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Thanksgiving is over for 2011 and my family and I had the most wonderful time celebrating God's Bounty again this year.  I hope the time you spent those you love was meaningful for you as well.  

The picture above is how our table looked yesterday.  Simple whites and decor this year.  I loved the easy 'lift from the table' centerpiece and very well may use it again next Thanksgiving!  I didn't make anything special~just used the Basket created earlier in the season that set on our coffee table.  

One thing I did different this year was I used a separate Roaster for cooking our Turkey.  Too many things needed to be in the oven while our turkey was roasting and I loved being able to set the temp dial and forget about it.  We bought the Roaster earlier in the month at SAM's for about $40.  The picture above is of my guy and I de-boning the Turkey and plating it up!  Tasted fabulous!

Here is what my Miss K looked like yesterday!  She is growing up so fast!  I love her sweet smile and her happy eyes...  They are a tiny peek into her beautiful soul...

I hope your day was lovely.  I'll be taking off the next several days to ready our home for the Christmas Holiday.  I'll be putting up our Trees and working on some pretty decor.  I promise to snap pics of my painted Tree and how I created it this year.  Watch for that post early in the week.

Blessings as we begin the Season of LIGHT.

Love to you...


Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca! Oh, you look so pretty and elegant with your hair put up like that! :) Glad to hear you had such a wonderful thanksgiving and your table was lovely! Little Miss K has literally grown up before our eyes in Blogland. She is so pretty and looks so sweet! :)
Blessing, sweet friend. Now get busy decorating for Christmas so I can see! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Rebecca Nelson said...

To Sheila: We are working on Christmas today sweetie...will share soon!

About my hair! HAHHAHA This is called my "I'm HOT and I don't want my hair on my sweaty neck!" hairdo! :) It's literally grabbed in the back and clipped together with a CHEAP banana clip from ROSS! :)

xoLove you~R

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Everything looks so beautiful Rebecca yourself included! I can hardly wait to see what you are doing for Christmas. And Miss K looks absolutely radiant!
Have a great weekend decorating...
Tina xo

Rebecca said...

Hi Rebecca
Everything looks so beautiful and so peaceful... ha not at my house!
Wishing you a very blessed Thanksgiving weekend

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Hello beautiful friend. Good to see a pic of you...your granddaughter is getting big! Glad you had a great day!

KatyDidStitches said...

I LOVE the white table calm and serene. I'll bet you had some lovely conversation while you were all scarfing down that delicious-looking turkey!

Did you finish your blue guest room in time? If I missed that post, I apologize...I've been too busy to spend much time in blogland, lately.


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

Why do you try to brush off a sincere compliment about your absolute 'stunning' hair-do?! Such a perfect photo with your face en-profile and a very elegant hair style!
Miss K is also looking very cute. Is she not cold in her sleeveless outfit? Maybe it's me because I'm nursing a bad cold but yesterday I did wear a warm woolen sweater. Not that it was cold but just to stay comfy. We had a lovely dinner with extended family and I provided the cranberry conserve, made with Costco ingredients; cranberries, walnuts, oranges, dried cranberries and Splenda. No extra calories from that dish!
Glad you found the roaster and it proves a big help.
Love to you and your family,

Julie Marie said...

Looks like a beautiful Thanksgiving Rebecca... and Miss K is precious!... did she like the little earrings I sent her?... xoxo Julie Marie

Anonymous said...

So heartwarming to see you & your Mr. together!! Isn't your little Miss growing fast?? Oh my, my Mother used to say "She is growing so fast you'll have to put a brick on her head"!
Have a Great Weekend!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Rebecca it looks like you had a wonderful day of Thanksgiving! Your table looked beautiful and your granddaughter is a cutie too! Can't wait to see your Christmas decorations and your painted tree...I am really intrigued about that one!~Hugs, Patti

Lottie said...

What a beautiful table! The roaster was a great idea! Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving!

Ginger said...

Miss Rebecca your table is beautiful. As are you and your family. I agree your hair is beautiful up. I put my tree up today in den. Still have to put up gingerbread tree and white and pink tree in tea room. Can't wait to see yours.

ShabbyESP said...

Hello Rebecca
Your table looks wonderful and you and your hubby look so sweet working together in the kitchen.
I think Miss K gets her lovely looks from her Nana.
Enjoy your holidays!!!
Suzann ~xoxox~

Marilyn said...

Beautiful table! My sweet MIL always made her turkey in a roaster and it never turned out dry, always moist and delicious!♥♫

D. Jean Quarles said...

Tis the season. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Blondie's Journal said...

Love your pretty table, Rebecca!! It looks wonderful all dressed in white!

I didn't realize roasters were so inexpensive and it sounds like you love it...I will have to check into one.

Miss K looks so pretty {and you, too!}. So happy you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

Got your painted pink rose tin for the business cards today! It is so lovely, no picture can capture the beauty of your work. Thanks a lot, that will become a treasure for many years to come.
Feel a bit better now, was in bed most of the day...

Love to you,


Carol said...

It looks like your family & guests were treated to a real royal Thanksgiving feast. Yes..I will have to invest in a set it & forget it roaster pan. This is a one oven family and things get too hectic with all that needs baking, heating.. etc,

Looking forward to your instructions on how to paint a tree. Our 2011 ornies have arrived and I want to hang them on Miss "A"'s tree in splendor. Her collection from AGP has outgrown her shabby chic table top tree (:

Carol from
Good 'Ol Texas

Anonymous said...

R, I must share with you a vision. I had a dream I was on your blog and everything was in photo's of the 1800's. It had pit stains and strikes across them and just tattered and worn. It was straight out of a Jane Austen Movie I swear to you. Seeing each of the post in my mind that have meant the most to me set back in that time which I adore so much was surreal. I can only imagine I even dreamt such a thing due to your generous giveaway dancing in my dreams. But MissK was even in a poet's shirt and skirt. It was just to strange and yet lovely at the same time. If I could paint, I surely would do the image that had been put into my dreams. Striking. Our thanksgiving was so calm and peaceful, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Hugs. Tammy

NanaDiana said...

Rebecca- The dining room looks gorgeous...beautifully dressed for her guests. And you match the occassion! It looks like you had a perfect day and you know I think little MissK is just adorable. She DOES look happy. What a blessing! xo Diana

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

what a wonderful ideal to spray paint the tree ! It looks fabulous !

Dawn Marie said...

Hi! I've been MIA for awhile, but I'm back. I'm recently diagnosed with late stage breast cancer and I have a fight ahead of me! I'm hoping blogging will help pass my time as well as keep my mind, soul and body busy.

I want to redo my dining room, similar to this. I found the table I would like to have..just gotta work on hubby to make the bench seats!

Deanna said...

Hi Becky Sue!
Lovely Holiday and I enjoyed visiting your post. Your table was beautiful.

Some turkey would be delicious right about now.

May all of our Thanksgivings be that special time we are thankful for God's bounty. Very nice way of preparing for this day.


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