Friday, July 31, 2009


Wise and Wonderful

I love spending time with our Miss K! The pretty little girl you see above is one of my greatest joys and I jump at the chance to have her by my side even on my busiest of errand-days. My to-do-list was long for Thursday, but since it included picking out some school clothes for our special girl I knew she wouldn't mind popping inside a few extra stores to look around.

We successfully returned a pair of non-fitting sandals, picked up a stylin' little number at Target (that Miss K was SURE would be the hit of her 1st grade class), ran my SUV through the car wash, and before breaking for lunch I opted to stop in at our local fabric shoppe for a quick peek at their latest Fall themed fabric.
Now...I can't GO into a fabric store without LOOKING AROUND. So...that's what we did. We "looked around". Now~the place we were visiting is nice. It is. But, a gorgeous Quilt-Fabric Shoppe it is not. I quickly became a bit discouraged by the poor selection of cottons and decided to leave. On the way out I glanced at the laces and trims ( just to see if anything wonderful might be on clearance). Nothing was.
Miss K obviously saw the look of disappointment on my face...

"What's wrong, Nana? Don't they have what you are looking for?"

"No sweetie, they don't!"

"Well...they have LOTSA LACE....don'tcha like it?"

"No, sweetie, I don't!"

"Is it because it's not vintage?"

(WHAT? I didn't even KNOW she knew what the word VINTAGE meant...I mean, SHE'S SIX!)

I picked up the conversation~"Yes, partly honey! I LOVE vintage lace. I just love EVERYTHING old!"

"I love everything OLD, too Nana! I love you and Papa...and you're old...

Does that mean YOU'RE VINTAGE?"

I suddenly developed a massive headache and had to go home. Miss K got a burger at the Drive Thru and I took SEVERAL Excedrin.

Blessings to you as you learn to LOVE your age WHATEVER it is...Rebecca

Thursday, July 30, 2009

MAKE ROOM FOR SHABBY - Re-Purposing A Sweet Kitchen Find

Making Room For Shabby

I'm a saver and a keeper and it absolutely kills me to get rid of something that has served me well. All you have to do is take a peek into our storage shed and you'll get the idea. It's packed with lots of wonderful finds...and I have plans for every single thing. And, for those bargains and must have items that languish unused for too terribly long, well...I sell those to people like you so your storage shed can get filled up, too! :)

Earlier this year my Mr. AGPMan began our kitchen remodel. We are still in the very early stages of it and have actually only completed redesigning our breakfast room. When that portion was finished I no longer had a place for the charming Plate Rack you see above. sat and sat and sat. First in our garage and then in the shed.

Sweet Place for Vintage VICTORIA MAGS

When I began reworking my office space a few weeks ago I kept thinking about the Plate Rack that had served me well for so many years. I asked my guy to lug the heavy wooden thing upstairs JUST TO SEE :) if it would work for what I had in mind.

Sweet Place for a Collection

Guess what?

It did!

After bracing it with several anchors (Mags are HEAVY I tell you!), I filled her up with lots of goodies! She now holds my aging Victoria Magazines, a small collection of vintage greeting card boxes and an array of favorite books and vintage reads...

Couldn't resist sharing the transformation with you!


Anything new you want to share with me? I'm listening...

Blessings to you as you seek to re-purpose your loving finds with greater joy...Rebecca

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"LOVE IS..." and Other Things That Matter


Boy...Wednesdays sure do roll around fast when you're busy doing other things!

For those of you who are new to following my Blog you'll quickly learn that on hump day I share one of my aging "LOVE IS...." clippings with all my blogging friends!!!

Just to recap~ Years ago my Mr. AGPMan (once just my honey, but now my hubby-honey) would carefully snip from the daily newspaper the latest "LOVE IS..." comic and tuck it inside his most recent love-letter to me. I've saved every one and even though it is crazy-sappy to re-read the words written by two love-sick kids after 30 years of marriage...well, I just can't help myself.

Now...this latest clippy just rings my bell! As much as I delight in the decorative opinion of my significant other, he knows better than override me when it comes to ANYTHING that relates to decorating the INSIDE of our home.

Indeed, my guy is a VERY smart man.

Now...did I tell you MY GUY IS A VERY SMART MAN?

Oh yes! I did.

I base my decision on ONE very important, yet simple fact... I saw the apartment he lived in BEFORE we got married. It was a SAD little thing! A sad, sad, SAD LITTLE THING! Broke college student or not, it was shameful. Absolutely SHAMEFUL.

(Honey...if you are reading this, I'M JUST KIDDING!) :) :) :)

Blessings to you as you learn just WHO IS BEST... and at WHAT....Rebecca

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~PILLOW and SACHET MAKING TIPS~ Creating Keepsakes From New and Vintage Finds

Accented with Vintage Millinery Blooms

I made my first "Pillow" when I was just a little bitty girl. However, years would pass before I would ever attempt to make one to sell. I can still remember the first ruffled beauty I sold, too! It was a tiny little thing, a special order made for a friend's new baby girl.

Since that day I've learned a thing or two about just HOW to make a "Stress-Free Pillow". I'm going to be changing some things around on my Blog this week and removing the PILLOW and SACHET MAKING TIPS information sheet I've had running since last January. In order for you to be able to reference back to it later on, I'm opting to place it into a POST with a LINK directly to the original instruction sheet. I've included some photographs of some of my past Pillow and Sachet Offerings in hopes you will be inspired to create some beautiful treasures of your own! These photos are for reference and not for publishing.

Pretty Vintage Ribbons - New and Old Finds

This very dainty Sachet Pillow was SOLD a few months ago on my Website (which is currently down for construction). It was fashioned using vintage Damask in pure white and accented with mostly vintage millinery blooms. Easy to make and simply a precious keepsake gift... Basic sewing instructions can be found on the Tutorial...just omit the ruffle!

Old Catherine Klein Postcard

This little Sachet Pillow was again made using a self-printed vintage image. I plan on doing a future Tutorial on just HOW to PRINT ON FABRIC using your own Ink Jet Printer sometime in August...


This is a picture of my most favorite Image Pillow I've ever sold! It went to a sweet lady in of my dearest customers...


Be watching for the PRINTING ON FABRIC TUTORIAL coming up next month. I've tried MANY different methods and used several different products and I hope to lead you in the right direction for fashioning your own images into keepsake pillows and sachets...

Blessings to you as you continue to create with the talent and passion gifted to you by the Most High...Rebecca

Monday, July 27, 2009

~A PINK ROSE GIVEAWAY~ Sharing My Shabby Cottage Heart With You


Well...I must say the weekend was quite fun! Don't you agree? For all of you sweet peeps who participated in the "Where Bloggers Create" Party (over at A DESERT COTTAGE) didn't we have a bang-em-up time? Whether you opted to show pics of your creative spaces or just stopped in for a peek, you have to admit it was all quite exciting! Thank you again, Karen, for hosting such a fabulous event and for all of you wonderful Bloggers who took the time to comment on my little studio! Your visit meant so much to me! There is great talent out there in Blogland and it felt wonderful to be included with so many amazingly gifted women!
As a little THANK YOU for stopping in, I'm having another GIVE-A-WAY! It's easy to enter and there are several ways you can get your name tossed into the hat!!! LOTS OF CHANCES TO on...
First...let me tell you what's up for grabs...

The pretty HEART HANGER above will be given away in a drawing on August 2nd at 9:00pm. The pretty Heart has been painted a soft sugary pink and comes graced with hand painted PINK ROSES. This one shows the word LOVE across the front, but I'm happy to paint anything (up to 7 letters) for you. I've sold these in my on-line shoppe for the last several months and have several in my own home... Value is about $24 and I'll ship it just about anywhere!


1. If you FOLLOW my Blog you'll be automatically entered once.

2. If you LINK back to this POST I'll enter your name again (you just have to let me know!) - YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO USE THE HEART PICTURE ABOVE ON YOUR BLOG IF YOU DECIDE TO DO THE LINK!!!

3. Post a comment on this Post or any of my Posts from now until August 1st. Each comment will count as one entry! Post as many times as you like!

Now peeps...don't be shy! Somebody has got to win and it might as well be you. Right?
If my count is right this is my fifth Give-A-Way since I started my blog in January '09. I hope to offer up many more fun and exciting things before Christmas!
Thank you again for peeking into my world. May you be blessed this week with good things...only good things...Rebecca

Friday, July 24, 2009


Welcome! Are you ready for a little peek into my very private world? Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed I would one day show anyone other than my closest friends just where I CREATE....

Here goes...


This is where I spend most of my day! Is it what you expected? Probably not! It's tiny! My studio is just one little room in my home and I love it. Thankfully I'm able to have a separate office in another room in my home...that is where you'll find my computer...

It is in this humble dwelling that I CREATE for both you and for me! Because I am a painter/artist and sewer of fine things, I have to work very smart and keep very organized or things can quickly fall apart. Trust me when I tell you it isn't always this PRESENTABLE :). At Christmas time it can get to be pretty messy!!!!

This neat Child's Wardrobe was purchased at Home Goods in Dallas. It was marked down to $100 (not kidding) and my girl and I SOMEHOW got it in my SUV and hauled it back to Oklahoma WITHOUT the aid of Mr. AGPMan! I gave the maple finish a few coats of cottage white paint complemented with hand painted pink of my favorite finds...and it's NEW!

One half of this charming Armoire holds lace, ribbon etc. Extra things that I don't need at my finger tips! The other half holds something else...hmmmmm....

I've collected ribbon for years and years. Because I once I owned a brick and mortar shoppe I have tons of it. I keep at hand ONLY the ones I use the most. The other rolls are kept in bins inside my two handy closets...

My favorite vintage millinery flowers are kept in jars. Lots more are hidden away on shelves...again behind the closet doors. I can't work in disorder and chaos and for the most part I only choose to keep out what I use the most...

Remember the slanted graphic arts desk I found a couple months ago? I moved it into my very special room and it is now what I use to paint on. Large pieces like furniture I paint downstairs in my hubby's workshop (or our garage!)...

I think I have every color of paint ever made. I think I toss out more than I use these days. For years I did Trompe L'oeil Painting (means Trick of the Eye). Now I just love to paint soft, pretty shabby chic finds...and of course, PINK ROSES!

This caddy is always by my side. I constantly move things around and even load it up if I decide to paint outside (which I LOVE to do!)...

It is at this sweet vintage table that I sit and do what I call "fine-work". That would be the making of and assembling sachets, pillows, filling, gluing, hand stitching, embellishing, etc. It is also where I write out thank-you notes and wrap up your purchases... Like I space is tiny so each little area must be used for more than one thing! I actually love it...

It is also on this table that I keep the very sweetest of my lacy trims, old buttons, rare French stuff, etc. I love to look at the aging millinery finds and love to use them in many of my creations...

This little multi-drawer cabinet (or chest) was found in Tennessee about 12 years ago. My big sister and I went to a Spiegel Auction (yep...that Spiegel) and I bought it along with a table. It's a vintage reproduction and I love it!

My favorite things to hunt down! Vintage millinery flowers...especially the pink ones! I have bags and bags of them...

This is where I sew! This piece was once my son's computer desk. It was once a dark coppery brown colored, Mission-Style desk (not my fav!)... but it was sturdy and strong. So...I painted it and added a skirt to it. Fully functional and simply wonderful now. Lift up the skirt and there is tons of storage! Found the fabric in California (of course!).

Work smart! Work clean! Get lots done! That's my motto!

This is about 1/3 of my fabric. I keep telling my guy I'm going to par it down...NOT!

My fabulous Janome! I have four machines...this one only does straight stitches and is a home-based commercial machine. I also have this...

A fabulous Serger from White. I forgot to snap a picture of the other is a 2die4 European machine that does the most amazing buttonholes and the other one is a Ruffler. I can't live without it! After years of fighting with PATHETIC Ruffler attachments that would never, ever work, I decided to spring for a machine that did only that one thing! HEAVEN!

The other half of the Wardrobe I showed you above holds two TV's! "Why two?" you ask! Because one plays VHS Tapes and the other plays DVD's. When our Miss K visits she can't get enough of her daddy's aging VHS movies. I refuse to replace them until I absolutely have to! I also LOVE to watch CREATE TV... Sometimes...more often than not, I just listen to music.

My closets are full to the brim with more stuff than I can even say. Again...I'm very organized and I like everything in it's place. Someday (?) I'll open up the doors completely so you can see all the stuff I hide away! :) I sometimes wonder IF I will ever use it all. Probably not.

Can you tell I just LOVE PINK!?

OK Peeps! That's just about it! Sure hope you aren't disappointed! Thank you sooo much for visiting. I hope you enjoyed yourself and will visit me again very soon! Whether your space is as big as a ballroom or just a tiny nook in your kitchen, I encourage you to find the passion that lives deep within you and carve out a place to call your very own. I promise you, it will change your life.

Thank you, Baber...for everything. You are my hero!

Thank you, Mom (and Grandpa M) for instilling within me a love to create.

Thank you, Adrienne...for allowing me to repaint your old room without making a fuss (sniff, sniff, sniff). It will ALWAYS hold the sweetest memory of you (I miss you, xo).

Thank you, Brandon...for your hours of instruction...had it not been for you the world outside of Oklahoma would never have seen my work.

Thank you, Bloggie Friends. Especially Karen at My Desert Cottage.

Thank you, God...for blessing my hands and for grace and patience when I fail and for the joy you place in my heart when I succeed. Help me to remember all good things come from You.

Love to you all...


Thursday, July 23, 2009

~DON'T FORGET! Where Bloggers Create Is TOMORROW!~

Just a quick note to remind all you DIE-HARD CREATORS that tomorrow is "Where Bloggers Create" Day! I truly can't BELIEVE I'm going to show you the place where I work...

Thank you Karen for hosting this fun event! Aren't you all excited? I'm thinking I should just throw caution to the wind and photograph my entire home for you. I DRAG MY JUNK, er...I'm mean CREATIVE STUFF all over the place! (KIDDING...but that IS what my Mr. AGPMan says!)

Now~with that said...

I've been sick with the flu for the past four days and feel pretty crummy. I sooo wanted to snap some pics today when the sun was beaming through the windows! Too bad I slept through the afternoon! So...I MAY wait until tomorrow afternoon to unveil for you my TINY studio.

Blessings to you all as you wait one more day...Rebecca

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"LOVE IS..." and Other Things That Matter"

Not raising the roof when she
borrows from the piggy bank"

Let it be Mr. AGPMan is better handling our finances than I am.

Painful to admit, but true! If not for him we would have no savings, nothing held back for a rainy day. Because of his discipline (and his detail oriented, math-lovin brain), we have done a fairly good job of stashing away some funds for our retirement...

When I get OUT OF CONTROL (and lately that has been quite often!) he lovingly speaks to me words of financial wisdom by simply saying this:

"Miss PIGGY (um...that would be our bank account) is dying from lack of nourishment, Rebecca! It's time for YOU to feed her!"

I hate it when he's right.

Blessings to you as you save, save, save...spend...and then save, save, save some more...Rebecca

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My Sister and I - Circa 1964
Los Altos High School Pool
Hacienda Heights, CA

I cannot say for certain just how this tiny photograph has survived the past forty-five years. A copy of the original sits perched on my painting desk and I look at it most every day. It reminds me of a time in my life when the playful meanderings of two little girls were all I truly thought about.
My older sister and I spent the summer of 1964 at our Gramma's House, running through the Sprinkler and slip-sliding the hours away on a plastic shower curtain. I remember how it served us well, being the cheap knock-off to the crazy-popular (and expensive) Slippin'-Slide that it was. A day swimming at Los Altos...forever captured on black and white film are the faces of happy children...dripping wet with stringy hair. Enjoying the sun...the laughter... and the kind of innocence that only a sweet childhood can bring.
Then one day while out running, playing and dreaming, our growing up years passed us both by...
The childhood choreographed on the streets of our tiny California town is but a memory. Today my big sister lives outside of Nashville, far away from my life here in central Oklahoma. I rarely get to see her. Things change. People change. Thankfully the love remains the same.
It is on this hot July day, not unlike the one on which the picture above was taken, my sister finds herself traveling a difficult path. She and her hubby of nearly 30 years have a long journey ahead of them. One that includes physical recovery for him and unending patience and acceptance from her. My heart is heavy and I long to be by her side, holding her still tiny hand tightly in mine.
And so, I call unashamedly out to Jehovah Rapha, to minister healing. Jehovah Jireh, asking for His provisions. And to Jehovah Shalom, for His peace.

I love you Lin...

Blessings as you seek to help carry the burdens of those you love and the ones who love you...Rebecca

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