Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Sometimes I am fortunate enough to find furniture and cottage style complements in the perfect pale shade...  A coffee table with scallops or a side table with pretty lines.
Most generally though my curbside and tag sale finds need a little work.  Big or small, these days it seems I'm always in the process of transforming something...  The better the bargain the more the effort it seems to takes for me to get my find "inside worthy".  This is particularly true of furniture pieces rescued from dusty, over-crowded garages.  We all know a coat of paint works wonders and can rescue even the most damaged of finishes, so for the most part that is what I do...

Last week while junking at Good Will I found this charming pedestal stand.  It was made in Japan, probably in the 1960's given it's maker's tag (Gift Ideas Creations/Philly,PA).
 It was originally marked $3.99 but it was half off so I snagged it for two bucks!
 Took just a little of my very favorite Cottage White Paint (Behr/Home Depot) to transform it into something charming for my home!  A little distressing and it was PERFECT!
Isn't she fab now?

I've been working non-stop in my studio trying to get some holiday things ready for my A Gathering Place website.  I hope to upload what I have finished sometime Friday.  Here's a little more of what I've been working on...
 Several styles of hand painted pink rose Christmas ornaments...hearts, angles, candy canes, trees, stockings, etc.  All 'sugar coated' in sparkling German Glass Glitter...Yummeeeee
 Here's another shot...all wrapped up and ready to go!
I've also managed to finish a few vintage lace Christmas Stockings.  Making Stockings like the two you see above are my passion.  I'd rather work with old laces than do anything else (yes, even paint!)...

As my business continues to grow and change I'm going to be downsizing my stash of fabric, etc.  I'll be offerings lots of things on eBay before long.  Just time to clean-up and clear-out!  Too much stuff I'm sure someone can use.  Seeing things languish on a shelf UNUSED makes me, um...

My little bloggie has taken a backseat to my work for the past several days.  As soon as I have my Christmas Category LIVE I hope to be back to regular posting.  Sweet ideas for the holidays are coming up AND a FUN, FUN, FUN


will be coming your way very soon.  I haven't done one in a long, long time!

Hope your day is wonderful...

Love to you~


Anonymous said...

What beautiful goodies. I especially love that table!!
Can't wait to see what your Giveaway is......
Have a Wonderful Day!!

Mari said...

Rebecca,Rebecca, Rebecca everything you touch turns into beauty :)
love your upcoming Christmas items :)


Yasmin Smith said...

You always find the neatest "junk"
when you are on the that pedestal bowl...amd bet it will be filled with fall "pretties" before long....I so love the idea of taking old decorations and painting them that pretty off-white color you really pulls every=
thing together for stunning little arrangements.
The Christmas stockings are going to be gorgeous!! I need an Art Nouveau lady one for my mantle-with-no-fireplace on our bedroom!!! HINT
Have a fun "HUMP DAY"...
Love ya, Francy

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

You always make such beautiful things...glad you are accomplishing so much!

Carol said...

I always love your passion for finding the most unique Christmas ornaments..Yes, Ms. Alexey's tree could use some new ornies to bring in the magic of sparkle & shimmer this season.

Carol from
Good 'Ol Texas

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Yeah!! More pretty Christmas Ornaments!! I need to get something new for my tree this year :) Can't wait to see what you will be offering for your Giveaway! I know it will be just fab!!!

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Olivia said...

As always just gorgeous! Everything you do is so pretty and right up my painted alley! Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

I believed you when you said painting furniture was easy, I did, I reall-y really did. So after 15 years of 'saying' "I want a cottage them with cream, red & cream checks, ticking & florals" I began the journey 3 weeks ago.

Well I'll post about it later but suffice, I finally dove into the cottage cream pond and NOW I'M DROWNING!! :) The hubs is liking what he see's and I'm only half done.

Love your bowl, your stocking and especially your snowman on the right!! I'll be watching your ebay listings as I'm looking for 9 specific fabrics to finsih a project from long ago.

Tammy... whe is taking a break from painting.

Unknown said...

Rebecca, I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing all of your gorgeous goodies. I can't wait to see your give away. Have a great day!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Love seeing your Christmas goodies, be sure to lest us know when you put supplies on ebay!!


NanaDiana said...

Rebecca- You always seem to make the most beautiful things out of such ordinary objects. You GOT IT, girl- the eye for it all- Love the little table AND all your Christmas pieces! xo Diana

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Love what your making now. I always am in awe of your pretty pieces.
Hope all is well and your having a wonderful week

Barbara Jean said...

All so beautiful sweet lady
You do gorgeous work!!

barbara jean

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

You are one busy bee and you have that 'golden' touch to anything that lands into your hands. Lovely things you create ongoing.
Love to you,


Unknown said...

Oh My those Christmas ornaments are gorgeous! They are so delicate. Doesn't surprise me as all the pretties that you create are just fantastic!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Everything is always so beautiful..I so love your style.....Big hugs from Canada

Anonymous said...

Rebecca.. thank you so much for stpping by and visiting my blog. as always your beautiful have to be one of the most talented....such a gift....

Debby said...

How beautiful your pedestal became!! You are more than a painter,you are an artist ^_^ Love,Debby from Italy

A Southern Rose said...

Hi Rebecca,
You have been one busy lady! I love all of yor new things. I really love that table with the curvy edges. So pretty. I haven't been in Blogland for a few days. Just been so busy. Actually right now I am painting a pretty mirror shelf unit for my dresser. I received an email from you on my phone so I thought it was the perfect time to take a break and come visit you. :) Trying to get it painted before I go to work in 2 hours. Next week is my vacation so I know I will be able to get lots done. You inspire me so much with all of your pretties. Can't wait to see all of your Christmas things.

Have a beautiful day!

Lee Laurie

P.S. 1040 Chapel Dr.
Summit, Ms. 39666

Blessings from Cindy said...

Your creations are always so lovely! You have gotten a lot done! I'll have to keep an eye out on Ebay!!

Nancy's Notes said...

You are one unique and creative lady! Your creations are truly gorgeous, I'm always impressed with all you can do!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my Rebecca, those Christmas stockings are truly exquisite. I agree with so many, everything you touch, turns golden!
Have a wonderful day,

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