Friday, September 26, 2014


If someone had told me when we first started our kitchen renovation that we would STILL be working on it after several years I would NEVAHHHHH have believed it!  I know I keep harping on it, but the entire process has become a pain-in-the-grommet (my dad use to say that and I have no idea what it really means!) and we can't wait for it to be done.  Although we are still working in temp-mode (make-shift sink and island and no countertops/cabinets), we are finally seeing LIGHT at the end of a long, long, dark tunnel!
  Today I'm sharing with you some pics that were taken a few days ago.  As I said the other day...trim-work is now finished and my Mr. AGPMan is working on the cabinet plans.  Look at the two photos above....I'm really happy the UGLEEEEEE air vent is gone (2nd photo upper right on wall) as I always hated it

This vintage French door will replace the temporary one you see that leads to our new laundry room and full bath!

I've TRIED my best to enjoy the process...and sometimes I do.  But, the work has been grueling and slow-going.  Extensive plumbing work and electrical work proved to be more involved that we ever imagined it would be.  Renovation work is tough.
I'm thankful we've been able to do what we have done given my Mr. AGPMan's 2013 layoff from the Big Red "X".  That tossed a big fat wrench into our budget and our plans.  Everything ground to a halt for nearly 8 months!
It's only when I review the photo diary I'm able to keep my perspective in check.  We've saved many, many thousands of dollars doing the work ourselves...  I'm thankful for that and grateful my guy is so talented and able to do so much on his own.
I've finally settled on the style of cabinets I want.  I found these French themed cabinets while perusing Pinterest...LOVE THEM!
I don't want all the cabinets to have glass doors and I don't want this type of counter-top or back-splash.  But, I do love the idea of it all.  We hope our kitchen island will look something like this...
The space next to one of the pocket door that leads into my Mr. AGPMan's office we hope will look something like this...
At least the really hard grunt work and tear-out work is done.  Things are almost put back together and I'm actually looking forward to the next phase.  I'm hoping it will be a lot more fun!

More soon!  Hope your Friday is awesome.




  1. Rebecca ...... we lived in chaos for 4 weeks over our kitchen make over, this must really drive you round the bend ..... Where do you cook at the moment? In a caravan??!! Hold on girlie, super job done by your darling husband!

  2. Your Kitchen is coming along!!! Be of good cheer.

    I understand when the remodeling takes years. Frown. I'm there right now. It has cleaned my plow as some would say. I keep doing what I call dreaming and seeing it completed.

    The pics you have shared of what you like are so neat! Keep your chin up and day dream. It's coming together. Maybe kissing the sink will help. grins. She's in place. Running water!


  3. It's looking great! The new style is definitely you.

  4. It's going to look wonderful, Rebecca!

  5. One thing is for certain, you will truly appreciate your new kitchen. We would like to remodel ours but the expense scares us. Yours is going to be lovely.

    Amy Jo