Monday, July 17, 2017


My Mr. AGP Man and I had a wonderful day on Saturday.  Once a month we plan on a major garage sale, thrift store or estate sale jaunt around the Oklahoma City area and Saturday was such a day.  We got up early, forced down a bowl of shredded wheat (or a scrambled egg or two), made sure our Little-Miss-Mollie is safe and sound for a few hours and then we headed out the door.  We don't really have any specific route in which we travel.  Most times we wing it.  Just chase the TAG SALE SIGNS scattered along the way.  During the hot summer months they seem to be everywhere and I love that.
On this particular day our four-hour excursion away from our La Chaumière de Briarwood felt like a mini retreat in a way. We visited some sweet tag sales and lunched at a small diner before running into two longtime friends.  We chatted for a little bit, laughing how the years had flown by since we'd last seen one another.  I love old friends...the kind where you can just pick up a conversation that was left idle years before and continue on...
We wandered around one of the largest antique shoppes, but we each left with only a free donut in our hands.  Still fun.  Before heading home we stopped over at one of our gazillion thrift stores (Good Will) and found an amazing antique (Victorian Era) linen and lace skirt (petticoat) at for only $2.00.  It had originally been priced at $3.99, but all red tag items were half off making the already incredible find full of even more awesomeness!

I know my Mr. AGP Man must grow tired of hearing me squeal with delight when I discover a new, wonderful something-or-other.   But he never lets on.  I love that about him.  He's gentle, always kind and my biggest fan follower devotee.

We returned a few hours later with our SUV full of potential treasures.  I say POTENTIAL because I'm really never sure how something is going to turn out.  But I have faith in the process and learned a long time ago that in order to fill my creative heart to the brim and overflowing I must allow my finds to speak to me.  Sometimes the visions inside my head take longer to bloom than I would like for them to...but's the practice I've grown accustomed to.

On Sunday afternoon I found myself leaning on the French-style door jamb my Mr. AGP Man installed several years ago, gazing out into his workshop (like I've done for man moons now), watching my guy move with ease inside the walls of his own personal work-haven. My heartstrings are tugged, I shake my head and only the single word, thankfulness, comes to mind.

And love.

I'm blessed to have a committed partner who has never left my side.  He's also my dearest friend.  The bonus is he loves to go junkin' with his wifey and that makes my heart sing.



Wednesday, July 12, 2017


The heat of the summer sun is blistering our aging deck and it's on days like this that I find myself longing for early spring mornings when I could take a quick, brisk walk around my neighborhood will Mollie (Yorkie-Dog).  Those cooler days came and went so fast!!!  Didn't they?  I escape the heat by enjoying my studio time and preparing for the busyness that comes as the holidays approach.

I learned a long time ago when you are in the business of creating and selling you have to work wisely and plan early!  If you don't you never catch up AND don't enjoy those very special days...
I snapped a few more pictures of my AGP Studio.  I actually had these closet doors in our guest room~but we turned that room into our office when my Mr. AGP Man changed jobs and no longer needed a large home-based office.  I love how they look in here!  Another pair of matching closet doors are to the left of the photos and I'll show them next time!
This precious old photo is of me, my sister, Faith and my brother, Bill.  I love how my tongue is sticking out!  I found it about a year ago in some old papers that belonged to my father and it hadn't been seen in almost 40 years...  I just had to include it with some of the framed vintage pictures that I love...
The vintage looking ceiling tile (at the top!) was refurbished a couple of weeks ago.  My longtime friend, Karen, gave me the piece (she's always giving me wonderful treasures!) and after painting it I added the scripture found in the book of Esther.  I need to be reminded sometimes that I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing with my life.
 I've had these photo storage boxes for a long, long time and I planned on painting them many moons ago.  I finally got around to it last week...  They were different colors and patterns and I wanted them to match.

I'm weird like that!
Each one is different!  My favorite is the one with the vintage shoe on the top!  I used this exact altered art image sometime back on a note card!
 Here's another one.  I love it, too!

I'll be back soon to share a bit more.  You can always visit me on FB...I'm there, too!  



Monday, July 10, 2017

~I JUST LOVE MY HAPPY LIFE...with a Wee Bit of CHAOS!~

Well...what do they say about having the best-laid-plans?  OMGOSH!  Everyday I think I'm going to get back here and type out a few lines and then my crazy-busy life takes ovahhhh and things take a nose dive.

I love chaos.
Don't you? either!
Anyway...our Fourth of July was GREAT and I love being around my kids.  They've grown up to be the most amazing [[ADULT]] human beings.  I'm such a happy momma!

I've been working on my studio and trying to purge and reorganize my stash of fabulous finds.  My Mr AGP Man has done his magic once again and has worked tirelessly refurbishing some of the things I USED to love.  I promise to share pictures soon of where I create.  So much has changed even though I smile when I look back on old pictures of my workplace.

Finished this sweet vintage lace pillow for a longtime customer.  I still, and always will, love working with vintage and tattered laces and old millinery finds.  Gives me so much joy to work with my hands nearly pain free.  I'm sooo grateful.  Can't begin to tell you how much.'s something that will surely convince you that my life here in Middle-America isn't perfect!

At 3:30 today I left my La Chaumière de Briarwood bound for the eye doctor.  My new glasses are NOT working right so I need an adjustment (or whatever!).  I get into my SUV on this nearly 100 degree day and it won't start.  SERIOUSLY?  Soo....I sit there for a second trying to get the thing to turn over before realizing I had just walked through water and the sprinkler wasn't on.  Our sewer-check-valve had spilled my washing machine water all over the front yard.  I get out of the car, go back inside, call the hubbs and BEG ask him to come home early.  He's says OK (yipeee!) and 30 minutes later he walks in the door.  I'm at my computer when I hear this "What's wrong with the air conditioner?"  (As IF I would know!)  I respond with a "Umm...Hi Baber...don't know!  What's it NOT doing?  I just now noticed it was kinda gettin' hot in here!"  Hubbs then goes outside and realizes the A/C isn't working.  WHAT?  (Thankfully he was in the business many, many years ago and knows the trade.)  So...the man of my dreams (sickening, I know!) proceeds to change out the capacitor (we always have one on hand because it's gone out before!) while still in his dress shirt...whizzes me off to the eye doctor just before they close at 5pm then we hurry back home so he can check out the water problemo and jump my SUV!

Exciting life we have, isn't it?  All this in 1.75 hours.  WHEW! 

Promise to be back soon with something!!  And hopefully with less drama and more pictures!  :)



Friday, June 30, 2017


Ever find yourself going through your day and wanting, wishing for something super fabulous to happen that would change your

(that is way-too-ordinary)

into something wonderful?

We've all had those moments when we've longed for something more than just a NORMAL DAY. It's probably why the tag-line "Calgone...take me away!" has hung around for so many years...

Well, a short time ago a sweet friend sent me the most amazing snippet of a poem~one that really set my heart to wondering.  I had to let the words sink in for a few days as it so perfectly explains the very thing I was wanting last year when I was out-of-sorts from the accident we were involved in.
Here's the shortest version:

I wanted the return of a simple, regular old day...a normal day.

A "pain free" day.

A "productive" day.


 "I think I feel-like-eating-food today" day or "I'm going to read a-good-book today" day!

I wanted a "I'm going to plant-flowers-in-my-garden" day...

Maybe a
"my kids are getting on my nerves" day
even a day when I felt harried, pressured or was running late.

I would have even taken a "I'm feeling FAT and UGLY today" day!

Anything that would have fallen under the category of "NoRmAL" I would have welcomed back into my life.

Here is the most common version:
You know what I'm talking about!
I know you do!

The kind of day we've all taken for granted so many, many times in our lives.

That is...until we lose them.

Here's the original version:
I actually discovered the "poem" was originally part of a two paragraph essay written by Mary Jean Irion back in the 1960's. 

It sure is something to think about, isn't it?

Just an everyday, hectic, crazy, lovely, busy, beautiful, memorable and simple 

I hope your enjoy yours!



Thursday, June 29, 2017


Like so many of you who adore antique linens, I have such a deep love for them as well.  You know, the great vintage stuff...beautiful old laces and the kind of handwork you rarely see duplicated these days.  I think one of the reasons the original VICTORIA MAGAZINE was so popular is because the photos were breathtaking and so often they showcased the beautiful old cotton and linen finds that were once difficult to hunt down.  As we know all that changed when online shopping took hold and sites like eBay came to town.  
But...if you look hard and stay diligent when on the tag-sale-circuit every once in awhile you stumble upon some incredible pieces! 
Last weekend my Mr. AGP Man and I hit the local roads again and had such a wonderful time spending time doing some of the things we've always loved doing.  I look forward to the weekends when we are able share, laugh and chat about the things going on in our lives.  I found this early 1900 pillow cover at a estate sale north of my town.  It has beautiful drawn work and gorgeous tucks throughout the entire cover.  At a different sale a few miles away I purchased a pair of old cotton shams with beautiful embroidery across the front accented with pretty lace-trimmed scallops.  After a gentle wash I pressed them with a quick spritz of water, filled each one with feather inserts and placed them on our bed.  

Simple BEAUTY!  Just can't let them go!
 I've also been working on some new Note Cards for my local Booth inside Serendipity Market here in Edmond, OK.   Here's a peek at a couple...
I recently found this a lovely old photo (below) taken close to a century ago...
Most likely everyone in the picture has passed on by now.  I wonder how their lives turned out?  Hmmm...  I love that the children are all holding American Flags and that one is waving in the background as well...  I'm excited about using it in the near future!  Not sure of the caption yet~  But it will be sweet!

Hope your day is fabulous.



Sunday, June 25, 2017


God is always on time.

And He sends the most unbelievable blessings my way just in case I tend to forget it.
 Last week was a super BUSY week for me and I had no time at all to jot down any thoughts or visit some of my favorite decorating and inspirational blogs.  Painting walls and planning some new, updated decor projects really had me feeling overwhelmed.
I keep telling myself:
"Rebecca~you are NOT 30 anymore!"

Anyway, a few days ago one of my LONGTIME artisan friends contacted me via Facebook and said she was sending something my way.  Knowing Carolyn as I do, and her incredible talent, I knew that whatever was coming my way would be something wonderful...  Carolyn owns and is the creator of 
and her darling Bears are the BEST I've ever seen!
Over the years of buying/selling online I have GREATLY admired her creative gifts and have truly been in awe of the beautiful things she fashions by hand.
 Well, nothing could have prepared me for what was inside the little brown box sitting on my table when my Mr. AGP Man and I returned from being away a couple of days...
 Our daughter brought the package in for us when she came to water our flowers and garden over the weekend.
Along with a PRECIOUS BEAR Carolyn named "Rachelle", she included this charming little keepsake book with all these dainty handmade tags and papers, tiny lavender sachets and a beautiful sachet pillow.
 I am still speechless over Carolyn's generosity.  As a shoppe owner I rarely buy things for myself and so I feel especially blessed by this talented lady...
Aside from absolutely loving "Rachelle", the little keepsake book includes the music to one of my favorite old hymns, "In The Garden."  
It's like Carolyn just knew everything I would love even though we have never met each other in person...
She even sent me a packet of my favorite tea...Earl Grey.  Yummmm...
Now...this is the truly "extra special" part of my Bear, "Rachelle".  Carolyn didn't know it, but RACHELLE is my daughter's middle name.  Isn't that just the neatest thing evahhhhh????

To visit Carolyn Robbin's Website called
Warm Heart Bears
just click HERE!

Thank you, Carolyn, for being such a loving, caring friend.  You will never know how much your thoughtfulness means to me!  I will keep Rachelle forevahh and evahhh...


I'm thinking it's my turn to pay it foreward.



Tuesday, June 20, 2017


 After months of procrastinating I decided last week that my Monday project would be to paint our mini den from a very drab beige color (it used to be my Mr. AGP Man's office!!!) to a softer, lighter shade called Anthem Cream.  I had everything in place and I was so excited.  I've wanted to paint this room for a long time!

But, then last year's chaos happened and things got put on hold. 
Bright and early yesterday morning I started in like everything I do...with gunz-a-blazin!  But, with each swipe of the roller I kept thinking...

"Something's not right!  This color looks off!"

I paid no mind to the nagging thoughts inside my brain and kept painting because I was the one who had chosen the paint and stood patiently waiting while it was being mixed.  Besides, paint needs to dry for a bit before the actual color is right...  Right?  Right!

Well...after about 2/3 of the room was done (and lots of whining that I wasn't lovin' what I saw) I happened to look down at the lid and I realized that I'd had the wrong color of paint mixed up at the paint store.  It was supposed to be Drifting Dune!

Are you kidding me?

ARRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Monday project has now turned into a Monday and early Tuesday morning project.  UGH!  

Sometimes I just hate being a Do-It-Yourselfer!  Those TV SHOWS always make everything look soooo easy!
 Or maybe I just need new glasses contacts!



Sunday, June 18, 2017


Life has changed a lot for me since my beloved Father passed away a little over three years ago.  Even though my memory of him is as lovely as ever, I've never really reconciled myself with his passing.  I've been able to accept his death...just not the circumstances surrounding it.

And I doubt I ever will.
As an adult I remained extremely close to my Dad and watching his mind fade into some dark and unknown place was very, very difficult.  He lingered so long between reality and fractured remembrances of his younger self that when death finally came I understood it to be the greatest show of mercy God could bestow upon him.

And me.
Not long ago my mother, sister and I went through some of my Father's belongings that had been stored away for over a decade.  Most of the hundreds of boxes held books...but some held keepsakes that obviously were very dear to my Dad and there were a handful of photos as well.  Some I hadn't seen since I was a young child...some I had never seen.  Even though it was a task that had to be done, I couldn't help but feel I was invading his personal space.
I wondered if he was looking down upon the three of us while we worked or if he was busy doing other things...

You know, things like sitting in the presence of the God...walking the streets of gold while taking in the heavenly scenery...chatting with those who had gone on before him.

I didn't know.
My Dad was a very complex and private person and even sometimes secretive.  I hated being inside that storage unit and as each box was opened I came face to face with telltale signs of the mental illness that was beginning to steal away the Father I had known and loved for all my life. 
Obsessive and compulsive behavior could be seen at every turn.
Lists and more lists...and then even more lists.
Each box carefully tagged with excessive ramblings and taped closed as if golden nuggets were safely tucked inside.

My Father.  Complicated and mysterious as times.  And one of the two greatest men I've ever known.
Today, as I think about my Father, I'm buoyed by the legacy of  hope that remained within his heart until the day of his passing.  His unwavering faith in God and his steadfast belief that somehow, someday, I'd get things right.  That eventually I'd find a way to live my life to the fullest while being content with the simplest of blessings~
Like the first violet blooms of spring...
The seemingly endless heat from a summer's day...
The quiet rustle of autumn leaves...
Or winter's coldest breath...
 You know, just regular old days that are so easy to ignore.

Life.  We have only one.

I'm trying my best to live mine out in truth and I hope, pray my Father would be proud.

Thank you, Daddy, for helping to plant my feet upon the Solid Rock.

I love you.
I miss you.




Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I've been working in my studio this week and trust me when I tell you I've torn everything up.  Vintage lace and fabric are all over the place...  It's everywhere except for where it's supposed to be I'm afraid!  But...that's OK!  I actually work better sometimes when things are a tad bit messy!  Lots of trims and old fabric finds have been removed from their respective hiding places and are now out into the open so I can see what I'm looking for.

It's been organized chaos!
I'm also in the middle of painting an old maple chest of drawers that I hope will be lovely once it's finished.  My Mr. AGP Man and I snagged some great deals at an estate sale we went to last Saturday in Oklahoma City.  Most of the offerings were out of my price range, but a few were a good fit and so we hauled them home.  Will share some photos with you soon!  All of the vintage chairs (4) we found were crying out for a makeover!
Oh...and have you tried the Chalky Paint from Lowe's?  I know I'm late for the party here...everyone seems to be offering up chalk paint these days.  I actually love Lowe's brand.  I'ved used it on several pieces for my own home, but nothing for sale yet!  I don't think it's as good as Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint, but it's better than a few of the other brands I've tried.  I still make my own chalk paint and I've tried several methods and they all work great.  I only use the real stuff if a customer requests a specific brand or color...

My favorite go-to paint is FLAT PAINT in a soft white.  I use it for almost everything!

All the pillows shown I finished this week and have been uploaded to my website (

I work slower than usual these days and I hate that! 
 Summer heat has Oklahoma feeling the burn.  The cool Spring days are over for now.

Oh...and one other thing.
We only have 194 days until Christmas!
Thought you might want to know that in case you're falling behind in your shopping.
:) :) :)


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