell well for me here.  So...white with a bit of glaze won out!  I snapped the picture late last night, but I'm sure missing the natural light that usually comes through the windows...

Hope this finds you well...  Maybe one day I'll get back to blogging more regularly.  Right now I'm excited about starting Christmas Stockings for 2015.  Tattered vintage and antique laces and lots of linen and trims.  Yum!

Love to you~

Monday, August 17, 2015


 ~Beautiful Hand Scraped Wood Floor~

My Mr. AGPMan and I leave for the Nashville area this week to spend some time with my sister and to help her with her estate sale...we are hoping to sweat off some pounds while we are there and maybe bring back a few treasures!  We we  also be hauling back the antique counter we will be transforming into our kitchen excited!
~Wood Floors Tie Everything Together~

After yapping about our complete kitchen remodel/renovation and I'm excited to say that in just a very short time it will be completely done.  Can't wait to show you pictures of the final reveal with everything put into place.
~Waiting for Glue to Dry~

I haven't taken new pictures, but the stove/oven and fridge are back in place and so is our temporary island we purchased at Sam's Club.  I'm going to paint it and move it to my studio as it's a great piece to craft on.  You can see part of it in one of the photos below (two down)...
~May 2014~

We've come a long way since a year ago May 2014.  This temporary island was made up of two old cabinets.  We used this for over a year...YUCK!  But...hey~it worked!  The big white fridge was banished to the gawh-raj!
~May 2015~

Lots of work in one year.  That was evenings and almost every single weekend!!!!  Seeing the cabinets go up was so exciting.  They still had to be customized and painted...but to see cabinets on the wall made me feel like we had a real kitchen again!

~Easter 2014~

The two pictures above will show you that we actually used the kitchen during our remodel.  This is my Miss K and I at Easter 2014 dying Easter Eggs in a hovel of a kitchen.  I refused to allow the torn up mess to keep us from making memories.  If I had we would have lost four years of fun times!  This is before sheet rock, etc.  My Mr. AGPMan was still working on the electrical, etc.  By the way...I have on his geek shirt (need a hair cut!) and my Miss K is now as tall as I am.  She's grown a lot in 15-16 months!  She'll be 13 in November!  Say it isn't so!
~My Miss K~
OK...more when I return from our trip.  August is half over and my favorite month of September will soon be here...  I love Autumn...makes my heart sing!

Love to you...

Thursday, August 13, 2015

~Miss Autumn and her Paper Pattern Skirt~

I love love love the Harvest time of the year and I'm so happy it's around the corner.  It was time to spruce up my booth today and so I spent the evening working on new displays and removing some of the old and bringing in some new...  I always love the changing of the seasons and I start out trying something new if at all possible...

Just a quick post about my little mannequin.  I dressed her in a skirt made of old paper patterns with lots of layers and ruffles.  I used a crocheted doily for a collar and burlap as a modified vest.  Vintage silk ribbon was used for her waistband.  It was tattered and worn and simply fabulous.  The original paper wrapping for the ribbon was used to fashion her Miss Autumn banner.  

She was so much fun to make and I think she'll be a real conversation piece.

This next week I travel to Tennessee to help my sister with her estate sale.  She closed her shop and they are downsizing and selling their home.  Big job ahead...

We are bringing the vintage counter from the late 1800's back with us...  Remember I told you we are modifying it for our kitchen island.  By the way...our wood flooring goes in this weekend.  The last of the projects before the kitchen is completely finished except for the island.  We are beyond excited.  The nightmare is finally almost OVAHHHHH and we are both actually still ALIVE.  

Will share more will you soon.  Can't wait to show you the big reveal!

Love to you...