Monday, July 30, 2012


The last couple of days have been super busy for me!  During the month of July for the past twenty years the town I live in has hosted a city-wide shop-till-you-drop day called Krazy Daze.  I haven't taken much interest in it over the past few years (I did when my kids were home tho!),  but now that I have a booth space in downtown Edmond Antiques I found myself very excited about it once again!  Well...we sold to the walls and I'm so excited about how well my little booth space did as well as the entire store!!!  Such fun!

Today was clean-up day and since my Miss K is staying with me this week (gosh...4th grade starts for her very soon!) she was volun-told she was going to HELP ME!  I sold my big white armoire and just moving out that one thing required major makeover work!  Anyway,  I promised her I'd make it worth her while and boy oh boy did we stumble on an amazing deal!
 After spending a couple hours moving in a new cabinet and then rearranging nearly everything, we left for a quick visit to several local thrifts.

Guess what we found for $25?
Something SUPER SPECIAL for my MISS K!
A brand spanking new 15 speed Huffy Lakota Girl's Bicycle!  It's variegated purple and our sweet girl is flipping-out crazy over it!

I didn't KNOW Goodwill stores had great junk like

Tires needed airing up and the breaks needed to be adjusted, too!  Tomorrow my Mr. AGPMan is going to make sure the gears are working order!  After that....more SUMMER FUN at Nana's and Papa's House!  We'd JUST been talking about getting our only grandchild a new bike (maybe for her b-day) when I found this one today!

Now...get this...

I asked my Miss K if she wanted to leave her new bike here or take it back to her house (she outgrew her old bike this year).  She said she wanted to take it home and then added....

"Maybe we can go junking tomorrow and find another new-old bike for $25 and then I can leave THAT ONE at your house!" 


Love to you...

Saturday, July 28, 2012


 If you take 365 days and multiply it by twenty years you will have the number of days my Mr. AGPMan and I have lived in our Oklahoma home....7,300 days to be exact!  Today we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of living in our La Chaumière de Briarwood!  It doesn't seem possible that two decades have passed since we signed the closing papers on the only house we've ever owned...  I never dreamed we'd live here for so long or that so many changes in our lives would take place while living within her walls. 
The years have sped by in lightening speed.

I'm grateful this morning for so many happy memories and to live in a house our family lovingly built into a home.  Some years were better than others, but in retrospect they all were great years.  My favorite years will always be the ones when my children called the house on Briarwood their home.
They left us way too soon...

I wish I could show you a picture of our home today.  Her roof and shutters are now black (love it) but the massive heat related weather over the past two years has literally destroyed our lawn.  The removal of four trees on the left has turned our shade grass into nothing but dirt.  Next Spring we plan on installing a sprinkler system as well as replacing the grass with something more tolerant to the Oklahoma Summer heat.

Big thanks to my hubby, Steven, for working so incredibly hard over the years at maintaining and renovating our home into the beauty she is today!  I love her as much as I did back in 1992 when he sacrificed so much to purchase her for our family (I Love You!)...

Love to you...

Thursday, July 26, 2012



This week's studio work had me focusing on making vintage French Lace Christmas Stockings!  I try and begin this kind of work in the summer (despite the horrific 105 heat here in Oklahoma!) because if I don't start EARLY I never catch up!  I wanted to show them for White Wednesday...not sure I can still link to it, but I'm going to try!

A few days ago after tending to my booth at Edmond Antiques (Edmond, OK) I stopped off at one of our local thrift stores and found another great dresser!
After cleaning it up and removing the old hardware I painted it up in a soft creamy pink!  Today I'm finishing the hand painted roses on the drawers and loving how it's coming out!
The one I found a couple of weeks ago has SOLD and so I was hoping to find another and was so excited to snag this one for a great price!  It's sturdy and strong and great for nursery or guest room!  Hope to have it in my booth early next week...  I'll share more photos soon!
While painting the dresser I also took the time to base paint some new things for my website.  This weekend I'll be painting them with roses as well.  This lot is PINK and I'm even hoping to finish that Train Case you see in the back...  I've so missed my work since the Carpel Tunnel/Tendonitis flare up!  I'm much better now and the resting of my hands and arms has done wonders! 

Still uploading my programs to my new Lap Top Computer!  So exciting to have a new toy and a computer that WORKS!

Hope your day is wonderful...

Love to you...


My long trusted computer crashed and died yesterday.  Everything froze up and my hard drive would NOT spin up!  Somehow my guy was able to get it working long enough to copy all my files onto an external hard drive!.  They are now safe and sound!  All this happened one day after my air condition broke down...ACK!

My new Dell Laptop Computer arrived on my doorstep on Wednesday as well!  We've known my old computer was on it's last leg for a long time now and it certainly was!  Never dreamed it would crash the same day Fed Ex dropped my new computer off!

Just a note...

If you don't have an EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE on your computer you need one!  If you don't you run the risk of losing everything you've saved!

More to share soon!  Working today on loading all my programs to my new laptop!

Hope your day is great!

Love to you...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Why is it every single time my Mr. AGPMan has to go out of town something happens????

Yesterday my guy left on a business trip and as fate would have it today our air conditioner broke down!!!  Can there be anything worse than the sweltering heat in an upstairs studio on a 100+ degree day?  At noon it was already 85 degrees in my home!  BAH!  My Miss Mollie the Molinator (that would be my wee little Yorkie who has put on a full pound this summer!) could barely move!


My childhood home in Cali never had ANY air conditioning!   I don't know how we survived! 
Want to know what I'm grateful for today?  A son-in-love who took his day off to come to the aid of his wifey's momma thus helping her out of red-hot jam!  He just installed a new Capacitor and I now hear the pleasant hummmmming of machinery!!!!!
Whoot!  Whoot! 
I feel some
coming on!

(FYI:  The guy scored some MAJOR points with his Pop-In-Love, too!)

Hope your Tuesday started better off than mine!  Thank heaven for happy endings!

(Slow Blogging Day!)


Love to you~

Monday, July 23, 2012


When Summer began this year I vowed I would set aside some serious time to work on decluttering some areas of my home.  You've never see these places~  They are the ones bulging from closet wall to closet wall and shed wall to shed wall with more things than you can imagine!  I have purposefully kept them hidden away from you because I wouldn't want you to stop thinking I have a perfect life or anything....


I hate clutter.  Except for my daughter, Adrienne, I do believe I despise piled-up-unpleasantness and disorganization more than anyone else in our family.  So when stacks of once treasured things grow tall, wide and spin wildly out of control, it's time to clear out!

I spent nearly every day last week taking pictures of my Miss K's outgrown clothes and listing them on eBay.  I've sold a big chunk of them (especially the higher-end dresses) and this week I'm listing even more stuff.  

It's just stuff!  Lots of stuff!  And it all must GO!

Tennis Rackets used once or twice...
Angel Figurines
(from my early days of, um...collecting!)
Wood mounted Rubber Stamps
Scrapbooking Paraphernalia
Old Patterns

and more

and more

and more...

So...I'm going to be popping in and out this week as I try and get on top of the over-stuffing in my home.  Last week I sold over $500 worth of decent junque and I'm nowhere near close to what has to go!  My goal is to sell off, haul away and clear out anything that is keeping me from safely storing our two cars in our garage.  

Feels good great to let some of the stuff go!  Honestly it's helping me to breathe!!!!

Air is good!

More soon later this week!  I'm finishing up a darling cottage style chest in pink...don't's got hand painted pink roses!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Love to you...

Friday, July 20, 2012


(Our Instructor, Angela, On The Left)
A couple of weeks ago I shared with you how I had signed up to take a painting class.  Now...this was not an ART CLASS, but just a simple basic technique class for furniture painting.  There are lots of tutorials out there and most are very informative.  But I wanted a hands-on class where I could actually see and feel what was going on!
 My project of choice was a small occasional table I hauled home from my trip visiting my sister in Tennessee.  It's a Mid-Century piece from the 50's that I just fell in love with.  If you guessed my chosen makeover color was going to be WHITE then you would be right!

White is Right!  That's my new motto!

Now I already know A LOT about painting furniture.  I've been doing it for years and years (over twenty) so I really was skeptical at first about taking a chance on a class.

 I have to say that all in all it was a great class and I'm glad I decided to join in.  The best part was the meeting of new friends...  We all laughed and had so much fun!  At least I did! 

Two critical things I learned in the class centered around the products chosen to PREP my furniture!!!  After my table was de-greased with the product you see below (I'm not mentioning the names on any products as no one is PAYING me to endorse them), which is something I had never done.  In the past I'd just wipe my furniture down with a mild soapy water and quickly dry it. Next came lots of hand-sanding to remove any old finish (if need be)!

After de-greasing a LIQUID SANDING PRODUCT was used to de-glaze (make unshiny) the old varnish.  This kind of MELTED the old stuff (didn't actually remove it) providing the table with a better ground in which to accept paint!

Angela, our Instructor, re-bottled the liquid sand because she buys it in bulk.  I can't remember the name of it.  She did say it was found next to the de-greaser at your favorite hardware store!  I'll try and hunt it down and post a picture of it later.  I have yet to purchase it!

Here is what my table looked like after de-greasing, applying liquid sand, brush painting with a satin-based paint (3 light coats) and then sanded with an orbital sander like the one you see below...

My Mr. AGPMan actually has this exact Sander.  WHY I've never used it I don't know!!!  Now...I do LOVE the way the Sander smoothed out the finish of my paint.  Made it very soft and I love how the original wood finish can be seen on the sides and top and not just the edges.  I still went back and hand sanded around the legs and table and drawer rims.  I like have more control over what I'm doing so hopefully with some practice with the Electric Sander I'll get better.  

After my table was sanded I applied a good coat of WAX to the entire piece.  Again...not mentioning the name because I don't want to be sued...just think of the new paint everyone is talking about and check into what they offer in forms of WAX.  I brushed it on with another short haired brush and once it was dry it was lovely!  I chose simple wooden knobs to replace the ceramic ones.  They were just too 1980's looking for MOI!

I did not like how the glaze looked over the white paint on my table (it was used on the nightstand).  I tried it in a small area of my table, hated it, and so I painted it out.

I wish I had more pictures to show you but every time I saw something that I wanted to photograph I had to take my gloves off or risk getting paint and junk all over my camera!  At least I hope you'll get an idea of what we did and all we learned.  SO WORTH TAKING THE CLASS.  If you are local I highly recommend you taking part!  There is NOTHING like seeing it and doing the work in person!  Angela was a great teacher and I learned so much!

Remember these things...


And there you have it.  Have fun and do SHARE with me if you end up creating anything fabulous!  All of your bloggie friends will want to see it!

Love to you...

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Once upon a time there was a lady named Rebecca who loved to shop for white junque treasures.  Whenever she had a free moment she would visit as many second-hand shops as possible in hopes of finding gently loved pretties wonderful new homes...

Her favorite little friends come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are new...but not many.  Most have been abandoned for one reason or another~  :(
Her little friends speak to her in the faintest of whispers, but Rebecca still hears them!
"Rebecca! We've been so excited about seeing you again!
 Here we are!  Come get us!
We've been waiting for you to come back for soooo long now!  We've been jumping up and down sitting perfectly still just hoping for a chance to come and live at your white house!  We've all tried to look as unattractive as possible so no one else would try and take us home!  We are counting on you to show us lots of love by giving us a warm bath before shining us up to perfection!  We can't wait for you to rescue us from these shabby, dusty, grimy thrift store shelves!  They are bulging and overflowing with
Miss Lefton Tureen continued:
I cost only $4.99!  I'm a three piece steal of a deal and I know you can't live without me!
 Will you please put me in your cart..xoxoxo"

 Rebecca just said:

Miss Lefton Tureen should have been joyous but instead she was broken-hearted over the thought of leaving her BFF, Miss Rosy Pot behind!  And since Rebecca didn't want her to crack under the disappointment she said:
"Even though you're a sassy little thing you make my heart sing!  OK!  You can come, too!"
 Just then Rebecca noticed Miss Rosy Pot  begin to pout!  She wanted her latest vintage friend, Miss Vaseola to come, too!  She begged for her to be included!

Rebecca thought for a minute and then said:
"I think Miss V is worth ninety-nine cents!!! can come!  But you're going to have to share a room!
 As Rebecca rounded the last corner of the store she heard one last tiny voice call out to her...

"Rebecca!  OVER HERE!  Don't forget me!  My name is Miss Tubby and won't take up too much room!  You can put pretty soaps inside me and I'll make your bathroom smell wonderful!
Can I come live at your house, too??? I'm cheap!  I, too, cost only ninety-nine cents!"

Rebecca smiled big and was sure she could find a place for Miss T!  And so she said:

"Um....OK!  Sure you can come!  Just don't beg to bring your friends!!!"

Rebecca drove home happy and content.
The lost and forgotten had been found.    


Hope your day was mah-vah-LESS!

Love to you...

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