Thursday, February 4, 2010


This Side of Heaven
and His Very YOUNG Momma

Once upon a time there was a young girl named

She longed for nothing more than to grow up and marry a very handsome man and have two babies.

In 1978 she married her Prince Charming.

In 1982 her first little baby, a beautiful boy, was born.

She named him Brandon Kent.

Brandon and his mother were very, very close.

He was her miracle child.

Life was good and he was a wonderful little boy...

And gave his mother so much happiness and love.

But, Brandon began to grow and grow.

As the years passed he grew older and wiser.

After many years of living in her nest he said...

"Momma...I must spread my wings. I need to make my own way."

Rebecca cried and cried.

and His
Aging Momma

And cried some more.

On the day Brandon flew away she took him aside and said...

"I'll love you forever.

I'll like you for always.

As long as I'm living~

MY BABY you'll be."

And then...the strangest thing

Brandon turned to her and said...

"I'll love you for ever.

I'll like you for always.

As long as I'm living~

My Momma you'll be."

And life continued to be good.


Happy Birthday, Brandon! I'm
sooo incredibly proud of the man you have become. You have risen up and called me blessed...just like God promised me you would. Although I will forever miss the baby and boy you were, nothing fills my heart with more joy than watching you become the man you've been called to be.

I love you...forever and always...Momma

Blessings to you as you celebrate the lives of those you love...


Pink Princess said...

AAWW What a sweet lovely post ♥


Caatje said...

Congratulations for you and your family. How well you express your feelings in words. Two weeks ago my oldest son Jim turned 20 years, all these years on his birthday I woke up at the time of his birth 03.28 and every year he asks me Mama did you wake up, he too thinks this is special. And every year I think back and realize time does fly.

Have a nice day, warm greetings, Carina

♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

OmiGod this is so so sweet and adorable and am so in ur place rite now...on the threshold of dreams ,yet living a beautiful u were back 'em and pray too that ,i too see am fufilled....

Happy birthday Brandon....

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Brandon! Nothing like a little Robert Munsch with Mom's spin on it.

Unknown said...

G'morn sweet Rebecca ~ Sniff! How precious & loving your write in celebration of Brandon's birth ... what a handsome young man. You both are very blessed ...

Have a beautiful day, Brandon ... Happy Birthday.

Hugs, Marydon
PS Rebecca, today is a new day & loving grace fills the soul

Anonymous said...

A very sweet post. Your son is blessed to have you as Mom and you are blessed to have such a lovely (and handsome) son. If you have aged much, it isn't showing in the photo!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a sweet post honouring your boy! Happy Birthday, Brandon! {I have three boys myself} Have a beautiful day, Rebecca.


Dee Light said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful son!

chicroses said...

Love this post with tears and lump in my throat. I have an only child and a boy. Father of Hattie Jane. Thanks Sally

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Rebecca ~
Happy Birthday to your sweet son ~
I have two married girls and this is a precious time of life ~ I didn't think I would make it when they flew the nest but it is wonderful ~
I love how God prepares us for every stage of life ~

Unknown said...

Sweet, sweet, Sweet post! Happy Birthday Brandon...your mommy's very special!

Yep we are indeed kindred spirits! Me just a little later in the raising of my dear daughter!


Debra@CommonGround said...

So sweet Rebecca, it brought tears to my eyes. God has gifted you with such a precious gift of words. Blessings for a wonderful Birthday for both of you!

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

So sweet! Love the picture of you and your son.


A Southern Rose said...

So Sweet. This post made me tear up and miss my oldest son. I am excited though...I get to see him on Saturday!

Lee Laurie

Happy birthday Brandon.

stefanie said...

ahhhh, why do they have to grow up!!!
Happy Birthday

Tanza said...

Ooohh ~r~,
Sniff .. sniff .. what a beuatiful post .. Brandon, what a handsome young man .. yes, you are blessed sweet friend, why oh why, do they have to grow up ?! Mine still always say they will be my babies forever !! I am convinced they WILL ALWAYS be our babies !! Love to you both on this very special day ~
birthday hugs
~tea~ xo

Jo said...

Happy Birthday Brandon...! You sound like a wonderful young man. And please tell your Momma Rebecca for me, she doesn't look old enough to have a grown son. She looks more like your beautiful sister...! My goodness!

Dolores said...

Rebecca you managed to turn on my tears this morning. This such a beautiful post in honor of your handsome son.

I love the picutes! Aging Momma my look like a beauty queen.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

This was such a touching post. It brought tears to my eyes. Happy birthday to Brandon! Twyla

Cherished Treasures said...

Dear Sweet Rebecca,
Happy Birthday to your baby boy. Yes they will always be our babies even when they are 30, 40, 50 etc.
Brandon looks soooo much like pictures of your daddy that you have posted before.
Best wishes, Carol

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Rebecca; Such a beautiful story about your Son,, a Mother's Love is so endearing, ever lasting... and the Love you have for you Son really shows in your words.... Please pass on a Happy Birthday to you Son...
love the photos,, you are not ageing at all....


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca,
Happy Birthday to your handsome son. What a lovely story from the beginning to present.
You both are truly blessed.

My break is over and I am so excited to be back. I missed my visits to you.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Birthday Brandon!

Hugs, Celestina Marie

June said...

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful boy from his beautiful mom. I know how proud you must be to have raised such a man. And now you have beautiful Miss K to hold.

Deanna said...

Dearest Rebecca,
Luvd this post!
Sons are great.

I was at a women's meeting when the Director of Christian Education read a book to us about my Baby you'll be...not a dry eye in the house.

Have a sweet week-end,
d from homehaven

Linda said...

Rebecca, You are very beautiful and time is just making you more so. That was a lovely tribute to your son.

A Happy Birthday to Brandon!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

GwendolynKay said...

I know how it feels to have a child grow up and leave home... Just last night I was laying in bed and thinking the house was too empty with just hubby and I , well and our dog. But that is part of life. Happy Birthday to your beloved son!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday to Brandon! He sure looks like his Grandpa doesn't he! Congratulations to you Rebecca for raising such a special young man!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Rebecca, that was a really lovely post and tribute to your sons birthday. You are such a good Mom!! :)
And a good friend, I might add.
No wonder people gather here!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Awww just a beautiful post...Happy Birthday to your little baby boy Brandon...I never want Our beautiful girls move out on their own..I still have a few more years before I have to worry or cry..They are only 6 & 8 ...
Hope you have a wonderful weekend..Hugs..

Rita said...

It is so hard to let them go and make their own way in life and know that you will no longer be a part of their every day life. But oh how sweet to know that they have grown into a full fledged man that can take care of not only themselves but their own families. It makes you so very proud of them. Happy birthday to your son.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Ahhhhhhhh.........Sweet Rebecca... It's bittersweet, isn't it? I so wish I could go back and just enjoy one day with my girl when she was little.... But, they grow up and make us so proud. Your Brandon is one handsome man... And, doing an awesome job being daddy to your adorable Miss K!

Blessings all around!


Unknown said...

I love this heartwarming post :) Being a mommy to a boy is such a blessing. I love having all boys :) I also love the name Brandon! That is my brothers name! He is having his first child, a baby girl in April! That store you quoted is a favorite book in this house. Happy Birthday Sweet Brandon!

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

i love him so much!

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