Monday, October 31, 2011


(probably from a kit)

I can't believe it's Monday!  I didn't get anywhere near as much done over the weekend as I wanted to because I spent toooo much time goofing around being domestic in my house!  Bah!  Good thing I don't have a boss because he would probably fire me for job abandonment.  :()
(one rosebud, only one!)

To those of you who keep emailing me about new stuff I PROMISE...more hand painted finds are coming your way!  I'll be uploading new pink rose pretties every single day this week in both the "Painted Pretties" and "Christmas Painted" categories!

(Note to Valeria:  More sewing is coming!!!)

 OK...I'm back in the saddle studio again.  See that little wood purse thingy above?  One of my longtime friends sent it to me and I just love it.  Painted it out with cottage white with pink roses!   Would never use it for a purse (like my junque would fit in it anyway) but I did think it would look sweet on a shelf or something!

All-righty-then...back to the grind.  If one of the shipments I'm expecting arrives in the next couple of days I'll be showing you a little HOW TO CREATE for a yummy treat for the holidays.  Fun, charming and not tooo expensive!

Hope your days is wonderful!!!

Love to you...

Sunday, October 30, 2011


7th Grade - Age 12

A couple of months ago while out shopping for a gift for a friend I came across a book that I couldn't resist picking up.  I love to read and the older I get it's the one thing I always make time to do.  For pleasure, help or guidance, in the evening hours you can always find a book of some kind in my hands.

The title of the book is "WHAT I KNOW NOW" and was edited by Ellyn Spragins.  It's a compilation of letters written by extraordinary women addressed to their younger selves.  Each woman picked a time (or an age) in their lives and shares the wisdom they wish they'd had when they were younger...

I was nothing less than inspired by the letters I read.  Some were brutally honest, but all were filled with hope!

Today I'm going to give you a peek at an edited version of a letter I wrote to myself last summer.  I've addressed it to my twelve year old self.  Back when I was in 7th grade and known simply as Becky.

"Dear Becky...Sweet girl...with your bucked teeth and mousy brown hair, please stop trying to please everyone!  You are allowing your insecurities and fear of rejection to define you!  You care so terribly much what everyone thinks and it will take you years to grow beyond this destructive behavior if you're not careful.  I know you love your friends and I understand now how desperately you want to fit in.  But, what those silly girls think isn't more important that what YOU think!  You don't think you are smart at all, but I want you to know you are.  You are!

 There are so many dreams bouncing around in that head of yours and many of them are going to come true!  So stop looking to everyone else for validation and approval and listen to your own beating heart.  Remember, if you allow it to guide you I promise it will never lead you astray.

Today you feel ugly and stupid, right?  You hate wearing the hand-me-down clothes that don't fit your tiny body and your upset with daddy because he said 'no-makeup til your 14!' (By the way...he KNOWS you cake on that blush while walking to school with Kathy!) You're in 'love' with boy #1 and sad he doesn't like you anymore.  Be glad.  He grows up to be a real loser.  A jerk, in fact!

I want you to know you WILL survive Junior High and the taunting and bullying of the mean girls.  You'll be happy to know one day your braces will come off and as shocking as it may sound in a few years you will have no need for a training bra.  Your life is going to blitz by you super fast so as hard as it is today try and enjoy being twelve.

Pay attention to daddy's encouraging words and breathe in his wisdom.  He's going to grow old very quickly and you will long for the days when his lectures about life bored you to death.  He warns you to harness the fire inside of you for fear of burnout...  You'd be wise to follow his advice.

Lastly I want to tell you this~ you will struggle with many things before you 'grow up' but you're going to be fine!  Just fine. I'm proud of you for the good choices you've made so far and I encourage you to keep making them.  Trust me when I say they will matter when you are older.  You'll eventually find your place by accepting your limitations and focusing on the strengths God has given you.

Don't be afraid Becky Girl...don't be afraid.  You are deeply, deeply loved.

Love, Rebecca

PS: You are going to marry a fabulous man one day and be very, very happy!


Blessings as you allow God to heal those childhood wounds.
Love to you...

Saturday, October 29, 2011



I've spent most of the past few days (save a day for a hip MRI) painting roses onto more of the product I showed you earlier this year!  And so~ for those of you who have been emailing me asking about WHEN MORE HAND PAINTED PINK ROSES would be ready this is your fair warning!  They are coming this week and I'll begin uploading them one-by-one onto my
 website today!

Over the summer I spent hours and hours hand brushing merchandise and I'm not afraid to tell you I simply HATE that part of what I do!  Love the artwork but hate the prep-work!  It's boring and it takes a long, long time to hand brush and/or coat product.  The minute I set everything out to paint it SEEMS the weather turns and I find out either rain is coming or the WIND decides it's time to come sweeping down the Oklahoma plain!  I also must confess that I must be in the mood to paint.  If I'm not I almost can't MAKE myself do it even though I do continue to love what I do!

That said...

I've finished lots and lots of things and here is a sneak peek of them in their pink, white and cream non-decorated condition!  New ornaments (Eeek...SNOWMEN!) are also coming before long and some charming Christmas Signs, too!  

And to all you lovers of WHITE don't faint!  I've actually painted some things up using a ground of  SNOW WHITE instead of Cottage White and Pink!

Now for those of you who haven't been keeping up on things have you checked out my latest GIVEAWAY?  You have lots and lots of time to enter the drawing for the VINTAGE TRAIN "GATHERING" CASE currently underway!  I hope you'll check it out when you have time by visiting the LINK HERE!  You can read everything you know by visiting that post!
(in pink-cream-white)

OK...I'm off to the Post Office to stand in line and wait, wait and wait!  Then I'll be back to painting more stuff and then photographing it all (my 2nd least favorite thing to do!)...

Hope your Saturday is awesome!  Too busy to ESTATE SALE SHOP... :(!  Maybe next week!

Love to you...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

~~~~~SHABBY COTTAGE CHIC BATH SALTS~~~~~ A Salty Sweet Tutorial

Perfect For Gift Giving

For more years than I can count I've made petite Bath Salt Balls for gifts.  I'm not sure where I first got the idea to fashion these little gems, but I've loved making them for at least twenty years.  Simple to make, plus they are sweet,  inexpensive gifts for those you love!  Once packaged up in cello bags or glass jars they look absolutely lovely!

Here's what you'll need:


Fragrant Bath Salts can be purchased at most any variety or drug store.  I purchased two large canisters of Salts at ROSS for about $7.99 each and they had lots and lots of scents to choose from.  I chose FRESH COTTON because I loved the sound and thought of it!


This can be found at stores like Walgreen's, etc.  I purchased mine in a roll but I do think you can buy pre-cut squares!


Found at any hardware store (like ACE).  Heavy Duty Thread can also be used.


I buy glass jars at the thrift store and have found some really beautiful ones for .99 each!  If you think you'll be mailing your gift skip the jars and use cello bags (available at craft stores).  The Salts turn out just as lovely in a decorated bag as they do in the jars.

5.  Ribbon

You can use almost any style of ribbon!

6.  HANG TAGS (optional)

If your knowledgeable with Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro computer programs then you can make printable tags for your Salts!  If not you can always hand-fashion some to your liking!

Here's what you do:

1.  Unroll your gauze and working with two layers cut 4" squares.
2.  Place two (2) tablespoons of prepared Bath Salts into one 4" double layer square of gauze.
3.  Tie up with heavy thread or string.  Knot.  Snip threads.
4.  Roll Salts within your hand to mold slightly into the little balls.
5.Prepare Tags

You can include a sweet sentiment on the back and instructions for tossing ONE SALT BALL (gauze and all) into a drawn bath!
6.  Fill cello bags or jars and attach hang tag.  Tie with ribbons/decorate as desired.

Here's the finished product again...


Blessings for a beautiful day!

Love to you...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


 ~ADRIENNE and My Mr. AGPMan~
(aka: Daddy)

I'll be in my studio today working most of the day on Christmas projects, but just had to share with you a few of the pics we took last night at my girl's birthday dinner. We had so much fun together as a family and I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time!  We dined on homemade Chicken Lasagna and yummy cheese bread...
(One cupcake, only one!!!!)

And for desert we had applesauce cupcakes with cream cheese icing!  These days I only eat cake on birthdays but I love making them for everyone else to enjoy!

Nothing better than unexpected expected presents...  I have no idea what we are doing here but obviously something was funny!  My girl loved her wrist-let purse!

I do know what was going on here!  My hubby gave his baby girl a precious birthday card and on the inside he tucked a "congratulations on your twin baby news" inside!  Our girl was laughing so hard over the OBVIOUS HINT about her daddy wanting more grandchildren!!!!

Nothing better than family...

(Golly...I'm soooo blessed!!!!)

Hope your day is wonderful!  I'm getting an early start with my Miss K!  We are eating breakfast together at her school for a grandparent PTA Membership Drive.  Sounds like soooo much fun! (?)  I hope I don't have to stuff my eggs inside my milk carton!... Ugh!!! :(

Love to you...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

~~~~~~~CELEBRATING ADRIENNE~~~~~~~ Happy Birthday To My Girl

September 30, 1984

Days passed...seasons changed...months melted into years.  I stand here today looking back upon my life and without a doubt one of the most beautiful moments I've ever experienced was the birth of my daughter.  From the minute I found out I was going to be a mommy for the second time I secretly hoped (and prayed) for a baby girl...
(except my dress!)

I always wanted a big family, but I didn't fare so well while pregnant so I knew baby number two was going to be our last child.  On the morning of our baby's birth I was prepped for surgery and only barely conscience when I heard my Mr. AGPMan whisper into my left ear "Ten fingers and ten toes, honey... (insert audible gasp here) And IT'S A GIRL! Baby...God answered our prayers and gave us our heart's desire..."
(Girls Night Out - Oklahoma Ballet)

I can say without any reservation everything I've done in my life and any amount of success I may have achieved will forever remain second best to the joy of being the mother of my two children.  No job, no task, no pillow, sachet or painted pink rose will ever fill my heart up like they do.

Today my daughter turns 27.  In many ways it seems like she just came into the world.  No doubt she has changed the course of my life.  As a young mom I had all these things I wanted to show her and teach her about living.  I find it nothing short of amazing that it's been she who has been the teacher.  Full of grace and love, my girl possesses the most benevolent spirit of anyone I've ever known.  Beautiful, kind and incredibly big-hearted...

Someday I hope to be more like her.


"Happy Birthday, Adrie!  Today I'm praying God's blessings upon you as you continue to seek God's best for your life.  Thank you for always showing your daddy and I so much love and respect and for the honor you've brought into our family.  May His peace cover you today as you celebrate your blessed day.  I love you most... Mom"

Blessings as you celebrate the lives of those you love.  Remember the heart isn't judged by how much it loves but by how much it is loved by others...

Love to you...

Monday, October 24, 2011

~~~~A SHABBY FRENCH PARIS BOOKLET~~~~~ and a little bit more...

Paris Chic

One of the fun things I worked on early last week was a collection of little French Booklets showcasing an altered art dress form filled with pink roses.  Initially I was a bit disappointed in the way the coloring of my image transferred onto the cover.  Seemed a bit washed out at first, but once I had the Booklets finished I was more than pleased with the final outcome!  

The coloring isn't quite as vivid as the greeting and note cards I sell, but I really the love antiqued look and feel overall!  They look time-worn and totally shabby!

The inside is full of aged, lined paper and a tassel, cording and ruched ribbon come attached to the left side!  I only have five of these ready to upload onto my website.  I'm going to put them into the Christmas Ornament Category because for now that is where they best fit!

Last Thursday I also finished a few (I mean like six five/I'm keeping one!) of these charming Pink Eiffel Tower Christmas Ornaments.  They are hand painted with a soft sugary pink paint and come graced with four tiny roses as the base...

The ornaments are hand blown glass and come with an attached ribbon in pale pink.  They are dipped in real ground glass and coated with a bit of shimmery glitter, too!  These will be on my website sometime this evening as well!

While out running around last week I found this amazing window-looking-thingy and I just fell in love with it!  Reminds me of an antique stained glass window frame from a 1930's church!  It's made of aged wood and metal and came as you see it!  YUMMO!  Isn't it fab?

Not sure where it's going to end up but for now it's to the right of our French Doors going into the backyard!  Very shabby-romantic looking to me and I love it!!!

I'm back in my studio this week working on more new product.  I'm fairly caught up even with being away over the weekend...  I'll be out and about checking out what you've all been up to in the next couple of days...

Hope your week brings good things your way!

Love to you...

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Dear Bloggers...

My Mr. AGPMan were consumed with important family things this weekend and so I missed both my Saturday and Sunday postings.  I've tucked them away for another time and will try to visit those thoughts before the end of the year.  As much as I love what I do my family comes first!  When unexpected things come up that require our focus and attention we just go with the flow and tend to what needs tending to.

Thank you for checking up on me.

I've spent several days away from my studio and so I'll be spending the next 48 hours or so playing catch up!  I've got some sweet things to show you including some truly charming Paris (Eiffel Tower) Ornaments that are pink and precious (have roses, too!)...  Some new stockings for Christmas as well!

I hope your weekend was wonderful and your Sunday blessed.

Love to you...

Friday, October 21, 2011


Remember the old tole tray I showed you earlier this past summer?  It was new-old stock and was found still in it's original box!

Well...I painted her up with Valpar's Churchill Vanilla (Lowe's) and then decoupaged her with a sweet French image from the Graphic's Fairy (see Karen's link on my left sidebar).  This graphic is fabulous and is being used all over blogland!  Have you seen it?


I'm KINDA liking how it came out...but, if the truth be known I'm wishing a little bit I'd just painted the tray with florals...  This just might me something I give to my beautiful daughter, Adrienne, as it will go better in her home than mine!  The deeper color of creams (vs. cottage white) is truly her thing!
The second thing I worked on was a Christmas Pillow for my breakfast room.  I wanted something specific this year done in creams and whites without pinks or roses (don't faint!).  I decided to use an old Christmas Card as my inspiration and worked at recoloring it for a fresh, new look!  Haven't decided yet if I'll offer this kind of pillow on my website...
The original post card graphic was red, white and green and included holly, etc. 
I opted to streamline the look of the pillow but still wanted to include old buttons and lace for a sweet, romantic look and feel.
 I used vintage Cluny Lace on the front and back and love how it looks with the simple NOEL graphic!
 Here's the original graphic!  Amazing transformation, huh?  Photo Shop helps you do the most incredible things!

Ever thought of trying out the program?  It can be addicting!
(Don't say I didn't warn you!)
OK...I'm back to work in my studio for the day!!! 

Hope your day is awesome!  It's FRIDAY!  How can it not be!?

Love to you...

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