Saturday, July 16, 2011

~~~~~~~~HAVE A SWEET PINK DAY~~~~~~~~ Drink Tea and Eat Cupcakes


I'm barely getting this little post in before the stroke of midnight!  I've been a busy girl!  Truth is I'm really REALLY tired and I'm happy to see this week end!

Thanks to all of you who stopped by to visit my little studio during the Where Bloggers Create III Party hosted by Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage!!!  I was honored to have you peek in for a quick little tour of where I spend most of my daytime (ur...afternoon, nighttime, etc.) hours!  I'm down to the H's!  I'll get to you all...I promise!  I've seen some totally amazing workplaces out there in blogland!  WOW!

Aside from filling special orders this week I'm nursing a pretty painful hip injury and that's kept me sidelined a bit!

(NOTE TO SELF:  When working in your flowerbeds and an enormous WASP {and some of his trusty friends} tries to sting you a gajillion times, don't run!  You'll probably stumble over some humongous prickly bush {with these little thorn-type thingys}, scrape up both your knees on an old oak tree before slamming your left hip into the ground...STUPID WASP!) :(

I did finish up a sweet little set of Cupcake Cards which I'm showing you today.  They are on my website and will be uploaded to Etsy sometime tomorrow as well!

Blessings and thank you again for your kindness to me and words of encouragement.  

Love to you...


Oklahoma Granny said...

The cards are absolutely darling! I hope your hip is on the mend.

Rose Garden Malevik said...

Hi Rebecca
Lovley Blog you got :)
And I hope you soon feel better...
an do not miss




Håkan ( The Roseman)

Bobbie said...

I love these! And when I see a cupcake I immediately think of my granddaughter because that is my 'pet name' for her and has been since the very first day I held her sweet self in my arms. She was born just short of 2 hours before my birthday and I always say I didn't get a cake that year for my birthday but a cupcake instead :-)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I think it is human nature to run from anything buzzing close to least it is my nature! Hope your injuries feel better soon! I meant it when I said I loved your room....(I think it is my favorite)~Hugs, Patti

Theresa said...

Hi there sweet Rebecca, I hope you feel better! You stay so busy, no time for being hurt:)

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky--

The "cupcake notes" are darling!
Sorry to hear about the "Wasps and your injury. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I remember your dad (years ago) had a incounter with wasps too -- His nose looked like a Huge Red Ball.
Poor Dad!

Love you-- Mom

Unknown said...

Oh, dear! Lord, I pray for healing on my friend, Rebecca!

NanaDiana said...

I HATE those stinking wasps. I wonder why God didn't squish them when he had the chance?;>) I hope your recovery is quick! Happy Sunday to you, Rebecca~ xo Diana

Julie Marie said...

Hello Rebecca... oooh, I am so sorry about your hip!... I hate wasps... yes, I know, I say I love all of Nature, and I really do, but I was stung 7 times on my leg by one last summer, it went up my pantleg if you can believe it, and as I tried to smash it by hitting myself in the leg, it just kept stinging me... so, that wasp left suddenly for Hornet Heaven when Jack was able to get him... now then, your cupcake cards are just precious!... and your top post about your home is great... I know how very hard you and Mr. AGP have worked to make it the gorgeous, welcoming home you are truly content with now... love to you my friend... xoxo Julie Marie

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Girlfriend I do believe you are not meant to be out there schlepping in that yard, just enjoying it. LOL! I have all but given up on growing anything. I can kill plants that should survive a holocaust. Oh, and your wasp incident is something that could have happened to me. I am seriously thinking about hiring out the yard work :)
Hugs, Sue
P.S. Your Cupcakes are adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your darling little cupcake notes, tea covers, and tags!! Such pretty and yummy looking ones
I hope your injury heals soon. I had a similiar incident happen to me a couple of weeks ago...I was out pulling weeds from around an old stump, and gave a BIG yank to a bunch of them and must have disturbed a yellow jacket nest! WOW They came flying out of the weeds and I got stung several times almost in the same hurt so badly,
I ended up coming in and taking a warm bath and putting cortisone cream on my leg, but the place got swollen up anyway and itched and burned like crazy, then I ran a fever for two or three
time I will leave the weeding to Berch, he is not allergic to insect stings!!!
But you got even more than I did because you injured your hip as well....take it easy now until it heals....I am with NanaDiana...we would have been so much better off if some of the creatures did not get on the Ark before it left!! LOL
Have a good week....Hugs, Francy

Linda said...

So sorry you got banged up why working in the yard Rebecca...Those mean ole' wasps!

Feel better soon my friend.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Linda

Chatty Crone said...

I hope you get better from working outside. Seems like you work very hard and very late too!

Anonymous said...


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