Thursday, February 3, 2011

~~~~~~~~~~~~SNOW....KLAHOMA~~~~~~~~~~~ And I Gotta Get Outta Here

Where the cold front's sweepin' down the plain
And the piles of sleet, beneath your feet
Follow right behind the freezing rain.

Ev'ry night my honey lamb and I
Travel home from work and hope some jerk
Doesn't wreck our car in passing by!

We know we belong to the land
But it could use some more salt and more sand
That's why we say...WHOA!
We're the sliding the other way...YIKES!

We're only sayin'
You're slick as snot SNOW…klahoma

SNOWklahoma, SNOW-K!


Note to "Sweet Tea":

If you TELL ME ONE MORE TIME how gorgeous and warm it is in my homeland (um...that would be Cali for all you who don't know!) I'm going to SOCK-IT-TO you! :)


All joking aside...the weather and road conditions here in Oklahoma are truly terrible and just this morning an SUV plunged off a bridge in Miami, Oklahoma and three of the eight passengers were killed.  This is serious stuff.  Prayers go out to everyone...

Love to you...


Oklahoma Granny said...

The cold temperatures are simply incredible, not to mention the snow. Have a cup of tea or hot chocolate, stay in and stay warm.

Tanza said...

Ooohhh Sweet ~r~,
HAHAHAHA ... that made me laugh !! This girlie REALLY doesn't KNOW any weather BUT, sunny, mild, and well uummm ... PeRfEcT most of the time !!
I really am running out the door to work, and will truly enjoy the sunshine for all of you snowbound, chilly girlies !! You could always jump on a plane and come soak up some Cali sunshiney warmth .. There is plenty to go around ..
Stay warm sweet one, and chat real soon ~
Warm HuGs ~TeA~ xo

Theresa said...

Oh my sweet "tired of the snow" friend! I know how you feel, when we had a week of the junk here in the South those up North were telling me to get out and take a walk! I certainly know how to deal with stuff BUT I live here in the South and we don't do SNOW AND ICE:) Hang in there dear friend and don't get out until it is safe! Big hugs!

Bobbie said...

Oh I love this song... of course, I loved the movie. Keep your chin up. Spring is next month :)

A Southern Rose said...

It's 28 here and that doesn't happen much here in Mississippi. A messy cold day. All the schools are closed because of the icy roads.I was so glad to be off today. Staying in the house and cooking taco soup and painting some 'projects'. Take care and stay warm. I wouldn't get out in that messy weather unless you just have to.

Lee Laurie

Blessings from Cindy said...

I really pray you are out of the snow soon. We had some snowy/icy weather this season and I was so ready to see the pavement again. I stayed inside mostly & packed, but it really got old fast. I feel so bad for the people in the accident off the bridge. We had some similar tragedies in our area. It may be pretty at first, but it gets treacherous. Stay safe in God's care.

Stacey said...

I'm singing with you friend! No school again tomorrow. Just can't believe it. I do have a raging cold though so blowing my nose at home is better than at school. :)

Rita said...

Rebecca, I went to get your e-mail address and could not find it. In looking back at my last post, I discovered that I had not put your blog on there as I planned. Don't know how I missed that one. Instead I had what I had written about your blog on another blog. Duh! So go back and take a look. sorry!!! I was looking for your e-mail address so I could send you a copy of the award I had given to you when I saw that you had a post on the side that said Award Free Blog. Does that mean that you do not want it? If so, I am sorry as I think you are so deserving of it. Love ya. Wish I could paint with you! I just found out that my dad, who lives in Okla has come down with pneumonia and they have had a hard time getting him to the hospital. Your weather has been so bad there.

Mary B. in Texas said...

Rebecca, I loved your rendition of "Oklahoma." It was really good and it made me laugh. Actually, Houston is getting the white stuff with sleet tonight. Schools are being cancelled and everyone is excited. We don't get this stuff. On rare occasion when it does snow, it melts when it hits the ground. This time it is supposed to STICK!!! So, "Snow...klahoma", come on down! Will that make us "Snouston?"
Mary B.

Dolores said...

This is seriously a cold and dreadful winter!!!
I was so sad to hear of the people in the horrible accident....
Prayers to all....

Heaven's Walk said...

LOL! Oh Rebecca - you should video yourself singing your song and post it! hehe!

On a serious note, I just heard on the world news about those people who slid off the bridge. How horrible. This has certainly been a winter for prayer....

Stay safe, girlie ...

xoxo laurie

Antiques And Teacups said...

Hi husband and I just had a great laugh! How cool (no pun intended) is that!!! And it's better to laugh than cry, I'm sure.
Made our day...thanks for posting it!

Amy said...

Love this post! Of course I love the musical, too!

Mary said...

When I was in high school I played viola in the orchestra. The other local high school (huge football rivals) put on a production of OKLAHOMA and I was asked to play in the orchestra there to help out. Loved it and had a ball, and 45 years later still remember the words to ALL of the songs in OKLAHOMA. Of the half dozen or so musicals I joined in the orchestra, OKLAHOMA is still my favorite followed next with MY FAIR LADY. Sat here at the computer and sang right along with you.
PS~ we have ice on the deck again.
Deja vu all over again.

Shirley said...

Hi Rebecca, I don't know where you can go without getting into the bad weather at the momment. They finally got me dug out about 9:30 last night. They came and got me this morning in a 4 wheel drive pickup so that I could work today. We started with freezing drizzle then the snow and the drifts like you. I am tired of it.
Try to stay warm and safe. The accident was horrible, we don't know what happened, but I know there are people who drive entirely to fast for the road conditions. Take care. Your Missouri Friend.

Carol said...

Loved your rendition of "Oklahoma".
Stay safe and warm my friend. Of course you could always come and visit me in sunny Florida :) Hubby and I are remodeling the kitchen and our master bath (thanks to your inspiration) and I would be happy to put you to work. LOL

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Rebecca ~
I am from California too
and my family has been
telling me that it has
been beautiful !!
My sister sat outside and
played with her puppies on
the lawn ~ The green lawn!!
I need some green, warm
and sun so bad !!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I know I have been thinking of you wondering if you were staying warm.
It snowed during the night here so everything is white. So pretty but would not want it more than today. haha

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OH dear! That much snow in Oklahoma? I had no idea! Do drive carefully, Rebecca!!

Unknown said...

Sending you warm tea thoughts. Stay safe, my friend.

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