Wednesday, September 14, 2011


  When you find something you LOVE...
But just can't stand the color of it...

Rooster found at ROSS for: $11.99
Paint found at Lowe's: $3.99
(Churchill Vanilla/VALSPAR)
Gel Stain: $7.99 (Quart/LOWE'S)
How much I love it:  To the Moon and Back

My new little Rooster-Man has found a new home atop my fridge!  He looks smashing sitting next to some old cookbooks and a fabulous vintage tole lamp!

Back in the studio today to catch up!  Hope your 'hump day' is fab!

Love to you...


Melissa said...

He is too cute!

Becky~ said...

Oh I do love him! My mother colects roosters she loves them as well.I just got an idea for a christmas gift;)I do love the color you picked as well.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Paint and a creative imagination can works wonders!~Hugs, Patti

Gwendolyn said...

I love that! He looked great before but now the rooster looks positively grand!
What is gel stain?
Blessings and hugs~

Deanna said...

Howdy Becky Sue! Hump Day is going great. Hope yours is as well.

Mister Rooster looks stunning. A great addition to your kitchen.

God bless,

Ana said...

Oh Ms. Rebecca,
He is beautiful. Don't you just looooove paint? Wait a minute, look who I'm asking. Hee, hee, hee. :-) You certainly can do magic with a bit of paint. Love all your work. Sending you a great big hug.

Much love,

Sherri B. said...

Thanks for pointing this out, how silly of me to pass up those great pieces that have an 'outdated' color going on!

Chabby Shic said...

Ooooo! I love this! ~ Lin

Blondie's Journal said...

It looks lovely, Rebecca. Sometimes we just need that softness to surround us! You did aa nice job! :-)


Yasmin Smith said...

I was rooster before "rooster was cool" yes, I love your little rooster make-over in pasterl shades!!
I am sure he "rules the roost" sitting atop the 'frig with the cook
Can't wait to see the bedroom are just teasing us with this waiting, but the suspense is going to be worth the waiting, I know!!
Happy Hump Day, sweet friend ....Hugs, Yasmin

JENNIFER said...

I like him MUCH better now Rebecca :o) paint is a staple in my house...LOL! Have a nice day, Hugs, Jennifer

A Southern Rose said...

So pretty! I like him better this way. Now I'll be going around the house trying to find something to paint today. :)

Have a great day!
Lee Laurie

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

LOVE what you have done to this rooster!! ~ Fabulous girl!! Is it a spray paint that you used? If it is, I need to get me some of that :)

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Oohh....he looks ready to rule the roost!! Very pretty!!

Mari said...

Hi Rebecca~
OMG how adorable he turned out :)
Loveeeeeee him....giggles!


Roselle said...

Hi Rebecca!
That is some makeover! So French Country Chic! Amazing. Bet he's happy not to be "ugly" anymore ;)

Have a great week!


Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Rebecca,
Leave it up to you to glam up a rooster :)
He looks ready to "paint the town"
I love a can of paint for sure. You are so darn talented..
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

tami said...

Hi Rebecca...nothing a little white paint can't cure!
Love your transformation!!
xo Tami

Cheryl said...

Just wanted to tell you that I find myself gravitating toward your blog, often - I love the music and can be sure of finding something beautiful to look a as well !

Nancy said...

I am finally breaking down to your Motto and painting things I like that someone else did in the wrong color, and I Love it!! Your Rooster turned out Great!!

Huggs, Nancy

Chatty Crone said...

I love the roosters and I love the song playing - Alan Jackson. Sandie

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would see a rooster that I actually liked! This one I dare say it.....pretty?!:)

Susan said...

Rebecca, that is much better! Love the rooster!

Heaven's Walk said...

Quite the transformation, Rebecca! He looks so much better!!! :)

xoxo laurie

NanaDiana said...

SOOOO much better. There for a second when I saw that first picture I thought you had taken leave of all your senses because I just KNEW that did not belong in YOUR home! He is darling now. Did you ever get your kitchen finished? If you did a post on it I think I missed it...or did it get put on the back burner with school and all that you have going on?

Love YOU to the moon and back! xo Diana

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Mr. Rooster didn't move fast enough and he got painted!!!

Couldn't help it. teeheehee
Hugs, Sue

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a classy Roo!! Great job Rebecca!

Carol said...

He is adorable! You find the best things...I want to go shopping with you. :)
Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment.

sonya said...

Hello Rebecca,
Wow! What a difference a little paint and gel make! I love it!!
love and hugs,

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Rebecca
I much prefer the rooster in his newly feathered condition.
Male birds always have the bright and flashy colours, why should this fellow strutting his stuff be any different?

Gail said...

Thanks for the reminder to paint whatever I otherwise like so that I like it exactly. I had a urn with great lines but was "groovy 1970s orange" - thanks to your inspiration, it is not aqua.

Atelier de Charo said...

Awesome, great transformation!

Big hugs

fannipauline said...

Love the Rooster make-over. I can imagine he looks great on the refrig and next to the cookbooks... He looks very regal.
I am having a big Gift/Craft Show in mid October and busy creating. I only do one of a kind and I am having so very much fun.......

Have a fun weekend.

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