Saturday, September 10, 2011


Sweethearts by Frederick Morgan

I can't believe it but I've actually got my guest room primed and I've carved out a little time this weekend to put the first coat of COOL ELEGANCE paint on the walls!  I keep telling myself that Thanksgiving will be here in not much more than eight weeks and our out of town guests will need a place to stay!  This one simple thought is helping me to pace myself.  

I once LOVED to paint walls.

Now that I'm, umm OLDER---
not so much!
Available at Lowe's - Valspar Paint

One thing I love about the paint color chosen for the guest room makeover includes the picture you see above.  I once carried a line of framed goods in my shoppe many years ago and this one has hung somewhere in my home since the mid 90's.  Since pink will not be a part of this room (did I say that?) I know for certain the vintage repro print will look smashing against the soft blue ground!
Scalloped Edge Bed Skirt

The mat-board has been changed out and her once cherry wood frame was long ago painted and lightly distressed.  In the corners there are applied applique motifs (like old carvings).   I think the blue on the sash of Miss Sweetheart will really stand out once the walls are repainted.
$175.00 - Are You Kidding Me?

Something else I came across this week as I thought about the bedding for my pretty ALMOST antique bed...
So Pretty Painted

Several years ago I found a queen sized bed skirt by Ralph Lauren at ROSS for $8.99 ( I know...don't faint!).  I didn't need it at the time for my own bed and the other bed in our home already had one.  Still, I don't pass on such finds because at the very least I can use the fabric for pillows or other things.  So, I tucked her away until I rediscovered her a few days ago.

Can you imagine paying $175.00 for a non-custom dust ruffle?  Too rich for my common blood I'll tell you that!  Since my new-old bed is full-sized and the RL bed skirt is queen sized I'm going to have to modify it.  I'm also going to gently tea stain it as I'm going with a natural white and not white-white!  Unlike most bed skirts I'm going to attach this underneath the wood slat runners.

That's how the bedding was made when I found the bed at an estate sale a few weeks ago...I loved the look!  This also means I'm going to have to invest in a box spring cover since the sides of the mattress will show...

I've had a busy week working in my studio and last Thursday (our anniversary) my Mr. AGPMan had a class final (one of MANY down!).  So...we've put off our out-of-town getaway celebration until next weekend when we can actually relax and have some fun (we'll be living on Tulsa time!)  I'm hoping I have most of the backdrop of the new guest room finished by the time we back out of our driveway so my mind will be free and clear (???)...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I'll be watching coverage of the ten year anniversary of 9/11~
Praying all goes well for our country as we honor the lives lost once again.

Love and peace to you...


NanaDiana said...

A beautiful makeover in the work Rebecca~ I LOVE it! That bed turned out so beautifully...I wish I dared paint my husband's grandfather's beds white-they are a blackened walnut color now...just can't quite make myself put the brush to them.

I have modified a couple of bedskirts quite easily to fit smaller beds. On the two long sides I just fold it in to make it fit properly and then stitch down -stopping AT the ruffle (or the place where it falls to the floor). Then you have extra fullness just at the bottom "ends" where it looks great.

Hope you do get away next weekend and that the room is almost (or all) done! xo Diana

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Right now I am looking for a king size dust ruffle for our guest bed. The bed is a queen, but it is high, so the ruffle with the bed is too short. But I cannot believe the cost of them. I am checking GW and garage sales. I figure eventually I will find something!! 8.99 is about my price range!! Have a great weekend!!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I hate to paint, but I do love to supervise the one who is painting. That would be my husband. Sometimes I help if he asks nicely....
Great deal on that bedskirt! It's going to look great on that oh so pretty bed! I can't wait to see how it all turns out...I know it will be gorgeous!~Hugs, Patti

Deanna said...

Hello Becky Sue. I know that many will be remembering
September 11 th. Praying for our country, politicians, people who need God, Revival.

September 11th...It's a sobering moment. God gave me such a peace that surprised me.

Your room will be stunning! I feel it in my bones. You have such a gentle touch concerning decorating. Tis lovely.

God bless and comfort you,

Yasmin Smith said...

First....I love the look of the painted bed...I once had all antique
white furniture in a guest room and
loved really "scored" on that bedskirt, too!! I think the picture you chose for the bedroom is going to work so well and I am sure you will find the perfect accessories to go with the whole look!!
Sorry you could not celebtete your
Anniversary on the date, but I know
you will enjoy getting away next weekend for a little break and some
"WE" time!!
I hate to paint, so don't envy you,
but wish I knew how as professionally as you do!!! LOL
Have a good weekend...Hugs, Yasmin

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

You are a smart buyer! No doubt the makeover will be a perfect one.
Love to you from Germany,


Blondie's Journal said...

I can't bring myself yo paint anymore either. I think it is because the prep work [cleaning out the room of furniture, pictures, lamps...whatnot} takes so long! I do love the shade you have picked out and can't wait to see the guest room all dressed up!

Love the bed skirt and the price!

Have fun on your trip! :-)


Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

I nearly fainted when you said how much you paid for the bedskirt. I will do the same thing when I find deals like that. Eventually it can be used for its intended purpose or repurposed into something fabulous. You cannot even buy one yard of fabric for less that $10.00!!! Bedding is such a steal when it gets used for other projects.
Hugs, Sue

Susan said...

Rebecca that beautiful picture of the little girl and boy is adorable!
I love the painted bed and the bed skirt! Your room is going to be gorgeous!

Dolores said...

You liked to paint walls?????? I'd rather take a beating than paint a room!

Your guest room is going to be gorgeous.......lucky guest.

Lounging with a Latte said...

It's all looking good. I love your bed and can't wait to see the finished room. Hope you're having fun with it!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I can't wait, you're killing us with these teasing pictures....Wait a minute, let me turn up my hearing aide, did you say no pink????


Edie Marie's Attic said...

I love a great deal Rebecca!! I'm really looking forward to your makeover. It's so much fun to remake a room and have a fresh outlook!

big hugs, sherry

Blessings to you this Sunday! and
Happy Anniversary!!

Theresa said...

Beauty in the making! Everything you touch turns to beauty:) Love the bargain! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

bellefleur said...

Cool Breeze is the color I chose for my Master Bedroom, and I LOVE it. It is a soft blue and looks beautiful with white trim. I've had several different colors of bedding and it works with all. You should have a lovely room.

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