Thursday, September 29, 2011

~~~~~~THE MAGIC of BLUE and WHITE~~~~~~ Bedroom Makeover Still Underway


Once a decorative theme or style has been determined I've always believed that one of the simplest ways to tackle a bedroom makeover is to begin by choosing only two colors and two fabrics and then build from there.  There are so many choices on the market today that I find if I plan too far in advance then all the things swirling about inside my head cause me to become overwhelmed at the get-go!  I'm constantly reminding myself the transformation process (along with the end results) is suppose to be FUN!


(Yeah...the TV shows don't show you all the MESS-UPS!)

My hope when I first began the makeover of one of my La Chaumière de Briarwood's bedrooms (boy...that's a mouth-full!) was to re-create the soft palate used in other rooms in our home only using a fresh, new color.  My entire home is painted in creams, whites, taupes and the palest of pinks so when I jumped on the Robin's Egg Blue Bandwagon I was admittedly a bit SKERD...  My motto/mantra has always been

I don't do blue!
I don't do blue!
I don't do blue!

and so just the idea of embracing the color in any way, shape or form kinda freaked me out! :(

Did you hear me?


I'm thinking I'm not good with change even though I must admit it can be exciting!


(I'm sooo incredibly HIGH MAINTENANCE!)
(Perfect match- Pillowcases from TMorning)

The bedroom I'm redoing has been many things over the years!  It once sported neon lights strung end-to-end when my then teenage son, Brandon, laid claim to the square footage.  It was also my Mr. AGPMan's office for a time and also served me for a couple of years in the same manner.  Most recently it was my expanded studio, but I grew tired of all my stuff being spread out all over the house.  When you are self-employed it's easy for your work to takeover every inch of your home if you're not careful!

Anyway...the room in well on it's way to once again being a bedroom!  My sweet guestroom with it's Cool Elegance walls, vintage spindle bed with her creamy white complements is taking shape!  Later this week I'll share with you the pillows that were made using the fabrics shown above!  I'm hoping the romantic feel of the room will come not just from the vintage furniture pieces but rather in the mélange of textures and fabrics chosen as they are layered upon one another!
(Sure does remind me of mine!)

Still left to decide are the window treatments and how to style the heart grapevine wreath I purchased to accent the vintage window above the bed!

Hope your day is lovey!  I'm off to work on Christmas Ornaments!  OMGosh...did I just say that?
Love to you...


Yasmin Smith said...

Oooooo, the new guestroom is really shaping up! Teasing us again with GLIMPES of the fabrics for pillows, chair and such...but makes for a curious, anxious buildup for the final showing!! Looking good, so far, Missy Rebecca! I know I am going to love the end results if they are as beautiful as the parts you have shown us. I do belive you have made a blue-believer out of me, too!!
I am up, since 2:15 AM, on one of my restless nights...and I saw how late you were "burning the midnight oil".....what is wrong with us??
Over-active minds, that's what!!! LOL
Have a sweet, autumn day!
Hugs and love, Francy

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

SWOON! I'm so glad that skery ole blue didn't GET you! :)

Ginger said...

Just gorgeous room, I so LoVe it. Who wouldn't want to stay in that room?

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning sweet lady,
Your guest is looking like a dream. I adore robin egg blue and I've had it for years, mixed with soft pinks, of course. The room is going to be perfect. Can't wait to see the end result. Have a beautiful day.


Gwendolyn said...

I love the blue, you have chosen such a nice soft shade of it with a great pattern. Love that chandy too.
Blessings and hugs~

Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh everything is so beautiful......big hugs.......♥

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

oooo can't wait to see how this all turns out. I am sure it will be GORGEOUS!!!

Passionate for White said...

Everything we've seen so far is just beautiful....more please!!

Linda said...

That is the softest color of blue! I just love it! You made good choices Rebecca and everything is turning out splendidly!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I like that slphabet fabric too! I have been looking for something like that locally but not having any luck. You are brave to be adventureous and going in a different direction with your colors. I am sure it will be wonderful when you are finished!~Hugs, Patti

NanaDiana said...

RA-BEC- CAAAA- I can't believe you said the Christmas word already! Hush- I want to see Fall first!

I am so excited to see your blue bedroom makeover. I just know it will be as beautiful as everything else you do! xo Diana

Nezzy said...

Your such a tease girl! I can't wait to see your finished product. I'm sure it's simply beautiful!!!

God bless and have a terrific kinda day!!! :o)

Mari said...

OHHH Rebecca, Just breathtaking :)


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Goodness you are so busy, I was just reading about the wood floors, can't believe you have to wait that long for wood, the guest room looks great!


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