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I've been busy working over the past few days at base painting some sweet vintage finds!

You can find TIPS on painting your fabulous old finds

After all the sewing I told you about yesterday I'm ready to get back to my paint and brushes!  Unlike sewing (which I'm happy to do most any time), I have to be in the MOOD to paint.  Otherwise my roses come out looking like, um...something other than roses.  I grabbed my camera AFTER I started removing the glossy finish on a couple of the pieces...that's why my latest finds look dusty and dirty.  THEY ARE!

I was happy to snag another vintage wooden cubby like the one I showed you a couple of weeks back.  This one is already sold so I was really happy to snag another one!  They are made almost identical...only thing I can see that's different is the knob.  This one is brass and the first one was a little ceramic cutie.

 I found six of these sweet metal signs at Goodwill.  All of them had minor surface scratches so I assume that is why they were there.  I LOVE imperfect stuff.  Since I repaint the majority of the things I find it doesn't matter to me what kind of shape most are in!  I used my hand sander to sand down the white lettering so it wouldn't show underneath the new coat of paint!

I've finished the artwork on several of these pieces and will take photos of them later this afternoon to share with you tomorrow.  Some are going on my website, a couple on Etsy and even some on eBay!!!

Can't wait to show you how this sweet old mirror came out!  One of my favorite things to paint EVAH..........................

I'll be hiding out in my studio most of the day!  It's so fun to get back to more of what I love!

Have a great Hump Day!

Love to you...


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

OMG Rebecca, looks like your really busy, but sounds like it's a fun busy. I love the cubby it's so pretty... and can't wait to see the mirror finished. Have fun creating!!!
Hugs~~~ Daphne

Linda said...

These are great finds Rebecca...and I can't wait to see the finished products. You amaze me!

Love, Linda

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Love your latest projects--can't wait to see the mirror :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great finds, Rebecca! I love the shape to those signs and what a score there! Your painted cubby looks like a great piece ~ pretty and functional.

Unknown said...

Hello friend. Your stuff always turns out great. I can hardly wait to see how these new pieces end up. I went to class last night and worked on, Santa some more. If you have time between petals, I'd love for you to stop by and take a peek. ]Blessings!

Yasmin Smith said...

Good morning, the newly painted "pretties" you are working on! These little cabinets can be used for so many purposes...I have one you did several years ago that is just a cabinet with a door, and two shelves inside and I use it in my kitchen on the counter near my stove to hold my spices!! I just love is white with whitish colored roses painted on it. I can think of lots of things I would use the other styles for if they were mine. I bet they fly away as soon as you list them!!
I thought the heart sachet mini-pillows were so sweet! They make wonderful gifts and I am sure the lady who ordered them will be thrilled with them...each one was trimmed in the prettiest way.
We are waiting to see if old Issac is going to make his way as far up as we live in Louisiana..we never get the full force of a hurricane (thank you GOD)but we do get LOTS of rain and wind. Some of the time very damaging~~~
Hope you enjoy your day~~~
Sending love and hugs to you, Francy

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

You are in your hum! One can tell from the lovely work done already. You found some real neat treasures again; including those metal signs.
Wishing you a great week.
I've posted about TEA for SLIMMING YOU but it doesn't show on the sidebar... argh. Only on NetWorkedBlogs it did show correct.
Hugs to you,

Deanna said...

Love your roses!!! So very pretty indeed. I know that you will put the charming touch to these pieces and whalaah....they will be beautiful,

Carolyn said...

Hello Pretty Lady!

I love all your busy and BEAUTIFUL creations!! It is always fun to peek in and see something NEW! :D Truly is delightful to see what your next creation is! I wonder if I enjoy it so much because I know my busy work life doesn't allow me to do these things but I receive great joy seeing someone else living "the life"!! :D

Take care and know u r in my prayers along with my other friends! :D

Love, Carolyn

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry. For some reason I thought your hands were doing a bit better. Lurk all you want and save those hands for your beautiful projects. I understand.

Tanza said...

Hi Sweetie !!
Happy HUMP day to you as well !! Just busy in and out doing errands today !! Had to catch up with you !! My multi-talented, beautiful friend !! I envy ALL the things you get to do to your home !! Can't wait to have the time and MONEY to do some here !! It ALL looks soo beautiful !! What else would I expect from you though !! Always smashing, and charming !!
Had to laugh about the painted chairs !! Take your time, I know you are busy !! I want them PRETTY and special, so, this girlie will remain patient !!
Hoping all is well in your OK !! A BiT too warm for me here !! Come on Fall !!
Love and hugs to you my friend
~TeA~ xo

Dolores said...

You're such an amazing lady, artist...friend etc etc.....You always find the sweetest pieces to refinish and then you make magic....

Unknown said...

You are so sweet. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. Someday, I'd love to watch a video of you painting your roses and leaves. They are so pretty.

White Lace and Promises said...

Question, how do you get in the cubby holes and in between the slats. I have a problem with doing pieces like this, but I love it when you do it! Pray tell!

Rebecca Nelson said...

AHHHH HAH! Here's the SECRET...

If possible remove the back. Generally they are attached with small nails or staples. If you can't get the back off to paint then use an extra long rough bristle brush. Works every single time! :)


~CC Catherine said...

Rebecca - YOUR talent is AMAZING! God has truly blessed your touch...and it's so wonderful to get to peek into your creations via this blog! I just picked up a vintage shaving mirror myself earlier this year and love it. It's still in the wood tones, mahogany, but my heart is saying it needs to be distressed... LOVE each of these beauties! ;) Hugs... ~CC Catherine

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