Friday, February 18, 2011

~~~~~~~~JUST BECAUSE I'M IRISH~~~~~~~~ Doesn't Mean You Can Kiss Me

Thursday - March 17th

Let's all think SPRING!
 Maybe if we do our brown and barren lawns and gardens will magically turn a deep, beautiful shade of

I'm sooo tired of winter....bah! all the years I spent selling on eBay and even now on my A Gathering Place website, I have never once offered anything related to St. Patty's Day.  I'm not really sure why...probably because I was always focused on painting pink roses and making pastel pretties with an Easter theme!

Anyway...after years of collecting hundreds of vintage graphics and even more pieces of aging ephemera I've made it my mission to put more of them to use in 2011.

So...if you're full-on IRISH, claim only a teensy, tiny bit or have a tad more in you like me (or none at all), I hope you'll take a peek at my brand new St. Patrick's Day Greeting Cards and Note Cards.  They will be joining our brand new Easter Cards, Hang Tags and Notes so watch for them to be uploaded onto my website later today!!!  They were such a blast to design and I hope those of you who honor this lovely holiday (and nope, I'm  NOT talkin' green beer here!) will just love them!

Now...don't forget about my EASTER GIVEAWAY that is currently underway.  You can click HERE to read more about it or visit the blog-link at the top left of this page!

Hope you have an awesome day today!!  Tomorrow my Mr. AGPMan and I are going estate sale junking and I'm over the moon excited about getting back to what I love.

Love to you!


Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Very very cute Rebecca. I think it is always nice to sometimes change things up a little. I have been making my tote bags for several years now and ready to expand my wings a little. My first love will always be my totes because I can use so many fabrics and who doesn't love fabric but we all need a change of pace once in awhile.
Have a wonderful and blessed day my sweet friend. xoxo, Sue

NanaDiana said...

Well, I am all about Irish...grew up in an Irish community and believed in leprachauns until I was at least't wait to see more of them-your cards, that is!;>) Hugs-Diana

Unknown said...

I think you may have kissed the blarney stone a time or
I love everything you make, I just don't know where you find all the energy.
Love to ya..

Julie Marie said...

Hi Rebecca... Jack IS Irish so we celebrate big!... Corned beef with cabbage and new potatoes, YUM!... (no green beer, but an Irish Coffee though!)... your cards are darling, I will check your shop later... xoxo Julie Marie PS Have fun junking! I know you always do!

karen said...

I always make sure I have green on. And I paint my nails green. I love to do that. The cards are great!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, being part Irish and part Spanish, with a little French means
I have a fiery temperment and I have "kissed the Blarney stone" for sure.....sooo, I LOVE the St. Paddy's Day cards and will be sure to look for them as soon as you get them posted!! What a lovely idea to make some!!
The Easter cards are darling, too.
Do you ever rest from all of your thinking of new ideas?? You amaze me, sweet friend!!
Have a really fun weekend estate "junking"....sounds great to me!!!
Sunny hugs today, Francy

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Hello Rebecca
There is Irish on my husband's side as his paternal grandparents came from Ireland.
There are not many St. Patrick's Day cards available in the stores and I have to tell you, yours are way better than anything I've ever seen.

Theresa said...

Precious cards, I don't know how you create so much AND so pretty!

I love estate sales, my Hubby doesn't really care for them! Enjoy your time with you Honey! HUGS!

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