Monday, July 2, 2012



After tending to my booth space early Saturday morning I set off for a day of junking and slumming.  Generally I don't go tag saleing by myself, but since my Mr. AGPMan started his accelerated degree program 15 months ago I've gotten use to it.

It's not nearly as fun to find treasures on my own, but until November it is what it is.  My pal, Judy, goes with me sometimes and so does my friend, Becca, but honestly they wear out before I do and then I feel guilty for dragging them around! :(  Besides, when they find something I like FIRST then I'm jealous and pout and whine until they let me have it....
 ~CIRCA 1951~

(I'm totally know that, right? )

Anyway...I found some truly amazing things both for my booth space, my home and lots and lots of things to repaint for my website. 

Snagged this sweet white demitasse set for $1.99 at our local Goodwill.  Swoon................  Such a deal!  Oh...and the framed print above?  Found that at another OKCity shoppe for a fraction of it's value.  The print itself isn't my fav, but the frame is fabulous. I Googled it and found one like it in a darker frame on Craig's List in Sacramento for $200.  (((Eeeek.....)))

I'm thinking of turning this one into a chalkboard.  I'm going to lighten the frame a wee bit and then we'll see.  I don't have a space for it in my home and won't know if I can use it in my kitchen until we are farther along on our remodel.  Still think the chalkboard idea would be sweet.

A family's schedule could be written on it...what do you think????

I gasped when I found this set of drapery panels.  Excellent sewing skills were used to fashion this great find I can assure you.  
(Very Cath Kidson Looking!)

Anyone know the print?  These are going on eBay or I may put them in my booth space.  The soft blue ground and vivid florals remind me of Cath Kidson's fabric and complements.  If you know the fabric maker I'd love it if you'd share...thank you...............................

I found many more fabulous treasures...found this sweet Tea Light Candle Holder for $2.00 (half off) and knew it came from a retail/wholesale magazine I receive in the mail...wholesale it's $22.90 so this was a good score!

I'm off to paint more pretties for my website.  Yesterday I began uploading some hand painted finds and if my camera will cooperate I'll be listing lots more today!  I think it's time to service my LUMIX FZ35!

Hope your Monday is fabulous!

Love to you...


stefanie said...

wow, that would make a gorgeous chalk board!!!!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

You certainly found some pretty things.
That frame is gorgeous! And those drapes? YUM!

Grace said...

love the tea light candle pretty.

And though I KNOW that the drapes you found ought to be used as drapes...I couldn't HELP but ponder how they would look if "modified" and placed around an old fashioned baby- bassinet.

Unless the flowers are much bigger than they appear to me, I can really picture it in my minds eye.

I can see that section of lovely lattice-work-stitching fastened around the perimeter of the bassinet and the fabric flowing down to the ground.

And because of the Blue AND the Pink, it could work for BOTH genders during INFANCY period. lol

Yeah I know...the dads of the world would probably rather pass a kidney stone than have their son surrounded by all those flowers lol..they would probably prefer that their son be surrounded by trucks, trains, and planes.


I happen to think that it would be lovely. :)

And Yes I KNOW it's a total waste of perfectly splendid drapes lol...

Guess...I have babies on the brain right now.

Hopefully we will be seeing my new little granddaughter and her big brother tonight for supper tonight. Hope that they can make it.

Meanwhile, Thanks again for showing us your treasures.

In Him,


That IS a great frame!

Candy said...

WHAT GREAT SCORES. I hope you show us your 'AFTER' of the frame. It's also make a great mirror.

Thanks for sharing.


Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

You found some really wonderful treasures Rebecca! My fav is that gorgeous frame!! It would be Perfect for a chalkboard ~ but too, for a mirror :)

Love your new painted pretties!!
Have a great week!

Warmest hugs, Brenda

LindaSonia said...

Love the drapes - just my style. It looks like Waverly prints I've used in the past - but that's just a guess. Love all things roses! and totally why I love your blog.

sweetvintageofmine said...

The picture is BEAUTIFUL! Would make a FABULOUS eye-catching CHALKBOARD! I would buy it! Those drapes are PRECIOUS..that pleated the look! My hubby goes with me a lot too, and I do miss him when he's not there! How would like to go with 5 girls junking? (that all love the same things) Now thats a PICTURE! Me and 4 girlfriends get together 4 times a year for b-days..its a blast!! Anyway...from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

Theresa said...

Beautiful now and more beautiful after you give it your special touches:) Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Anne said...

GREAT finds!! Love that candle votive.That awesome frame and that gorgeous pair of curtains.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

You got some steals; as usual. The frame is fabulous and so is your Kaiser pot au chocolat with rose knob! That's a WOW piece.
Love to you,


Mari said...

What gorgeous treasures you have found, I love the huge frame and those curtains are over the top beautiful ;)


Marilyn said...

You might be able to make more money if you'd figure out a way to bottle up your "good eye" for finding fabulous things gene and sell IT on your web site! Then you'd have to secretly go shopping 'cuz we'd be giving you serious competition for all the "good stuff"! Oh, wait, then I'd wouldn't have anything fun to see and read about on AGP.

On another's RAINING here! PTL!!♥♫

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Great finds--love that frame! It would be a lovely chalkboard.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Love the cup and the candle holder....I would have snapped those up and then you would want them from me!!! I like going garage saleing alone but with my husband navigating...he drops me off...I run in...he picks me out perfectly!!

Tara said...

Hello Rebecca! You found some sweet things. I love the drapes and the frame. I am always on the lookout for frames... and mirrors, I seem to have a thing for them too!

EllenaElizabeth said...

Wow, what excellent finds. I love them all.

Anonymous said...

Great finds! When I was growing up, my mom had a similar lanscape pic that hung above our couch.

I found a similar vintage empty frame at a garage sale rently but it's missing some corner pieces. I plan on painting mine and hot gluing something to the corners. ♥

pembrokeshire lass said...

Fabulous finds...lucky girl! Joan

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