Friday, December 9, 2011

~~~~~~~REPAINTING OLD FINDS~~~~~~~ Recently Finished Product


I'm all about junkin' and slummin' and if you've followed my bloggie for any time at all you probably know that by now.  I love finding little things on the cheap slim to transform for my home or to refashion for sale on my AGP Website.  I'm amazed what can be found out there in tag sale land if you only take the time to look!

In the middle of November last month I shared with you some of things I found at our local Goodwill store while out shopping with my Mother.  I snagged two really neat metal Sign Thingies with Hooks that I just loved...

I love shopping second hand and thrift stores because you never know what you'll find.  Although not always, generally you're sure to snag a great deal...  I've found some incredible things over the years.

First thing I did was rip off the original paper labels by soaking them in warm soapy water.  Sometimes the adhesive is water soluble.   If it's not you still need to get the old paper off before you can removed the glue.  If the glue doesn't come off with water you can either use Goo-Gone or some other label remover product.  Recently someone told me you can use fabric softener to remove old labels...(I'm sorry...don't remember who passed along the hint!)...

Anyway...first thing I did after removing the labels and cleaning the signs was to rough them up with a mico-grit sandpaper and then dust them off.  Next came a quick coat of my favorite primer (Zinsser 123) and then a couple of coats of regular fresh white paint...

Now~because I had an email from a longtime customer who was interested in the signs (and who does not favor distressing) I opted not to age the two signs...but, I REALLY, REALLLLLLLLLLLY wanted to because I personally love it!  Instead after the artwork was applied just a gentle aging with paint was added.

All the old tins you see at the top are next in line for a makeover!  They are going to be FUN to do!  Great vintage styles for neat little accent pieces.

Hope your day is wonderful.  Will be posting more decorating photos soon!

Love to you...   


Julie Marie said...

Just beautiful Rebecca!... love the old coffee pot... xoxo Julie Marie

Deanna said...

Hi Rebecca!
Howdy from Kansas....may you have a delightful Christmas and a blessed new year.

Love your signs! You are so very creative and it is always so neat to see what you create. Neat-o!

The signs with roses are so pretty and delicate. Absolutely lovely!

God bless,

Людмила said...

Когда смотришь на эти изделия,чувствуешь себя участником сказочного приключения,маленькой принцессой

Denise said...

Amazing transformations.I love them. Merry Christmas and God bless

A Southern Rose said...

It's all so beautiful Rebecca. Love the coffee pot and the signs. Amazing talent!

Lee Laurie

Mari said...

Hello Dear Rebecca~I just adore your hand painted items, hummmmm I want one of those talc tins!! great work my very talented friend :)


Jeannie B. said...

Transform really is the word when you start working on something! I love what you do!

Linda Breedlove said...

Gorgeous, Rebecca!

Donna said...

Gorgeous! Your painting is breathtaking! I painted years ago but my hands are so shaky lately I doubt I could even hold a paint brush :)

Unknown said...

LOVE the coffee pot! Just stunning! I love all the tins. Great for makeovers but I like them in their vintage glory too. Have a great weekend!

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Oh Rebecca what a gorgeous project and didn't they turn out beyond wonderful! I am sure your client is going to be over the moon with the result! Have a super day.
Tina xo

Gypsea Nurse said...

Rebecca~beautiful lovelies you have created!! But I did notice something though.. You found some AMAZING!!!! little items at one of your tag sales...uuummmmm.. something this gypsea NURSE could never pass up...but the transformation part, now you got me wondering!!! Have a wonderful Sunday...
Cricket @ Gypsea Nurse

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

These look far better than before!!!
You're a genuine artist and you see beauty wherever you put your eyes.
Got way behind with blog reading and commenting. Our daugher Liz from Rotterdam did come for a visit and we spent time together. She departed on Friday evening and yesterday I did a post on her.
Love to you,


Anonymous said...

I love your teapot! It had sold before I could even peak at it!! Typical of course. I know I love my bandaid tin. I still can't believe you took an ordinary tin like mine and made into something special. Hugs. Tammy

~CC Catherine said...

Your Artistic Gift is amazing Rebecca...I was antiquing recently and saw a vintage train case for just $18...I wish I'd had what you have (talent) :) to give it a makeover. You are blessed! These transformed tin hangers are gorgeous!

NanaDiana said...

Oh Those Are Darling, Rebecca! I do think they would have been beautiful with just a tad of distressing, but I also understand that not everyone likes it.

Can't wait to see all your FINDS painted. xo Diana

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