Thursday, June 25, 2015



During our kitchen renovation I've tried really hard to keep up with my business!  I've managed to continue to restock my local Booth, but my website has suffered terribly for a long time...especially so since Christmas.  With the completion of our remodel on the horizon (thank you, God!) I've had a chance to sit down for a bit and take stock in what I do...why I do it...and if changes are in order, prepare for them as well.

Things are always changing, aren't they?

My Mr. AGPMan and I are seriously considering doing something new that relates to selling my wares beyond my booth and online.  Not sure just how things will play out...but, at the very least it's exciting to consider something fresh and different.  As our plans unfold I'd love for you to tag along...

It means lots of French Farmhouse style complements, furniture and bits of lace and finery.  I'm eager to get started.  I also want to revamp my blog and my website...but, that's going to take some big help from the Mr. and the Mr.'s son! :)

Yesterday I worked on more Signs, a sweet bar stool that needed a transformation and also a charming little side table I picked up at the local thrift...  All of them will be offered somewhere...Booth, Etsy and/or beyond!

More soon.  Thank you so much for stopping by...

Love to you~

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

French Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation Almost Done...Yeah!

For all you peeps that don't do Facebook I'm sharing with you today what I posted over there...  The pocket door off our kitchen that leads to a small foyer. laundry room and downstairs bath is finally framed out and painted.  It seems sooo weird seeing things finally coming together after living with rip out and reconstruction for so long...
Here's a photo that was taken about two months ago.  At this time we were still customizing the pre-fab cabinets we purchased...still a long way to go.
Here's an early, early shot of when we were still tearing things out!
The French door I shared at the top is now in the place of the pate other words the door seen on the right was repositioned to the left side of the kitchen!
Here we are after the cabinets have been customized.  Still installing hardware and painting the ceiling and walls!!
 Hanging plate rack in a different spot!
Loving how this rack looks today...
This is going to go somewhere!

What do we have left to do?  The back splash which will be distressed (stained) and painted shiplathe and the wood flooring...

Then our reveal...

I can't believe it!

Long, grueling journey.  Glad it's almost over!

Love to you~

Monday, June 22, 2015

An Old Plate Rack and Farmhouse Signs...~

We are counting the days down on our kitchen renovation and I am one happy girl!  Not to sound overly dramatic here (as if I could EVAH be THAT!), I'm tellin' you the truth when I say NEVAHHH EVAHHH again! Nope.  Nevahhhh.

Worked on this wall and my Mr. AGPMan finally got my plate rack hung.  I love this piece so much and have had it almost 20 years.  I snagged it at a Spiegel auction in Tennessee back in 1997.  I almost sold it a few times, but in the end I just could never let it go.  It fits perfectly on the wall beside the pantry and the entry into the kitchen.
Finished a bunch of Farmhouse style signs for my website and also the one you see above.  I decided to keep this one for myself!  Here are a few I uploaded today...
 I love the virtuous woman passage from Proverbs.  One of my favorite designs!
This Chocolat Lombart sign sold earlier today.  Simple and uncomplicated design transferred onto a vintage hand-cut arched sign.
This one was fun to do!  Lots of distressing and aged with a waxing cream!

Pushing towards our final reveal in August...that is IF our wood flooring comes in when it's supposed to and we can get it installed without any problem.  Since it was discontinued we had to hunt for a bit to track it down.  That means a better price, but we now have to find a reputable wood floor installer that we can trust...

Hope you are all well and had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating the men in  your lives!

Be back soon with more kitchen pics from our La Chaumière de Briarwood!

Love to you~

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