Tuesday, July 23, 2013


 Gosh...I feel like I've been on a LOOOOOOOOOONG vacation!

It feels good to pop in today for a little visit.  Can't wait to visit all my favorite blogs to see what's new!
I've been a busy bee this summer and even though I've been working a little slower than usual I've still managed to get a lot of things done.  Our kitchen remodel is still ongoing with the latest thing on the list being cutting the concrete up in several areas.  We had to do this in order to attach to the existing plumbing when our new downstairs bath and laundry are added.  Our entire kitchen remodel is ENORMOUS and if it wasn't for the fact the pictures are totally boring I'd show you where we are at.  Hope to share more soon.
With the cutting up of the cement flooring we ended up creating a concrete dust storm inside our home.  Even though everything was masked off the grit and grime still managed to make it's way throughout our home.  Cleaning up took days and days and in the process we ended up rearranging furniture.  What fun!
Since I still can't lift anything heavy or push anything my Mr. AGPMan did all the work. :)  We moved our vintage china cabinet/hutch from the breakfast room to the formal dining room and I love how this larger piece helps anchor the space.  I love it in there, but I'm still trying to get use to something else being in the spot it use to be...
I'm also showing you a new batch of goodies I finished last week for my Booth at Serendipity Market (Edmond, OK).  Can't begin to tell you how much I've loved digging through my storage shed and pulling things out I'd long forgotten about...things long overdue for a transformation!
 Spent a great deal of time base painting fabulous older, new and gently used finds before adding vintage graphics and ephemera detailing...
Presently I'm working on painting some incredible furniture.  Haven't snapped pictures of the pieces yet (a fabulous vintage/antique chest and a matching bed), but I will soon!
Today marks the six week mark since I fell outside of Tuesday Morning.  I continue to improve and I so appreciate your prayers.  In addition my Mr. AGPMan and I continue to follow where God leads.  Again, your thoughts and prayers mean so much.  Our summer has certainly been shaken up! 

I'm off to peruse my favorite online places.  Hope your day is wonderful.

Love to you...

Sunday, July 14, 2013


One never really knows what life holds, do we?  One day you're out minding your own business when a weird slip and fall alters your day to day living in the blink of an eye.

I'm continuing to heal from the fracture in my lower back from almost five weeks ago and each new day brings me closer to feeling like my old self.  I can do almost everything I did before...  I'm just very careful about lifting and bending.  My biggest struggle comes when I turn in for the night.  Sound sleeping still seems to escape me and that, quite honestly, makes me nuts.  Even so, as I've shared before, I'm so thankful I wasn't permanently injured and I'm grateful for good, strong bones.

Last week more big life-changes came to my Mr. AGPMan and I and even though we were initially shaken up a bit by some unexpected news we both know our lives remain in God's hands.  Your prayers are so appreciated as we seek His will for our future.  We are calmly conscious of the Lord's plans for us and know if we continue to look to Him we will not be overwhelmed by the unknown.

Not to sound secretive or mysterious here~   We are both fine and promise to share more about our journey when I can.

Thank you again for your thoughts, emails and notes.

I miss you.

Love to you...

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