Wednesday, September 7, 2011

~~~~~~CHOCOLATE PINK CUPCAKE KITS~~~~~~ and Wrappers on the Cheap


When Monday ends up being a holiday the week just seems to fly by, doesn't it?  Can't believe it's already "hump day" again!  Hope you were able to take Labor Day off and do something fun!

Last weekend I spent some time doing some fun shopping and I came across a sweet little cupcake kit I just had to show you.  We all know that cupcakes are the rage these days and planning both fun and pretty parties around them can easily lead to costly decorations.

This fun kit was found at Marshall's and was $7.99.  It came with twelve of everything!  I thought this was a pretty good deal considering what just the decorative paper cups cost these days...  Original price was $16.00.  I love the pink and brown combo and the laser cup wrappers stole my heart away.

Lots of detailing in the wrappers and the tiny beribboned flags can be personalized.  I'm going to use this kit to make cupcakes for my daughter's birthday next month!  Did you know that Marshall's and TJ Maxx are owned by the same parent company?  Check them both out in your area and you may find a set or two for yourself!

I did contact the German biz that manufactures this product and I'm hoping to be able to offer it on my website in the future.

Not sure if it's possible or even what the cost will be...we'll see!

I found these two sets of cupcake wrappers at Tuesday Morning.  I love TM, but we all know they sometimes carry really high-end things.  I gulped really big when I decided to purchase both of these packages of laser cut wraps.  One showcases English Ivy (pretty for my momma's 10/1 birthday) and the other one is called French Lace.  I opened one up and the quality is fab!  But....

The price was staggering (at least I thought it was!).  The sticker said $6.99 which wasn't too terrible until I realized there were only SIX WRAPPERS in each package.  Oh my gosh!  Too expensive for me.  Not sure I'll be buying them again!  Not this brand anyway!

While I was searching for the online company for the kit at the top I stumbled upon this DIY idea that is over-the-top fabulous!  Wish I could take the credit for this simple, but incredible, idea!  No-can-do!  You can find out all you need to know about making these darling cupcake wraps using plain-old-dollies HERE!  I thought this idea was more than BRILLIANT and so fast, too!

I'm back in my studio doing some work today!  Yesterday morning I filled/patched old picture/nail holes in our guest room and later this afternoon I'm going to spot-texture those places which makes the wall almost ready for primer!  Can't wait to show you more pics!

Have a great day!

Love to you...


rosechicfriends said...

Good morning sweet friend!
Yep had a nice bday weekend..or should i say holiday/ hubs spoiled me rotten, as usual. Those cupcake wraps are devine and sure the rage here too!

Cant wait to see your room redo...i love my brighter robins egg walls in my inviting and good for creating. With your amazing talent and eye..well i might be planning a trip just to hang out in your new room...think you can handle that? Oh and wouldnt we have fun? Lol

Be blessed,

Gwendolyn said...

Hello Rebecca,
I love these cupcake ideas! Your daughter will be tickled pink by your cupcakes. Love the do it yourself liners.
Have a blessed day~

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

First of all I am thrilled cupcakes have become so popular. I have always loved them....I have looked at those sweet covers...but I am CHEAP! No one that eats my cupcakes cares if they are in lace or camoflage!!

Graceful Rose said...

Rebecca, I love the cupcake set, how cute! I must check Marshall's out. They definitely are all the rage for sure. Can't wait to see your room re-do. I am in the process of trying to decorate my new studio, however, lack of time is hampering my progress. One day at a time I always say. Thanks for your beautiful Sunday morning posts too.

Charlotte said...

Beautiful and delicious. I'm amazed at your creativity.

Teresa said...

Those are really pretty! The patterns are fantastic! Are they heavy weight paper. I bet you could make a lot with doilies. Can't wait to see what you do with the guest bedroom.

Christine said...

Yes, cupcakes are all the rage. Did you know that Carrie Underwood had a cupcake wedding cake when she got married? I bet it was beautiful.

Yasmin Smith said...

Don't you just love Marshall stores?!! The cupcake papers are so
neat! I like the laser designs ones
but the pink checkered tugged at my
heart,too!! I am sure you will make
some lovely cupcakes for your Mom's sure to take photos!
I am eager to start seeing posts on the guest bedroom and how it is progressing. I like the color you went with...I know you will have the perfect accessories to go in that room!! And what fun to create
something a little different than you usually use!
Happy Hump Day....Hugs, Yasmin

Deanna said...

awesome idea!!!
So glad you shared the idea self made.
Will do, Becky Sue!!!

The cupcakes are darling,

NanaDiana said...

Love those cupcake wrappers...and what a great DIY idea with the doiley! xo Diana

Mona Kay at Blissfully Refurbished said...

Veeery nicely done with the doilies!! Great idea, I'm so glad you shared it with us!!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

What a cute idea with the doilies. I just love cupcakes. They are fun to make and so easy to serve.

I cannot wait to see the guest bedroom.

Hugs, Sue

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Cute cupcake wrappers...Can't wait for the guest room reveal!


Linda Carole Bloom said...

Those cupcake wraps out of doilies are super-fantastic. AND I can wrap the little mousses that I serve for my tea parties - cupcake wrapper first, then doily.
Thanks - oh, I like the cupcake kit too! Love, Linda

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I let Maryalice, daughter #3 do the cupcakes for me. She is better than I ever was. Such cute papers though...goodness!

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Rebecca
The set you bought on sale is a good price. I was looking at cupcake wrappers in Michael's just yesterday and up here they cost mega bucks. My friend even showed me something she bought at Michael's in the US for $10 and it was $30 here.
I like the idea of cutting up doilies from the dollar store, now that I can afford. :-)
Thanks for sharing.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Gingham papers! Eeeks! ♥

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