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~~~SWEET TREATS WITH BABY IN MIND~~~ Simply Fabulous Baby Shower Favors

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One of the side benefits of growing up a PK (Preacher's Kid) came in the attending of lots and lots of parties and celebrations!  It didn't matter if the affair was simple or extremely detailed, my super talented (and gifted) Momma ALWAYS served hostess to the best bridal and baby showers this girl has EVAHHHH seen!

I owe all I know today to her and she will always be my hero!  She was sooooo before her time....

When I was growing up in the 1960's I was always mindful that my Mom had to work her magic on a very tight budget.  Remember...back then there were no stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby!  Also...she was limited to using construction paper and the like for invitations, etc., vs. the fabulous paper goods that are now commonplace.  I remember her sitting at our tiny dining room table snipping, cutting and dipping away...
Sweet memories for me!
In addition, Acid Free scrapbooking paper hadn't been invented yet and the only "punch" you could find on the market was the standard hole punch found at the local office supply store.
~PAPER LACE/TOP STITCHED NAPKIN~ Momma forged ahead and created both elegant and whimsical parties on about $10...yep!  Ten bucks!  With white linen tablecloths and what is now considered to be vintage glassware, she never missed a chance to add that extra little something to each and every celebration.  Everyone was in awe of her talent...

  She made specialty cakes that looked like crocheted lace baby sweaters with tiny pink roses (or yellow for a boy) for the buttons (no special pan...just a knife and her imagination) and was the first person I ever saw go to the trouble of fashioning Baby Diaper Nut Cups (favors) from simple beverage napkins...

Can you even imagine seeing something like this 40 years ago?  I told Mom was (and still is!) absolutely amazing!  In the Spring I plan on showing you even MORE of her fabulous designs from years gone will surely be inspired!
Next week I'm hosting a Baby Shower here at my La Chaumière de Briarwood for the daughter of one of my dearest friends.  She is having a baby girl and is due in about 8 weeks.  I just couldn't resist making some of these special little treats for the shower guests!

I used the very same concept as my Mother did all those years ago only I decided to try and add a tad bit of panache.  A simple paper lace doily was trimmed down and stitched along the straight edge of the folded beverage napkin!

Fold the left and rights sides (points) of the napkin together and the bottom point upward which will form your little Diaper Cup.  Secure in place through all the layers with a single gold safety pin.  (Don't use hot glue as it will melt from the heat of the wax).  

Dip once in melted paraffin and after about 30 seconds mold in place on wax paper.  You want your 'Diaper Cups' to stand up so you might want to press the sides firmly down.  When cooled (about 5-7 minutes) dip a second time.  The added wax will give stability to the Diaper and make it look fabulous!

The Shower I'm hosting will be done in a pastel palate...  But...I could help but think the Diaper Cups would look darling done in pinks and browns (or blues and browns) with chocolate candies on the inside.  Fancy ribbons to match are easily found at your local craft shop and would add the perfect final touch for a smashing take-home favor!

Now...something to keep in mind.  The napkin color you choose will darken once it's been dipped in the paraffin wax.  I personally love the white and almost tinted it with food coloring for a tiny bit of pink. the end I opted to stay with the white and I love it the best!

Wouldn't this be a cute little announcement gift to hand out to friends and family to announce the birth (and sex) of a new baby?  They are VERY simple to make and inexpensive, too!  Again...I think they would be especially sweet filled with the chocolates and custom tagged with a "IT'S A BOY" or "IT'S A GIRL" banner...  You could even add the given name, too!

Hope you enjoyed another little peek into my world!

Have fun creating!  Blessings for a lovely week!

Love to you~


The Quintessential Magpie said...

precious. sweet thing, this. such fun for the event. know people will love it.

becky, my computer's on the outs so i will be gone for some time. check my blog for info. dropped by to wish you h-ppy v-d-y. the code is on my blog. lol

love you...


Amelia said...

Such a darling idea...yes, times have changed from the 60's for decorating for showers.

Are you getting ready for the next round of snow?

Unknown said...

Awwww, Rebecca!! These are just precious!! Of course I am in baby mode right now so these really catch my eye :) I think I will make some of these :) You want to know something crazy? This is my sixth baby and I have never had a baby shower, lol! I went in to preterm labor with my first aned it got canceled. And my family doesnt believe in having them for babies after the first so I missed out! But I love going to them :)
Big hugs,

Charlene said...

So sweet!!! You Momma is amazingly talented just like you are! Hubby came up to OKC last Wednesday & said that drive between Ft Worth & OKC was the worst he ever had to drive!!!! Stay warm & safe! HUGS!

Mari said...



Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Rebecca,
Aww! I remember these, when I was a little girl going to a baby shower we received the diaper filled with white dinner mints. I love these!!!! and the lace is the perfect touch!!!
My creative friend you have done it again.
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

Debbie said...

Wow Rebecca, what perfect timing. We just found out on Sat. that my son and his beautiful wife are expecting their first child in Sept..we are over the moon excited. I see making some of these adorable diapers in my future. Thanks so much, Debbie (Maine)

Rita said...

what a wonderful favor cup! Your mom had a really good idea. I always enjoyed baby showers! Thanks for sharing how to do them with us.

Susan said...

Rebecca, these are very cute. Makes me want a baby!!

Anonymous said...

You have certainly got a talented Mom and I see who you inherited your creative side from!!
The little "diaper" cups are just precious...and yes, she was 'way before her time in entertaining with these clever ideas!! She put a LOT of love into her entertaining
and you do, shows!! I am going to have to print this up to file away "just in case" I ever have a baby shower to hostess!
Thanks for always bringing some beauty into our lives through your postings...I look for your blog every day!!
Hugs and love, Francy

NanaDiana said...

What a cute idea. I have never seen anything quite like those-especially the part about dipping them in wax. You are right-they would be darling in blue or brown for a baby boy. How cute.

I loved to spend time with our pastor's daughter because there was always SOMETHING going on at their house...and she was very creative too.

Thank you so much for sharing YOU with all of us- Hugs- Diana

chicroses said...

Just had to comment on your nut cups. I remember my mom making them back in the 50s..I love seeing them..I did some 10yrs ago for a nieces shower. No lace thought which is a great idea. But my mom made the diapers out of flannel then dipped them. So I did the same. I am about to open an antique store called Minnie jane's. Just thought I would add that...scarey and exciting taking on this venture.You make such beautiful things. take care sally

Julie Marie said...

Hi Rebecca... oooh , I love those so much!... Yes, your sweet mama was way ahead of the times, and like my mama too, they were on a tight budget back then and still created beautiful treasures and memories for us... I know your guests at the baby shower will love them too!... miss our chats, we must talk soon!... thanks for stopping in and meeting my new baby Tess!... xoxo Julie Marie

Unknown said...

Oh, my! What a cute idea. Thank you for stopping by and for the kind words on my painting. Be blessed!

Grannys Attic said...

Yes Rebecca your mama was way ahead of her time. So cute! We just found out we are going to be Great Aunt and Uncle so I will have to bookmark this one for sure! Have a blessed day and enjoy special times with your mama. Blessings, Vicky

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Hi Rebecca :) Thanks for stopping by ~ I've been doin' good, but am so wanting winter to just go AWAY! Spring just can't get here fast enough for me :) These are the sweetest thing, and I will be having a baby shower for my daughter later this summer (She's due beginning of Sept.) Right now she's dealing with lots of fatique and some morning sickness, but hopefully this will pass once she gets into her 2nd trimester. It still hasn't quite sunk in yet that I'm going to be a Grandma! I think it will once she really starts to show :) Goodness!!

Take care sweet friend!!

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Rebecca Nelson said...


Hi Becky--

What a darling post and awesome surprise. I tried to make a comment on your Blog, but I couldn't get my lap top to pull it up. (Will try again later)
The idea for the little diapers was not originally my idea. I first saw them made up light weight flannel. I love the lace doily concept and using the little bags is really creative. Thanks for sharing. I wish they still did baby/bridal showers like they once did -- now, everything is a come and go event. Love your Ore Cookies too.

Love you forever~Mom

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love it, I can't wait to see shower pictures! I look forward to see all of Mom's treasures from the past, I can't believe she saved them all. Some of my best ideas come from old craft books.


Maria said...

Hi Rebecca!
Oh what a gift of love and time!
How precious to go home with one of these specialty treats!
I loved your detailed tutorial too... thank you for all the extra time you took to put this post together!
*blessings to you*

Dolores said...

Rebecca..... I agree with Maria....'what a gift of love and time'
Precious gifts!!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

These are incredible Rebecca!! Your Mom was a genius!! I love your twist on it with the paper lace edge and the stitching, tre chic!! I'm going to keep this idea in my "file" for future use... just wish you were here to help me then LOL!
Isn't it amazing what our mother's could do for pennies? I remember my Mom's card parties and how elegant things seemed. The ladies wore lovely dresses with skirts that rustled and high heels & seamed stockings. What great memories of elegance in the 50's!

Thanks for sharing such a great idea Rebecca!
Big hugs, sherry

PS Aren't we blessed to have such great husbands in this big world??

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dear Rebecca,
Love these wonderful little favors inspired by the talents of your sweet mother. I can see where you get all your amnazing talent.
The shower you are about to host is going to be perfect with your touch.

Hope you are doing well and survived our brutal weather. Sadly we are predicted for a wintry mix to begin Tuesday night into Wed. Hope they are worng, but it's a 70%chance so many NOT!!

Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Yes, the kitchen process is coming along. You are right, it can be pricey, but so thankful that my dear guy has the talents to do most of the work it takes himself. It's all great fun though and we so enjoy it!

Have a creative week.
Love to you, Celestina Marie

Linda said...

We did that for baby showers 40 plus years ago...and it was fun making them. Once we used them empty for a game. The one diaper with a little drop of mustard inside won a prize. Mustard does look like baby poop...and we all got a good laugh!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Oklahoma Granny said...

So sweet! The honoree will love your attention to detail.

Rose said...

fantastic post with all of ideas gatheredfrom times passed. you have alot of talent and put love in what you do. thanks rose

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