Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Don't you just love it when you find great things?  Seems I'm always stumbling upon the neatest JUNQUE when I least expect it (and most often when I'm BROKE!).  Still...the
keeps me looking and pressing on.
 I've been hibernating inside my home since Thursday so NO TAG SALE SHOPPING for me this week!  But a couple of weeks ago I did find some amazing treasures and today I'm showing you just what I discovered while scouring our local thrift shops here in Oklahoma!

See that amazing little white frock at the top?  When I first saw it at a local tag sale I wasn't sure what it was.  I knew from the lace trim it wasn't TRULY vintage...but I did recognize the lace edging and knew it probably hailed from the early to mid 1970's (gee...that's about 40 years old)!  It's a sheer French-English style linen pinafore with button closures on the sides.
Now...this pinafore is LONG!  At 5.4" when I held it up to me it dragged the floor.  Obviously it was fashioned for someone really tall!
Anyway...LOVED it and so home it came.  I'm going to enjoy it for a bit in my studio and then I'll probably pass it along and offer it for sale in my booth!
Isn't it grand?
 My next little find was this charming vintage compote from Japan.  When I was little my mother use to say..."It's cheap!  It's from Japan!  Only junk comes from Japan!"  I just crack up when I think about her saying that now!  We scramble to find things Made in Japan...
 Cost?  A cool ninety-nine cents!  Pretty fab, huh?  I'm keeping it.  These days I don't allow very many WHITE FINDS to pass thru my fingers...
Here's the tag...love that it's still in place!
Found another vintage style shoe planter for $2.99.  SCORE!
 Absolutely hated the floral insert and so I removed it!
 After washing it up I was surprised to find that some of the original paint came off while soaking in the water!  I LOVE IT EVEN MORE NOW!!!  Who knew?  Nothing is needed on the inside...not florals, nope, nauta, nothing!  Yep...keeping this, too!
A while back I shared with you my great vintage lamp finds.  Remember?  I snagged two identical petite old lamps at two different thrift shops in my city!!!  Well, I finally found matching shades that fit the lamps and decided it was my Mr. AGPMan's turn to perform his style of makeover magic.

I've seen all around blogland and beyond how lampshades have been transformed using chicken wire and decided to try this look out.  It's a wee bit industrial looking for me...but since I'm not planning on keeping the lamps (no room!) I figured why now go for something different!  Now...working with wire is NOT MY THING and after my guy finished the shades I was shocked at how long it took him to actually cover them with the wire.  Above it the first side he finished...took him 30 minutes to do just that little bit!  I plan to show the lamps to you sometime later this month...they came out darling!

Last find was the old Home Interiors (circa 1980) votive candelabra holder.  I remember having this exact one around the time my son, Brandon, was born (1982).  It was long ago discarded and now here I am buying one again!  I haven't worked on transforming it yet...but I'm going to!  I saw it somewhere holding cupcakes and I thought that was the SWEETEST THING!  Too bad only five will fit!  Still charming!

OK...more soon!  Hope your Tuesday is wonderful.  Come Thursday I get to LEAVE MY HOUSE!  After almost of week of being cooped up I'm about ready to lose my mind....

Love to you~


Unknown said...

I had to laugh at the 40 years old and vintage! lol. I graduated high school in 1974! I must be past vintage! I love your finds. I can't wait to see the lamps.

Unknown said...

I think I might have canceled my last comment. lol. I had to laugh over the 40 years and vintage. I graduated high school in "74". So I must be past vintage! lol. Of course that may be why I don't know if I canceled the last post or not. Hit the red x instead of publish. So you might just get two comments from me ...or not. And I have to go to work today! Look out world!

sharon's shabby creations said...

Hi Rebecca,

I am falling in love with your vintage shoe!! So absolutly amazing!!

Hugs sharon

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

That looks nice the wire on the lamp shade. Are you leaving that bare or what? Otherwise, why spend that much time putting it on...
Hugs to you,


Rebecca Nelson said...

To Mariette...

Because it's cool looking! You'll see when I show the pics! Industrial looking but charming just the same! xoR

Tracy ~ If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Baked A Cake said...

Rebecca please tell me you tried this lovely dress on? you had found some lovely treasures. You are right thrift shopping is very exciting and I love the thrill of finding that very one special thing. Tracy x

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That pinafore! So wonderful it is! And I loved seeing your other treasures, too.



Shabby chic Sandy said...

What a bunch of fun stuff you found! Didn't see anything I didn't like:) I love the shoe--you had told me you had one as I have one too. I think they are so cute! You're right so much better without the faux flowers.

Marilyn said...

I have one of those wooden candle holders and you can bet I'll be watching for the make over so I can try doing something similar!! Of course it may not get done for 5-10 years. That seems to be how long I take to accomplish anything. I actually want to try to do a make over of a train case. I'll be lucky to slap the paint on and stuff it full of something in the year 2015!♥♫

myletterstoemily said...

you find the most amazing treasures! i
look forward to seeing what you do with

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh yeah, all of us past 50 girls are past vintage:) Isn't that right?

I have to keep anything white too! The compotes are my favorites!

Glad you are about ready to get out.

Anne said...

Rebecca so glad you are feeling better! Oh I bet you can't wait to get out! Staying cooped up would drive me mad too!Beautiful treasures! LOVE that chicken wire lampshade!

Darlene said...

You found some really nice items. I love the shoe. I have a pink one but can't bring myself to put a plant in it. take care, Darlene

Anonymous said...

70's - 40 years vintage- gosh it sounds so much older then I remember!

Hope you get out of the house soon! Ceekay from Thinkin of Home is here for about 5 days- having fun showing her the sights and the pretty fall colors in our Colorado neighborhood!
bee blessed

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