Thursday, September 26, 2019


I've worked so long at having a booth and now that I no longer have it I've struggled a bit to really get back into my studio and focus!  I've been so used to being busy, busy, BUSY with full-on retail that settling down my mind has been a bit of a challenge.

It's so strange how you can slip right out of the groove of creating.
I've just been busy with life and then sometimes I forget the ongoing affection I have for working with thread and needle will never truly go away.

Nor will my love for painting!

I'm so thankful to be back doing what I love without the pressure of displaying and stocking a large booth.

It's funny though how you get out of a routine if you're not careful. indeed moves us forward and these days I work with a different kind of intensity and purpose.  I just love making something from vintage fabric finds, snippets of  old lace and forgotten fragments saved from another's life...

Working with my hands is so rewarding.
Sometimes change is hard.

Really hard.

Giving up my booth (and it's fabulous location in the shoppe) was tough.

Still...I knew it was the right thing to do.
In the Spring (thinking far ahead here!) my Mr. AGP Man is going to turn our small storage shed in the far east corner of our backyard into a painting studio for me.

I'm very excited about what I hope will be a very inviting space!
I've found it's just too difficult to try and paint (I can be messy) inside my current studio that houses sweet fabrics and trims!  Time to rethink my work space(s).

So...whatever is going on in your life...don't give up on YOU or those dreams spinning around in your head!

If you're like me, sometimes I just have to take time to refill my empty "heart and head" with fresh inspiration and then adjust my thought process in order to get through the tough days that sometimes crash into my life!

Blessings to you today as you make your way through the your own winding path...

Love to you...


Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Gosh...I've had a really busy week!  While I'm collecting my thoughts I decided to share with you this wonderful book-page quote from one of my very favorite authors...

She's right about a warm hug or a friendly pat!

A friend stopped by this week and we had a few minutes of tender conversation.  After she left I realized God is always on time with His encouragement and blessings.

Still trying to trust the timing of my life!

Love to you...


Tuesday, September 17, 2019


When I attended the Dallas Wholesale Market a few years ago it was plain to see how much Farmhouse Style Decor had taken hold of the decorating world. Except for the extremely high-end showrooms there wasn't a single emporium/co-op that wasn't focusing on everything

F A R M H O U S E!

I guess we can all thank Joanna G for that!  Right?
Everything I was selling in my own booth began to focus on that growing trend. It was getting more and more difficult to find companies that marketed to the cottage/shabby/pastel style home and unless I went online to shop I found myself on the other side of my favorite shade of blush pink...
If you are a true lover of this style decor, I've found unless you shop specifically online, most physical stores do not carry it.  Even Target's once overflowing aisles that were full of Rachel Ashwell's soft, pink rose designs have dwindled down to just a few styles...

I walked into Hobby Lobby the other day and was BLASTED with all things black and white.  If someone is looking for ART (something other than a lettered sign or a cow) they will find only a few choices.

One thing for certain, things change.  I remember when I first started my "home-based-biz" back in the early 1980's country style decorating was all the rage.  Country blue and mauve come to mind and for course ducks...and geese.  You had to have ducks on your canisters and heart shelves on your walls.
These days I have found that the palest of pink Christmas Stockings with vintage laces still sell the best for me (people will never stop having baby girls, I guess) while white remains a very close second.  This pale pink Stocking sold a couple of days ago...
And then just  couple weeks ago I filled a special order for 24 black and white checkered Lavender Sachet Stockings (Booties)...for a true
Farmhouse Decor Lover!!!
Just like bell-bottoms, everything is bound to cycle back again.  Right?

Love to you...


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