Monday, July 11, 2011


It's been over 2 1/2 years now since I started my wee little bloggie and even though it certainly requires more of my daily time than I ever dreamed possible I somehow continue to love it more than ever.  I love writing about my cottage style home and my deep love for all things romantic, aged and worn.  I love vintage decor and I can't see myself ever moving beyond what has now become so comfortable and familiar.  I enjoy sharing about my family and my life-experiences.  They often include my 33 year love affair with my Mr. AGPMan and the blessings of a long-term, happy marriage.  Occasionally I write about my faith in the Most High, my father's affliction with Alzheimer's (The Monster in the Brain), my strong and committed mother and my only grandchild, Miss K.   And, I unapologetically blab fearfully self-promote my A Gathering Place business, an online site where I've peddled my hand-fashioned (and USA MADE) products for many, many years now.

All that said...I rarely comment on the events of the day because quite frankly doing so is not what my blog is about.  No doubt there's more than enough peace-robbing chatter commentary out there to last until the day comes I draw my last breath.  It's not that I don't have my own passionate opinions about things.  I do.  It's just that I've chosen to only pen those thoughts when, for whatever the reason, I can no longer handle keeping silent.

A few days ago I caught a little blurb on TV that Diane Sawyer of ABC news had landed the long anticipated interview with Jaycee Dugard, the young woman who was abducted about 20 years ago outside her Lake Tahoe home when she was only 11.  My husby and I watched in complete disbelief to the horrors Miss Dugard suffered for nearly two decades at the hands of her captors.  I cried as I listened to her story and became physically ill when I thought about all that had been taken from her.  A lost childhood.  "A Stolen Life".  Perfect title for her long anticipated book about her journey through hell and her ultimate redemption (it hits the bookshelves tomorrow if you're interested).

Personally I feel my birth-state of California (which I will always deeply love) owes this woman MORE than the twenty million dollars she received...a hundred million is more like it...and the same amount (plus some!) for her momma and her sister, too!  Truthfully, no amount of money can ever come close to repaying any of them, especially Jaycee, for all they've been through.

I'm not sure just what I was expecting when I nestled into the comfort of my sofa last night to watch the interview.  I suppose my greatest fear was that I would witness bitterness and anger and become overwhelmed with sorrow for a girl I'm quite sure I'll never meet.  I was afraid I'd see a broken, ruined life.  Shattered dreams, hope lost.  Although I'm more than confident there will be many years of intense therapy for Jaycee and her family, I'm equally sure that the sweetness I sensed within her spirit, the gentleness in which she spoke, is no doubt a God-given gift, compensation of sorts for all she's been through.  No one could survive such torment without the hand of the Most High being upon them.

Early this morning I couldn't help but reflect once again on all I heard last night.  Like with most things that garner my attention I came away with several lasting thoughts and emotions.  Honestly, my sometimes hazy-crazy life was snapped right back into focus.  Too often I get caught up with the insignificant, the cruel and ugly side of living and forget that although life isn't fair, God is.  Additionally, I have absolutely nothing to whine about.  Nothing.  True, not everything in my own world is fabulous and never will be.  Sometimes I try and make you believe it is.  It isn't.  I'm imperfect at best and woefully complain about so much.  Had I lived the nightmarish existence that became the daily life of this captive girl, I fear, if not for grace, I'd be locked up within a cage, tearing out my hair and ripping into my own flesh.

Within the deepest part of my soul I believe in a "Just God" and in His ultimate judgment.  God certainly has a plan I am prepared to believe, but the designs of that plan are totally beyond my comprehension.  I can't wrap my earthly brain around why He allows what He does.  I only know that in the end He alone has the final say.

Therein lies my peace.
Lasting, unequaled, measurable peace.

"You are right Miss Dugard. Everyday is a new chapter and life truly is too short for bitterness and rage.  Last night you taught me an invaluable lesson about hope and promise and just what matters in our complicated world. I for one am cheering you on!  I'm cheering you on, girl!  CHEERING YOU ON!"

Love to you all this day...


The Polka Dot Closet said...

I did the same as you, I laughed and I cried. What a sweet girl, I am sure it was visible to all her calmness, acceptance, and sweet nature. The love between her and her fabulous Mom will go a long way in her recovery. I kept thinking 18 years....... I loved that the therapist said the way for her to recover was to love everyday of her new life, looking forward and not back, it's obvious, she is!


Theresa said...

Good morning dear Rebecca, I saw that interview and was pleasantly surprised at her views of the past but mostly the future! I admire her for coming thru what she did and would love to give her a big hug!

Have a blessed day my friend!

Linda said...

Yes, she is to be admired...and God is to be praised. I pray He will return unto her, all that the locusts have eaten away! It sounds like she is recovering, by God's grace!

She is precious.

Rebecca...I love you and your blog! You are a beautiful person, and your blog brings beauty into my life each time I come here.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Barb said...

Rebecca, I didn't see this interview...I wound very easily and can't deal with much of what happens in this world.

I did need to read this. I am struggling these days with why God allows so much of what He does. I suppose I am thinking of the Casey trial that took place right here in Orlando. I am still hurting over that one. Still questioning.

Anyway, I love God with all my heart and I must lean unto His word and know that He is in control.

Thanks for letting me know I am not alone.


Shawkl said...

It was an emotional interview, a horrific story, and a marvelous woman!

KatyDidStitches said...

Well said, Rebecca.

I didn't see the interview. I saw a couple of excerpts,though...and I was very impressed with Miss Dugard.

I'm particularly troubled by the people our society holds up as "heroes." Celebrities, sports stars, politicians and the like. Lightweights. Someone like Jaycee everyday person who endured unspeakable horrors...and was able to maintain her integrity of spirit through all of truly a hero. I'm cheering her on, as well. I hope that she is able to find her life again. Somehow, I believe she will.


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

She is an amazing young woman!

chicroses said...

Oh I missed that last nite..had a little of it on the news today..but thought it was upcoming. I cried with what little I did see..and here I complain to hubby because my bench outside is getting wet..I will have to get the book. Rebecca you have so many talents and writing is one of them. That is one of my downfalls...maybe it was the little school I went to or me. Haha...hugs Sally

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I usually don't get caught up in things like this as I have little time BUT this story did captivate me and I can only say that Miss Dugard is one remarkable person.
She came across as someone who has survived through an unimaginable existence to one who is extremely happy for the life that she now lives.
Maybe we ALL should reflect on our lives and be very grateful..

Cherished Treasures said...

Dear Sweet Rebecca,

Well Said !!!

What captured me more than anything is the childlike love and innocence I see reflected in her eyes. There truly has to be a remarkable spirit inside that young lady.

Thank you again for your awe inspiring word of wisdom.


Jill Farris said...

I, too, am someone who has to be very careful what I view or hear because it seems to be heavier than I can bear. However, it is a great encouragement to hear of the sweet spirit this poor woman is exhibiting.

I agree that God does often give those who suffer a special gift IF they are able to turn all the pain over to Him (sometimes every single moment of the day).

I've seen the same thing happen with other abused children. This is why we must guard ourselves from becoming bitter toward God for what He allows in other peoples lives...we really can't see the whole story or how He works.

May God continue to give each of us the grace to trust Him in a sad and dark world.

Jill Farris

Unknown said...

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Molto carino mi sono incantata a guardarlo con i suoi colori rosa pastello molto delicato e tutte le immagini inserite....
Non conosco bene la vostra lingua,ma il traduttore Google mi permette di capire tutti i post.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a very physically abusive home at the hands of one of my step-fathers & for that reason I could not bring myself to watch this show but I say this.... Any one who is abused if they think it will go away??? Believe me I know. It never does. You simply learn to cope!!
Love Ya',

Rebecca Nelson said...

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Jan M said...

I missed last night's interview. All the previews and reviews have been so touching. It is so easy to become bitter in our world, even when we have not experienced a fraction of what this young woman did. God works in mysterious ways, and this is just one. Her story, no doubt, touched many of us and may be a greater gift than she ever realized.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Such a timely post-I too watched the Diane Sawyer show last night and was so disappointed in my birth state of Ca. too. Today I went to the Beth Moore study on Revelation and it echoed several of your thoughts; God is so merciful but He will avenge wickedness.
Blessings to you this day,

Goosegirl said...

It was so hard to watch. We live so close to where it all took place. I love this state. But the justice system failed Jaycee over and over and over. When I heard all the times the parole officers were in the house and NEVER went into the back yard to investigate, it makes me crazy! And it broke my heart that this sick man mixed religion in with his disgusting world. I pray that someday Jaycee will be able to find the true love of Jesus, and not have it bring back horrible memories of abuse. I was so impressed with her sweetness. I pray for her, and her daughters, that healing will come.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Rebecca,
Gary and I watched the interview too, we did miss the first 35 min thou.
I had goose bumps all over when listening to her comments. I was so sick for her...What this child and young woman had to go though along. She kept strong and made it back home thank God! She is one very brave girl and as so much to teach so many of us.
Even this morning while traveling to work Gary and I could not get over no one ever looking into the back yard or following up with sightings of little one in the just tears your heart out.
Big hugs for you, Elizabeth

shabbyfufu said...

Hi sweetie, thank you for coming by today and leaving such a glowing comment!

I missed the interview but the new People magazine had a very interesting article about her life and what has transpired. She's amazing!


Chatty Crone said...

Okay I have to admit I have not heard of this - I will have to look it up. Sounds horrible!!!

Scrap for Joy said...

I watched all but the last 15 minutes of the interview and I couldn't help but think how amazing it is that this young woman, who has gone through so many horrific years, who never went past the 5th grade in school, was so articulate and poised. I hope she can get over all of the emotionally traumatic times and truly focus on a new life for herself. I cried for her Mother and for Jaycee...just wanting to see each other again. I pray that she knows an abundance of joy for the rest of her life.

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Nicely and eloquently put Rebecca.
xoxo~Kathy @
sweet Uo-North Mornings...

Mr AGP said...

My dearest Rebecca, I know this was difficult for you to watch with me last night as these things affect you greatly. I agree that she seems to be a very strong brave young woman and a loving mother. I can only imagine what she will endure helping her children to cope with their origin as they continue to mature.
I cheer her on as well and pray the Lord will be with her and guide her steps. I especially liked her response when asked if she was bitter and she responded "that would be giving him continued power over me". Wow!
You are right of course, God is just and those who think they got away with things here on earth will eventually find correct, swift, and everlasting judgment. Thank goodness we are not tasked with judging each other as I am sure we would be just as flawed at that as we are at so many other things.
Fortunately we can trust and find peace in God's ways even though they are beyond our comprehension.
Thank you for taking time to post on this very important though difficult topic as we all need to be aware of it. Continue to find peace and rest in him my love. I am thinking of you here in my lonely hotel room.
All my love,

Dolores said...

I watched the interview and I was so amazed at the love and tenderness of this amazing young woman......
I especially loved seeing Jaycee and her mother hugging and sharing their feelings...

Kim B said...

I didnt watch it but I do agree, poor girl childhood stolen but she is amazing after such horrible trials. Kim xx

Miss Gracie's House said...

amen...wasn't it the sweetest thing what she said about her mother? Oh, the power of a mother's love...rene'

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