Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"LOVE IS..." and Other Things That Matter


I've decided that on Wednesdays I'm going to share with you my favorite "LOVE IS..." sentiments. Simply put, these charming little clippings mean the world to me and I hope you will enjoy them...

Many years ago when my Mr.AGPMan and I were dating, we were separated by many miles and our only source of contact came in the writing of letters. Tucked inside nearly every envelope I found not only beautiful words penned by my guy, but also the latest "LOVE IS...." drawing as well. They always made me smile.

I just couldn't resist scanning in a bunch of my favorite ones to share with you over the upcoming weeks. I believe the captions are as relevant today as they were 30 years ago...

Blessings to you as you experience both the good and not so good of life...Rebecca

Monday, April 27, 2009



If you were to ask my three siblings and I what the mainstay in our home was during our growing up years I believe each one of us would agree that it was our Gulbransen Piano. From as far back as I can remember my Mother's piano was in every home we ever lived in. It was a source of pride for her and rarely did a day pass by without hearing the familiar sounds of the keyboard. The piano was maple in color and within it's bench you could find songbook after songbook of mostly Christian music. On the attached music stand she displayed her favorite chorus books and church hymnals and there they would stay for many, many years.


Gospel Songs were always a part of our home and my Mother spent many hours teaching us the little bit that she knew about them and the music she had grown to love. My mother's piano playing would never have won any awards...she will tell you that herself! She plunked more wrong keys than she did right ones... Still, she could always be found in the early evenings working on a song or two, her pretty voice singing along with the music that sat before her. It would only be a few years before we would all begin to notice the devastating affect nerve deafness would have upon her and how it would eventually steal from her the gift of sound...

While searching today for some misplaced photos, I stumbled upon my Mother's beloved songbooks. I'd nearly forgotten she'd given them to me many years ago, back when I purchased a piano of my own. Dusty and worn, I pulled the fragile books out from their hiding place and began to leaf through their gently loved pages. I couldn't help but smile as I read the noteworthy titles of those beautiful, but aging melodies...

"Got Any Rivers?"..."Follow Me"..."He Giveth More Grace"...

In my mind I could hear my Mother's sweet voice whispering the tunes that had grown so dear to her~songs she lovingly sang to us, her children. Songs of faith...songs of hope...songs of peace, love and redemption. As I turned to the page that still held an old paperclip in it's grasp, I instantly recalled the song on page 4 as being one of her favorites...

As I read again the familiar words before me I was instantly taken back to my childhood. Long before my mother's ears were silenced and long before she felt it necessary to pack all of her music away.


Is it possible that over four decades have passed since I snuggled up next to her as she read to me my favorite Bible stories? Forty years since I listened to her fragile, waning voice sing aloud the very song I held within my hands?

"How Long Has It Been?"
by Mosie Lister - 1956

"How long has it been since you talked with the Lord
And told Him your heart's hidden secrets?
How long since you prayed?
How long since you stayed
On your knees till the light shone through?
How long has it been since your mind felt at ease?
How long since your heart knew no burden?
Can you call Him your Friend?
How long has it been
Since you knew that He cared for you?

How long has it been since you knelt by your bed
And prayed to the Lord up in Heaven?
How long since you knew
That He'd answer you
And would keep you the long night through?
How long has it been since you woke with the dawn
And felt that the day's worth the living?
Can you call Him your friend?
How long has it been
Since you knew that He cared for you?"

My Mother's unwavering faith has sustained me throughout my life and I owe her so much~ Her voice, tho sweetly ordinary, gave to me an amazing gift... Songs that will never end and a melody that will never die... Her music and the message live on in her children...

So, to the woman who gave me life...

Thank you, Mom! You've given me so much more than I ever realized. Thank you for those years of early instruction and for the message behind the music! I carry the Truths both you and daddy taught me within my heart today! Happy Mother's Day a few days early. I couldn't wait to tell you...xoBeck

Blessings to you as you remember the good stuff...Rebecca

Sunday, April 26, 2009



OK...I'm trying to be a good citizen here!!! Truly I am! I pay my taxes, I vote and I volunteer. I'm not afraid to PICKET when a local or national cause inspires me to do so and I'm willing to do my SHARE of Jury Sitting and Serving...

But come on! This is my third summons in less than 10 years! All this while my Mr.AGPMan has yet to be called on once! What???? Not fair! Not Fair! NOT FAIR I tell you!

Want to know what made me feel worse?

My guy laughed...then added "the BEAUUUUTIFUL State of Oklahoma just LOVES YOU, Rebecca!"


Sometimes I just can't stand that Mr.AGPMan of mine. Seriously. Sometimes he just really ticks me off!

And you all just THOUGHT he was ONLY wonderful...NOT! :)

Blessings to you as you JOYFULLY serve your country...Rebecca

Friday, April 24, 2009



As we head into another weekend I couldn't resist sharing with you our latest "OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES" story with you!

I had the PURE PLEASURE of keeping our little six year old granddaughter yesterday for an overnight visit. She has only about 30 days left in her first year of school, kindergarten, and it's been a joy to watch her learn and grow...

As we sat down for dinner last night, as is the custom in our home we bowed our heads to thank God for His gracious bounty. It was then my Mr.AGPMan asked our Miss K if she would like to say the blessing~ She smiled and quickly said "Yes Papa...I would!"

Everything was silent for a moment as we both listened for Miss K began to pray...

"Now I lay me down....oops! That's not RIGHT...that's the wrong prayer!" she said smiling (almost giggling)!

She began again...

"God is great....(silence)...."

After a LONG pause she began again...

"God issssss.........(silence)....."

After asking her if she needed help she again smiled wide but shook her head in the negative. She started one more time! This time she recited the following words (which came out before I could even speak):

"God is great. God is dead (huh?). Let us thank him for our bread! AMEN!"

After I peeled myself off the ceiling :), I gently corrected her and together we spoke the prayer with the right words...

"Time to learn a new prayer" I silently thought!

It's also time to have a talk with her daddy! It's a "Mom Thing". Trust me...he'll get it!

Blessings to you as we remember that God loves the innocent hearts of children...Rebecca

Thursday, April 23, 2009



Well...I do believe I hit pay dirt when I found the amazing slanted desk (see yesterday's Post below) I've blogged about over the past couple of days! I used it today while painting this charming Cottage Style Sign and now I'm absolutely in heaven! Even though I have yet to transform the desk with paint and artwork, I couldn't resist trying it out ahead of time!!! I can already tell I'm going to thoroughly enjoy using it in my studio...

I now understand completely why artists choose to paint on a slanted surface vs. a flat one! Not only was I able to SIT the entire time I was painting (I usually stand up, hovering over my work when painting a sign), I finished it free from the aches and pains associated with bending over for far too many hours!

More pretty Signs will be uploaded onto my WEBSITE over the next couple of days! The one shown above is going up this evening! It's one of my very favorite styles~the design was taken from the wrapper that bound authentic French Lace from the early 1900's...

Blessings to you as you discover the things that make your life easier (and pain free!)...Rebecca

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~~~VINTAGE PAINTING DESK~~~ Old Finds With a Purpose


OK...OK! I've heard you LOUD and CLEAR!!! I've received enough direct emails about my fabulous find from yesterday that I decided to post a picture or two of my new-found treasure! This is simply the sweetest writing/painting desk and it is perfect for my studio! I actually WANTED to wait and show you both the before and after pictures at the same time, but--I'm afraid that too many of you are like me and are "patience deprived!" :) it is! :)

After viewing pictures of my friend's (and fellow painter, Celeste's) studio, I was inspired to clean up my space! Her workplace is gorgeous and it made me feel like a real piggy! Now, I'm not a slob mind you, but my studio isn't all that big and it has been in dire need of some serious help for a long, long time now! It's been easy for me to put off the re-furbishing of's definitely been at the END of my To-Do-List! Hmmm~maybe that is why you've never seen pictures of it!

Anyway, this fabuloso desk is a start at what I'm hoping won't be too big a project. The desk is BIG and it's made at the perfect angle for painting all those Signs I'm hoping to finish and send you way! Maybe by the Fall I'll be brave enough to show you just where I create...(notice I said "MAYBE"!). At the very least I'll show you a picture of the desk once it is transformed!

You know, I never ever take for granted when I discover truly neat finds! I once thought it sorta strange when things I was longing for (and often even in need of) just seemed to just FIND THEIR WAY TO ME!!! This may sound odd to some of you, but I feel like I am directed to most of the stuff I go in search of. Even when I'm forced to pass something up because the timing isn't right or the cost is too high, I always seem to be redirected to something better later on. After a day of treasure seeking, I'm truly content in the knowing that God has indeed directed my every step.

After all, if we seek God first, the things we want will seek us.

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you..." Matthew 6:33

Blessings to you as you discover His treasures...Rebecca

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yesterday was a fun day for me! At noon I headed out my front door with great anticipation and excitement for I was going to make yet another visit to some of my very favorite Oklahoma City Shoppes! With so many stores on my list I expected to have a fun-filled day! Some of the shoppes have "Antiques" in their title and some simply say "Thrift" or "Secondhand". There are even a couple of stores out there that just say "USED" and "JUNK"! Regardless, I love them all and I'm not afraid to walk into any one of them. Sometimes I come out with my arms loaded up with special finds...and sometimes they are empty. Regardless, the experience of scouring resale shoppes is always a rewarding one. I love the idea of re-purposing old treasures as well as saving usable finds from our local landfill!

On my last stop of the day I found myself at one of the sweetest antique markets here in my city. I was actually looking for something in particular for my studio. I've wanted a slanted writing desk for quite some time now. I'd seen one there on my last visit but was sad to find that it was already sold. However, I found another one that I actually liked better! After carefully looking her over I decided to give her a new home...mine.

At the checkout counter I saw the smiling and familiar face of a friend. I'm always happy to re-connect with people I’ve come to believe God has placed in my path. We chatted for a bit, a little about the store, some about my business and then even more about her and the happenings in her life. It was then I realized something was troubling her...I could see the sorrow…

As my friend shared with me her concerns I found myself taken back a few years. Back to the day my own family faced similar hurts and devastation. Back to life changing, life crushing events, that if I'm honest with you, broke my heart...

I listened as my precious friend continued to talk. I worked hard at choking back the tears for her story sounded all too familiar. Her story was once mine. And so I began to share with her where the novel that had become my life had taken me...

It was on the drive back home that I thought again about the events that took place seven years earlier. Hurt, fear and disappointment flooded back into my mind like they’d just happened the day before. I recalled how incredibly alone my hubbs and I felt and how frightened we were by days we hadn’t even yet lived.

And then I remembered…

Our very existence was in God’s hands. It was the peace He offered to us that changed the course of our lives. A supernatural, straight from heaven kind of peace that overshadowed us, guarding our hearts…

Want to know the outcome brought about by life’s unexpected hardships?

Joy…only joy!

Blessings to you as seek the peace that passes all understanding…Rebecca

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I had planned on making a different Post today...something lighthearted and fun. But to be honest with you...I just couldn't. Not today.

I live just outside of Oklahoma City and although I am not a native of my state it long ago became a place I love to call "home". We moved here when my daughter was only 6 months old and her big brother just a little over three. Seemed like a wonderful place to raise a family and indeed that proved to be true.

I first came to Oklahoma to attend college in 1976. It is here I met my hubbs of over 30 years. It is in this state I've lovingly watched my children grow up, attend school, go to college, fall in love and then marry. It is the birth-state of my only grandchild and the only state in which I've ever owned property. My father and mother live here and so does my youngest sister and her family... And, unless God directs us elsewhere, it will be in Oklahoma that I will grow old and live out the remainder of my life.

On April 19th, 1995 Oklahoma City was put on the map in a different way. Crazy lunatics decided to slaughter 168 innocent men, women and children when they bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Building, forever changing the lives of hundreds of people and those they love. It was a dark day in my State's history and a day I remember well.


I was running late getting my second grader to school the morning the blast went off. I only heard a faint, muffled sound in the distance as I live 15 miles from downtown OKCity. Thinking nothing of it, I said my good-byes to my baby girl and drove home. Seconds after walking in the door my phone began to ring with my hubbs on the other end. He was in a panic...he was working downtown in a building not far from the bomb site and wanted to relay to me only two things...SOMETHING caused a HUGE explosion in a building a few blocks from him and that he was safe. He watched as windows were blown out all around him and the sky grew dusty and dark... I flipped on my TV and to my horror I watched as a part of our City looked like a war zone.

The events of that day are seared in my memory forever. The media coverage was non-stop. The rescue of the few survivors had us riveted to our television sets. The day brought complete devastation and changed my beloved State in more ways than one...

Today marks the 14th anniversary of the Bombing. More than 300 people gathered this morning at the Oklahoma City Memorial where the Murrah Building once stood. It is ground that many consider to be is indeed a sad place, but it's a very beautiful place as well! The blast hurt and scared many of our people, but it failed at destroying our collective faith...

If you ever get a chance to visit Oklahoma City I encourage you to take time to view the Memorial Site. It includes chairs symbolizing the victims. The chairs are on a grassy field overlooking a reflecting pool flanked by bronze gates, one marked 9:01 and the other marked 9:03 a.m., framing the exact 9:02 a.m. time of the explosion.



I visit the site and I visit often. It is a great reminder of what can happen when people allow hate to overtake their hearts... It's an ever greater example of what happens when people choose to love...

Simply put, it's the LOVE that heals.

Blessings to you as you remember that despite evidence of evil, good always wins...Rebecca

Friday, April 17, 2009


For the past few weeks I've been working once again at restocking my WEBSITE! It's been such a challenge for me to get everything finished...there is sooo much I want to show much I want to offer up! I'm more sorry than I can say for taking longer to get things ready than I expected. I always have the most grandiose of plans and the best intentions, but it seems I ALWAYS fall short of making my deadline goals... ACK! I'm soooo human and sooo incredibly imperfect!

Celebrating Easter with my family provided a wonderful break from long hours of painting and sewing~ But, I could certainly have lived without the stress of Tax Season. I just hate it. When you are self employed it is critical that EVERY single receipt is accounted for and that your buying and selling records are in perfect order! I'm thrilled to say that MONKEY is off our backs for another year!

Both yesterday and today I've worked on photographing product and writing descriptions for all the pretty new finds I have for your enjoyment! Unless my trusty old computer fails me, I'll have my WEBSITE back up sometime tomorrow!

Oh...and don't forget to Make-A-Comment on ANY of my previous Posts! You'll be entered into the drawing for the Candle shown below! SOMEBODY is going to win it! Maybe it will be YOU! Drawing will be after midnight on April 21st!

Blessings to you this very day! Thinking of you and thanking God for your goodness...Rebecca

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



Ok Ladies...I promise you, that WEBSITE of mine IS going back up later this week! Presently I have about 60 different items for your shopping enjoyment and hope to have even more before I finish uploading my latest offerings over the next few days! Thank you for your patience as I focused on restocking and refilling those dwindling shelves with lots of hand painted finds, romantic lavender sachets and charming chic pillows. I so wish I had about ten sets of hands... Regardless of the fact I have but two, I hope you will love this next round of cottage pretties!

To celebrate I'm having a GIVE-A-WAY! The dainty Candle shown above will be given away to one special blogger! It comes in a glass jar complete with a lid of soft creamy pink accented with a hand painted pink rose and delicate rosebuds, too! It measures approximately 4 1/2" x 4".

How do you enter the drawing for the Candle? Just leave a comment on any of my Posts from now (April 14th, 2009) until April 20th, 2009 at 11:59 PM (CENTRAL TIME...I LIVE IN OKLAHOMA!) and you'll be automatically entered in the drawing! Enter as many times as you want...each comment counts as one entry!

Thank you for your support my sweet blogging and website friends! You mean more to me than I can say!

Blessings to you as you breathe in the warm spring air...Rebecca

Monday, April 13, 2009



In the midst of working on restocking my website, I just had to take out a couple of minutes out of my busy day to share with you this photo...

This beautiful little girl is one of the reasons I love my life sooo much! She is our son's daughter and she brings to Mr. AGPMan and I so much joy! I couldn't resist giving you a glimpse of what she looked like yesterday on our way to church for Easter Sunday!

Miss K has so much of her daddy's personality...brings back such sweet memories of days long past! She is a daily reminder of God's grace and promises to me~to all of us!

Hope your Easter Sunday was as lovely as ours!

Blessings for a wonderful week...Rebecca

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Have you ever seen the painting of Jesus by Warner Sallman? It is a lovely depiction of Christ knocking on the front of a closed door. When I was a little girl growing up in Southern California this very picture hung in my Sunday School room. I can remember staring at it over the course of several years and when I was old enough to read the caption I recall it saying this:


"Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; if any many hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him." (Rev. 3:20 KJV)

I loved that painting! It spoke to me and even though I was just a small child I longed to know the man shown standing at the door. He represented peace to me and a calmness I could only hope to understand. It would be many years before someone shared with me how the artist had intentionally left the handle to the door out of the painting; thus making it impossible for Jesus to enter the dwelling without it being opened from the inside.

It took a long time, several years in fact, before I turned the knob, pushed open the door of my own heart, and asked the Savior to come in. Today, on the eve of celebrating my Risen Lord, I'm so grateful He made the decision to go to hell for me rather than go to heaven without me...

Blessings to you as you share His Light...Rebecca

Friday, April 10, 2009



Of all the pictures ever taken of my two children, the one above is my very favorite! It was snapped only fifteen months before we moved to the place we still call home. Adrienne, our daughter, was 6 1/2 and our son, Brandon, was only 9. The photo takes me back to a very special day... We were a happy little family and Easter Sunday was always a day filled with so much joy!

It's difficult sometimes to wake up to the deafening sounds of silence on Easter morning. It just is! Their old rooms are beautifully decorated, but empty. I remember how this sacred day would roll in full of laughter and excitement! It was a day filled with sweet treats and yet one that was mixed with a clear understanding of who and what we were celebrating. Peace re-enters my heart when I remember that my Mr.AGPMan and I were successful in teaching the two of them the difference between the pleasures of eating pink peeps and hunting eggs and the joy that comes from knowing and serving our risen Lord! And then I smile~ For even though they are now grown I hold close the memory of them being little children...


On this day I remember clearly that our son found almost ALL the eggs during the hunt. I always colored or filled at least three dozen eggs so you can imagine his little Basket was quite full (and heavy). I will never forget as he walked towards his little sister and watching as he removed more than half of the eggs from his basket and placed them in hers.

"I found more eggs than Adrie" he said

"I will share mine with her so she won't be sad!" he continued...

She was so tiny and a little teary eyed that she had only found two or three eggs on her own... It was such a loving gesture made by an adoring big brother. I'm so proud to tell you that nothing has changed over the years~ He loves her with such a deep passion...he is still her protector and loving friend. She in turn has always been there for him...

The contentment I carry in my heart from knowing my children will be there for each other long after I'm gone is something that cannot be measured...


This Sunday our children are joining us at the church where my husband serves as Worship Leader for Easter Services! Then, along with their families, they are coming "home" for a big and fancy dinner and an Easter Egg hunt for our little Miss K... I'm sooo excited. Sounds of laughter and joy will once again fill the air!

God is good!

Blessings to you as you honor the King of Kings...Rebecca

Thursday, April 9, 2009



This charming vintage sofa table was found at a local Secondhand Shoppe about three weeks ago...isn't she shabby cottage chic wonderful? She is FABULOUSO in my opinion and like everything else I rescue from the dump :) I wasted no time in planning this gal's makeover! Unless my pink rose lovin' mind was failing me, I believed she was going to look AMAZING when she was finished with her transformation...

When I spotted this dainty little lady she was still in the store's window! I walked right up to her and wasted no time at all loving on her! She looked incredibly sad and...


sooooo BLUE :(!!! She desperately needed a new home and I was more than happy to share mine with her! She was $30 bucks...gasp! Thirty dollars! Do you KNOW how much a pretty table like her would cost new? New is definitely NOT for me!

I noticed right away that my newest girlfriend's shapely legs were a tad-bit wobbly...she probably needed some clamps and glue. But, after MR. AGPMan inspected her he found that she was put together entirely with screws! I've never seen such a thing! SCREWS? She is old, solid wood (no plywood, etc.) and has the date 9/3/1940 on her tummy :)...but SCREWS? Weird! Soooo...this leads me to believe that...

1. My girl was made in Shop Class
2. She was made from a Mail Order Kit
3. She was custom-made by a Craftsman
4. I have no idea

Anyway, after hubbs tightened her up she was sanded down to remove the yellowing varnish. She was then repainted with my FAVORITE Cottage White Paint! After a few days of curing she was LIGHTLY distressed. She is now safe and secure and will live with me forever...'s a sweet idea for you...


All the flowers my hubby brings to me end up lasting for years and years! I either dry them or make potpourri out of them! The picture above is my FAVORITE way to display those fragrant beauties... A dainty stemmed goblet (this one is old, not expensive, but sweet!) looks simply stunning filled to the top with dried blooms of all kinds~ This one includes rose petals and leaves, carnation petals and stems (I actually LOVE how these turn out!) and lavender. Pretty, huh?

Blessings as you save big bucks shopping secondhand...Rebecca



For weeks I've been working on restocking my website and I'm getting close to uploading my offerings to you once more. Thank you for your patience as I work once again at filling empty shelves with hand painted pretties and vintage complements...

The pretty cedar box above will soon be coming your way (can't wait to show you everything else that is new)! Found at a local estate sale, it is just one of the many treasures that have been hand painted with pink roses...perfect for those who love shabby cottage chic decor...

I'll be back later today with a picture of a charming accent table found at yet another tag sale...stay tuned!

Blessings this beautiful spring morning...Rebecca

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Bottom Looking Up

I've shared with you several times that I live in a pretty two story home built in 1970. Decorating this charming "diamond in the rough" has been an exciting experience for both me and my Mr. AGPMan. The house was truly a pretty sad little place when we purchased it in the summer of 1992 and I still grimace when I think about the layers of soot that covered the outside of the fireplace (UGH!). I'll spare you the details in this Post except to say that there wasn't a room that didn't need painting, floors that didn't need scrubbing and windows that didn't need cleaning.

Pretty Mirrors & Light Fixture Repainted

During the past 201 months of living in our humble abode, we've successfully transformed much of the square footage! We've taken down and put up walls, changed nearly all the decorative moldings and trims, carpeted twice, put in new windows, doors, and completely remodeled the main upstairs soooo much more! It is a good thing my hubbs and I are "Do-It-Yourselfers", otherwise I'm afraid we'd be broke...worse yet we'd run the risk of pricing our home right OUT of our neighborhood! It doesn't hurt tho' that we purchased our home before the real estate market in our town went totally crazzzzzy....

Light Surround-Once Wall Decor!

One of the biggest challenges we've ever faced as far as decorating is concerned has been our stairwell. When we moved in it was wallpapered with a 1970's print. ACK! The paper was garish, loud and poorly hung, I couldn't wait to rip it down. I re-papered once...the cost and the work almost killed me! After that I opted to lightly texture the walls and just paint. Cheaper for sure but still a pain in the bumm to do!

Over the past week or so my hubbs pulled out his custom made :) scaffolding and got the painting job done yesterday! See those mirrors on the wall? When he was only halfway finished painting he arrived home to see them all hanging right where they'd been a couple of days before. Let me tell you....HE WAS NOT happy with this gleeful little wifey of his! His only comment was "Rebecca! How am I SUPPOSE TO FINISHING PAINTING without knocking those mirrors off the wall? If they fall YOU are cleaning up the mess!" I agreed and the mirrors stayed in place...(none fell either!) :) ....

How It Was Painted
Scary Scaffolding

Anyway, while he was on that narrow tightrope looking piece of wood, I convinced him to take down the light fixture so I could paint it. I also wanted to put up a Light Fixture Surround as well! So...down came the light and after repainting it a soft creamy white and lightly distressing it, back up it went!


Taaahhhh Daaahhhh again! Another project can be marked OFF The-To-Do-List! And to think that we actually PRAYED to be home owners...hmmmmmm

"Let your patience show itself perfectly in what you do." James 1:4

Blessings for a beautiful Holy Week...Rebecca



For over a year now the Lord has been working on me in some specific areas of personal growth. He’s been whittling down that self-will of mine while gently bringing into the light my unspoken weaknesses. Wow…I really hate being exposed! Even so, I know this must take place so I will become more dependent upon Him. Gosh~ and do we even have to talk about how JUDGMENTAL I can be about things? I’ve always been pretty bad about forming fairly quick opinions and then carelessly allowing them to spill out of my mouth! I know we all make mistakes and I’ve made tons during my lifetime and I’m going to continue to make many more before I leave this planet. Still, I know in my heart it would behoove me to remember that I am not unique in my imperfections, for the Word of God tells us we are all sinners in need of grace, strugglers in need of strength… I mean, Jesus DOES teach (instruct) us to pray “Forgive our debts…and lead us not into temptation.”

I’ve heard it said many times during my life that “the line that separates the best of us from the worst of us is a narrow one”. I believe this is true. With today being Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday only seven more days away, I’ve spent some time this week reflecting on the Cross. For me it is a symbol of courage and hope…forgiveness, sacrifice and most of all, LOVE.

Pride and Shame get heavy when you lug them around for a long time. So does anger, bitterness, blame, resentment, hatred and un-forgiveness. We strap those bad-boys upon our backs hoping if we carry them far enough they will one day justify our behavior and our choices. It is a constant, on-going struggle of mine to leave my burdens at the base of the Cross…even though I know in my heart the ONLY place they will ever be lifted is right there...Calvary.

“God placed upon him the wrong who never did anything wrong, so we could be put right with God.” II Corinthians 5:31 MSG

Blessings to you as He works a miracle in your life…Rebecca

Friday, April 3, 2009



Our little Miss K spent the last day or so here at her Nana’s house. Her Papa and I love it when she visits…especially during the week as we get a chance to both pick her up from school and then take her back again the next day. At six years old she is the funniest little thing we’ve ever seen and my Mr. APGMan and I are usually in stitches before we wave goodbye...

Since my hubbs and I have been working on eating better over this past year, we don’t keep much kid-friendly food in our home (save for the fancy jars of candy and cookies we have set aside for our very special girl). So, whenever Miss K visits we must make a food-run to our local grocery store so she will have something palatable to eat. For dinner last night were having baked Salmon with a simple spinach salad and trust me when I tell you those two things alone would NOT pass the inspection test of our only grandchild (they wouldn’t have been acceptable to her daddy when he was a child either!).

I’ve been swamped with working on restocking my website so my guy offered to do the work and scrounge up something else she might like to eat. He happily found a box of Mac and Cheese in our pantry and figured that it would taste great paired with what we had already planned for our meal. After offering up simple prayer of thanksgiving, Miss K began to eat the delicious side-dish prepared especially for her.

“Do you like the Mac and Cheese?” her Papa asked her…

Miss K shook her head in the affirmative but then quickly developed a VERY strange (but a bit familiar) look on her face!

“What’s wrong honey?” her Papa continued

She then promptly said this:

“Well, it tasted OK when I FIR----ST (drawn out) tasted it…..BUT…. when I CHEUUUU---WED it on the IN----SIDE it was just NASSSSS----TY!

After a deep sigh she continued….

I think I’d rather have the kind made JUST for little kids!”

It was then I realized my AGPMan had given her some natural/organic (wheat) pasta I had purchased for my grandmother when she was here last summer.

We were on the floor reeling with laughter!

I’ve decide that being SIX is my favorite of all the ages Miss K has ever been! Young enough to be completely innocent and yet old enough to be one-hundred percent honest with her feelings!

You know, sometimes I just really LOVE my life! One day I’ll share with you the story of our Miss K and how her daily presence in our lives is nothing short of a miracle! Trust me when I tell you that God can make good out of what the enemy hopes will destroy you~

“He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God.” Psalm 40:3

Blessings to you this lovely spring day…Rebecca

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My Brother, Bill... About 1965

Dearest Bill…

I was only a little over three years old when you made your entrance into the world finally making me a big sister. So many years have passed by since that April 1st day…it is easy for me to feel like the days we spent as children took place a lifetime ago. Seems like we couldn’t wait to grow up and now that we have it’s a little difficult to know just where to put all those memories…

I’ve been thinking these past few days about the impact you’ve had on my life and how, for as far back as I can remember, it was YOU who carried ME and not the other way around. I was older (which now you never let me forget!), but you were the far wiser one. I don’t recall ever rescuing you during the many times you faced trouble, but I know in my heart you have saved me over and over and over again.

Last November, as Steve and I made plans to be there for your surgery, your life kept playing out before my eyes. Knowing you were so ill and facing the uncertainty of life tore at my heart, and truthfully, I was so afraid. That fear made it easy for my mind to slip back into the past during that long drive out west. Back to the place of our childhood! Back to our little house on Sigman Street and back to the place we once called home...

As I sat in the hospital waiting room for the doctor to emerge, I prayed for peace and healing for all of us, especially for you. How could any of us live without you? During those long hours I found myself more grateful than ever for the faithful teachings of Mom and Daddy and for my belief in a healing, loving Jesus. Somehow, even in the midst of my apprehension, I believed in my heart God’s hand was upon you and that you would go on and live to be a very old, old man. When the smiling face of your doctor finally came around the corner of the waiting room we could tell immediately the news was good! The cancerous kidney was out and the disease hadn’t spread! Steve, Ms. G, Mom and I could only weep…

I know over the years I’ve sometimes fallen short of all you and my sisters have needed me to be. In spite of my obvious imperfections, I have loved you deeply. I know in my heart it will be me who is the first to leave this earth, for it would be impossible for me to continue life without any of you…

I wrote this little poem for you back in April of 1987 after you visited me here in Oklahoma. Here it is again… Happy Birthday beloved brother of mine! You mean the world to me…and I love you!

Yer Sis, Beck

“To Bill, With Love”

I thought of you today as I took my familiar walk on the paved streets of this dusty town… I knew my walks would never be the same... For you were not with me, sharing my thoughts…

I have such memories of you
and I find myself wishing we were closer like in bygone days. The dog barked at my heels and again, I was afraid! Then I remembered your calming words… I stood firm and was in control. The dog left.

I saw more dandelions than when you were here, marking a passing of time. I wondered when I would see you again… Mingle memories, melt pain.

The sun was setting as my journey neared it’s end…
Still, my mind walked on. I was looking forward to better days, longer walks on dusty streets, and sharing my heart with you.

“He is able…to run to the cry of…those who are being tempted and tested and tried. Hebrew 2:18 AMP

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