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Christmas Day is getting closer and closer and like many of you I'm working on the final plans for celebrating the most beautiful event of the year.  For us it is the birth of the King of Kings, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I've wrapped up selling my wares early  for the first time in years and it feels good to say "enough" a few days before I actually needed to.  Just about everything has sold from my website shelves and I'm so incredibly thankful so many of you found my work worthy of purchasing again this year.  Thank you never seems enough, but I offer up my gratitude with a very full heart just the same...  I love what I'm blessed to do in my life and I'm looking forward to continuing in 2012! 
About a week ago UPS delivered a very big box to my doorstep which around this time isn't all that unusual.  My Mr. AGPMan pushed the enormous thing inside and I stared for a second or two at the return address.  It came from an Oklahoma town and so that made it all the more unusual because it was from a 'company' and not a 'person'.
As I cut open the box inside I found eight more boxes neatly tucked inside...  Still not realizing what each of the boxes held I lifted out the first one and opened it up.
When I opened up one of the inside boxes and slid the contents out I was shocked out of my mind.  Inside each box was one of the plates I had been longing to find.  You may remember my post from a couple of weeks back where I talked about the charming Poinsettia plates from Andrea by Sadek I'd been searching for.  The local store where I found them went out of business and I hadn't been able to find anymore...
To tell you I was speechless and overwhelmed by the generosity of this gift doesn't even come close to telling you how I felt.  Not only was the box unexpected but it came from one of my most beloved friends of all time.

Although I moved to selling consistently on my own website a couple of years ago, one of the side benefits of offering my wares on eBay for so very long was the meeting and forging of several lasting friendships.  I've worked with more buyers than I can say and it blesses me to share with you that several of those ladies have become very, very close friends.  And, one of those longtime friends was incredibly generous and sent me those eight Poinsettia plates giving me a total of twelve...enough to set my Christmas table for my family this year.
When I started selling on eBay back in 2001 I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, how to do it, what it would become or just who I would meet along the way.  Meeting Miss C and learning about her life and her family has been such an encouragement to me and I've been able to share with her the best and the worst of events in my life in return.  Lots of happy moments, the weddings of my two kids, celebrating victory with my Miss K, tearful moments surrounding my father as well as the passing of one of her most beloved family members... 
Isn't it amazing how God is always on time with His love and encouragement in our lives?  He's never too early or too late to send us people who will help carry our burdens and celebrate with us our greatest joys.  Thank you, mean the world to me!  Honest.  You do!  Your generosity takes my breath away and as always I have much to learn from you!  Thank you again... xoxo


My friend, Miss F, recently sent me a collection of vintage bottles, perfumers, talcs, antique lipstick holders, jars, baskets and bits of trim.  I've already used the baskets in my own home (more about this soon) and I gifted one of the lipstick holders to my DILove because she absolutely loves the colors of yellow and orange.  The two white lipstick holders (which are little lady figurines) I kept for myself because they look just lovely in my master bathroom.  Miss F is also a friend I originally met because of eBay and one who has blessed my life in more ways than I can say.  And, just like Miss C we've shared stories of family love and family loss over the years...again...I'm incredibly blessed.  Thank you, Miss F!  Can't wait to chat-chat again when you are feeling better!  I'm honored to be your 'adopted' daughter and to call you friend! :) xoxo


Tonight my daughter, Adrienne (AdrieGirl) and her big brother, Brandon (my BKN), are hosting a little dinner party for my birthday.  Yesterday I had lunch with my beautiful Momma and tomorrow my Mr. AGPMan and I are going to Tulsa for dinner and a weekend getaway.  We've had sooooo little time together since he started back to school last May.  If you are keeping up with me as I share his schooling-saga then you'll be happy to know in November he'll graduate with his degree in Computer Science and Software Development...  Come On November!  It can't get here fast enough (for him or me!).

More soon as the Season of Light and Love continues on...

Love to you...


Marilyn said...

Oooh so pretty. Your guests will feel like royalty with such beautiful settings before them.♥♫

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

Finding your post exactly under mine with both a Christmas message about the Gift/the warmth of Christmas being Friendship.
You are a well respected lady that is clearly shown here. You must be beside yourself with a timely 'Quality Family Time for Christmas' and your Birthday tomorrow! Enjoy all the gifts and prepare for another year, filled with goodness and excitement.
A tight hug to you and enjoy YOUR day!



Anonymous said...

Such a lovely gift from your friend Ms R! Beautiful and I would have say, I would have darn near fainted. I wanted to stop in quick to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope your 39th is as special as the one before... *wink*.. Thank you for my little extra... I forgot to include that in my morning email to you I was so excited. :)
Hugs. Tammy...

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Enjoy all your special gifts...those plates are lovely!! Merry Christmas!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday to you!

I got the shivers when I realized those were the plates you had been looking for! What a sweet, generous gift. I am very happy for you.

Your gifts from your other friend sound equally as lovely. Such nice surprises!

Enjoy your getaway!

Anonymous said...

Oh My, Those plates are beautiful. Enjoy them.....
Happy Holidays !!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Rebecca... today is certainly a day of posting about special people in our lives... how generous of your friend to send you those beautiful plates, and your other friend to gift you with lovely tresors as well... Happy Birthday to you tomorrow my friend... I hope all of your birthday wishes come true... sending much love your way, xoxo Julie Marie

LindaSonia said...

Oh my, ask and you shall receive!!

NanaDiana said...

Rebecca- How wonderful to have friends that just bless your life so much! You are dearly loved and people want to show you how much you are loved.

I am glad that you are done "working" for the Holidays but we all know that we are never really DONE because there is just ONE MORE THING TO DO before we finish, isn't there? xo Disna

Ginger said...

What a beautiful gift from such a giving friend. Your table will be even more beautiful. Have a lovely birthday with your MAN tomorrow and have a wonderful time in Tulsa town. Sounds wonderful.
Hugs to you

Chatty Crone said...

Rebecca - you are loved and you love so many. Merry Christmas. Sandie

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Ah, the true spirit and meaning of Christmas was given to you. I hope
you have a wonderful time at the
dinner party and on your getaway.
You're a lovely person and you deserve it.
Merry Christmas

Theresa said...

Beautiful plates gifted from your generous friend! I remember when you were talking about them:) Hope you have a blessed day dear Rebecca, a wonderful weekend with your Honey and a most blessed end of 2011! HUGS!

Yasmin Smith said...

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET REBECCA!!!! (the right date this time!) I hope you are having a super special get-away week-end with your
guy, and that everything you do is fun and two both deserve some "WE" time after such a busy year!!
Second...when I saw the plates you were opening I knew immediately they
were the ones you showed us recently.
What a wonderful gift from Miss C...
your Christmas table will be even more beautiful with those gorgeous plates!!!
Everyone just loves you so much, sweet Rebecca....your light shines out to so have totally helped me and showed me the way very often, and like I told you, you are the daughter I always wanted, so I stole a little of you from your Mom for me!!!!! I hope she does not mind sharing you!!!
Hoping you are having a great time..
Love and hugs and the happiest of birthdays to you...Francy

Antiques And Teacups said...

What a wonderful gift! Special friends are a treasure, aren't they? Merry Christmas to you and your family as we celebrate His birth together!

Julie Marie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET LADY!... enjoy your special day and I hope all of your birthday wishes come true... today, it is all about YOU!... xoxo Julie Marie

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Rebecca! I'm sure it will be wonderful celebrating with family.

Love the plates and what a beautiful and kind gesture. Lots of good and generous people around.


ShabbyESP said...

Happy Birthday first of all!!

You are so blessed to have such sweet friends.

I hope your Holidays are wonderful and enjoy your time with your hubby on your get away
Love and Hugs

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