Saturday, June 6, 2015



As I type this out my Mr. AGPMan is pushing me out the front door to go and pick up our wall paint from Sherwin Williams...color of choice:  CREAMY

After living in a state of kitchen remodel/renovation and construction for so very long, getting to this point seems surreal.  

It does.

We purchased this old pocket door from Goodwill over a year ago...  I still have to age and distress it, but I love how the old images look on the painted panes of glass.  We have very little open wall space with all the cabinetry, so being able to do something unique on the door has made it interesting and fun...


Sometimes Goodwill has the best prices...sometimes not!  We definitely got a good deal on the door at $14.99...

I'll be back in a few days with pictures of the kitchen painted...  The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!

More soon!

Love to you...


Theresa said...

Love that door and the price:). You can make anything beautiful. Enjoy your new kitchen! Hugs

Teresa Hennes said...

WOW! I bet you are so excited! What are you going to do with all of your extra time. LOL! Everything I have seen so far is gorgeous!

Minnie In NYC said...

So happy you are back to blogging it is so nice to see your kitchen renovation! Blessings to all of your family.

Hugs to you for the loss of your sweet cousin. Cousins are precious and our first forever friends!

Have you planned a huge family meal for reveal day once kitchen all done. :)

A blogging friend from NYC who has family in Noble, Sapulpa and Tulsa so OK is in our yearly travels. :) Plus our retirement home is in Ft. Smith!

Deanna said...


La Petite Gallery said...

I love the kitchen and wish I had pocket doors. I have one in my bath.
Think I'll get that faucet. yvonne

Jenny S. said...

Rebecca, I just saw where you have been blogging again. YEAHhhhhh! Am looking forward to seeing all your creations. You have such a pretty blog. I think when we sometimes loose over so many of us do.... even though it may seem such a dark period and we feel so totally lost and alone at times.... when we do ,with God's help, make it back... we are much stronger and our beliefs are much deeper. I hope that makes sense. Anyway... keep letting us hear your voice.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

You and your sweet husband are two such talented people. The door you put together is so unique and amazing. I'm loving it. Did you know that I saved your directions on how to decorate a Christmas tree? Yep. I did! Still didn't turn out like yours..and you know why??? TALENT! ONE MUST HAVE TALENT! LOL
Big hugs!
p.s. I mean, at least it sure helps! :)

BECKY said...

Hi Rebecca!
So good to get back in touch! Can't wait to see your kitchen pics! And the door is just wonderful! We have a whole house to paint inside. New paint and new roof on the outside, and time to begin work on my earth toned walls. We have done 2 bedrooms, and both baths, but now for the rest! Can't wait to change it up!

Have a lovely evening!

Shelia said...

Yay! You're finished and everything is looking gorgeous! I've missed you and glad you're back.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

La Petite Gallery said...

Thanks for the comment, I really do love your door and faucet.
Enjoy that beautiful kitchen. yvonne

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