Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 I read a couple of days ago that PINK ROSE ANYTHING has become difficult to sell and no longer is the rage!  Have those of you who either love or make PINK PRETTIES found this to be true?  I've read on several designer blogs that Shabby Chic Decor is no longer at the top of the decorating-food-chain and in it's place white and white complements now rule the roost!
 I was at TARGET the other day and was shocked to see that Rachel Ashwell's Simply Shabby Chic Bedding Line had dwindled down to the end of one aisle when it use to take up both sides of the entire thing.  Kind of made me sad... Sort of like saying goodbye to a faithful friend~
Although I'm sure there will ALWAYS be room for the lover of Shabby Pink Roses in our world, there seems to be less desire to have them everywhere and it appears their popularity has waned...at least that is how it is here in Oklahoma.  I can't give a pink rose teacup or decorative rose plate away although dainty pillows and small hand painted rose complements always sell for me...just not like they once did!
I will always love the shabby pink rose, but these days I favor painting them on weathered signs and such and almost always upon a ground of soft natural white, eggshell or cream...  And I almost NEVER paint them on PINK anymore~just too much PINK.
(I'm silently gasping as I type this!)

What do you think?  For all of you who have enjoyed the pink-rose-shabby-chic-craze does it still make your heart sing and do you still use it in your decor????

Just curious!  Would love to know your opinion!
Love to you...


Unknown said...

Hi Becky! First of all, is that bunny pillow for sale??? I love it!!!! I am definitely "over" pink, lol. I had it in my home for years but am now loving the white, scandinavian look with farmhouse elements. So soothing and less cluttered feeling :) I love your items and always will. You have amazing talent and you always be able to sell your handpainted pretties, no matter the color.
Love ya,

Unknown said...

Oh and the two GORGEOUS pink rose bunnies I bought from you stay out all year and they always will. They are two of my favorite posessions!

Connie said...

I shall always have pink around. In fact, the walls in my house are a pale pink, sweetpea. I do love white also. But I decorate my own way and not what is "currently fashionable" and always will. I do love your white things though. I can't imagine a house without color however.

Granddaughter, her hubby and 2 girls are visiting this week and the house looks like a childcare provider's house! I didn't put down a new white shag rug yet because the girls are so small and spill everything! LOL


Connie said...

Ooooh, and I've found my answer to printing out things on fabric...STENCILS! I've done stencilling on walls and chairs so it'll be much easier to just stencil on the fabric for the ottoman cover I made. Off to Joanns!

Art and Sand said...

I have always had my own style and not let the stores/manufacturers dictate it - although I am having trouble finding fabric for sofa pillows in the colors I want so I guess that the manufacturers are dictating my style somewhat.

I love the pink rose look and the all white look, but my husband would have trouble with either so we are a primary color house- which is rare in blogland or decorating magazines - but it is us.

Everything is cyclical so if we hang on to things long enough they come back - although I pray that shag carpeting never does!

Anne said...

I still adore pink but only use in in small doses in my home.Not because I don't like the color but I used allot of it in my home for years.Just needed a change.I like adding it here and there still.It's such pretty color but only as an accent now.

Yasmin Smith said...

Hi, Rebecca! When we moved into this house just recently I wanted to sort of change the look of it from what we had before. I don't go by any styles, or
what's hot now', or such...I just put what we like.....I have scaled down the pink and roses to some degree, but our bedroom is painted mocha pink...looks like strawberry ice cream with chocolate ice cream melted together in it!! I use mocha accents in it and find I love the color. I will always love pink, but like everyone else, I have stopped using it everywhere! I just wanted a change here~~~

Anonymous said...

I find the all white look really boring. It's pretty in pictures that I look at for a few minutes, but I would not want to live in an all white house myself.

I still like the shabby chic look and pink and green are my favorite colors. I think what I'm pulling away from is the "garden" look that was popular for years with the cottage look and moving more into the French style. Still litle with a little pink, just not all over and overdone.

My opinion is everyone should have a home they love, not what other bloggers or interior designers tell us is popular. If you love pink, brass, country style, or any of those other things designers say are "out", then you should have it in your home because you are the one who has to live with it and it should make you happy.

NanaDiana said...

I really love a touch of pink here and there but would only use a bunch of it in a small girl's room. I do think things come and go. I don't see as much pink as I used to in blogs but do see lots of white and white and I have always loved that look. I think your roses will never fade away but like the idea of more white backgrounds. No matter what is popular I think your style is always in vogue. xo Diana

Unknown said...

I have loved pink sincemy whole life. I also love jewel tones and I end up decorating in jewel tones the most so that my husband does not feel left out.
I think pink is seen as girly and in our present age of rabid feminism, it waxes and wanes. I prefer to decorate the way the French do, if you love it, keep it forever. We Americans tend to follow trends in everything, including decorating but if you live long enough, you see 'old' trends recycled and rebranded into new trends.
All that said, my eye has been wandering lately toward a shade somewhere between lavender and periwinkle. It seems so fresh...and refreshing.
Really though, I love it all as long as it is overtly feminine.

Kim said...

Hi Rebecca.. I just had to post a comment on your blog today after reading your post as it struck quite a cord in me. The answer to your question for me, is a big YES. I always have been and always will be a lover of pink, no matter how decorating styles change over the years. While I find the creamy neutral palate beautiful when visiting blogs and on Pinterest, I am still one of those people that loves the pink and soft pastel colors and those are the colors that will always draw my eyes first and they are still the colors I use in decorating my home. Anyone who visits my blog and home can definately tell what my favorite colors are.

The sad thing for me is that its getting harder and harder to find those pink and pastel treasures as they just aren't out there and readily available the way they were years ago. I still find them occasionally, but just not as often as I used to.

Maybe some day, styles will change again and pink will once again become a popular color. I look forward to that day.

Take care.


Elizabeth and Gary said...

I think if a color "Pink" or any color makes your heart happy then use it and use lots of it.
You know me I love color and have always used a lot of "color" in my home ever since I started blogging 5 years ago, so my style really hasn't changed. I still love shabby chic and roses. Also be true to yourself in decorating and you will have a happy home.
I just brought out the sweet pink bunny pillow you made for me. I smile every time I look at it.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

sharon's shabby creations said...

Pink is still my obsession!! Pink it was love ad first site!!!!!!!

With love Sharon

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

I still have my pink kitchen. The rest of my house is mostly whites with a few turquoise pieces.. But...in 2 weeks my truck will be pink with Hello Kitty faces on it.

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca, I think you should decorate in what makes your heart sing, I think many are too influenced by what they see on blogs and magazines, be true to yourself, I personally think that all the whites will be another fad too and something else will take their place so enjoy what you love and don't worry about. pink, white, shabby , colorful or whatever, you have to live with it so surround yourself with it. hugs and love, glad to see you are all healed up.
Hugs marilou

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Not too much pink at our home...but I love the romantic look regardless!

sunnyskiesandsweettea said...

Hi Rebecca,

I still love pink. It will never go out for me. I have a yellow room with pink accents and a green kitchen with pink accents....but I love the white look as well. In my booth pink is not selling. But white is....so white it is. Pink was huge in the 50's and enjoyed its resurgence.....but now is the time to pick up rose paintings and pink accesories on the cheap!!;)
Your pillows are beautiful!

Amy Jo

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
Worldwide, the rose décor on a white underground will never ever vanish!
Roses on pink is probably a bit too much but it can be very romantic.
Hugs to you,

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I'm such a pink girl, but I no longer have to have pink roses on top of pink on top of more pink roses... ;)
My style includes more chippy paint and rust than ruffly frou-frou now. I use roses a bit more sporadically, and the pink happily resides with tones of pale aqua and robin's egg blue.
I am not into the white-on-white trend. It all looks the same to me, it's not personal or warm.
As the others have said, I'm not one to follow trends or what's in, I choose what makes our home happy.
Interesting topic; I'm enjoying reading the replies as well!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Fun to see what people say, I like touches of pink in my house, but can't sell pink anything in my booth. Except I have sold a few things that have gone to a girls bedroom or nursery. My friend is a decorator and he was just telling me that chippy shabby was hot. Now, do you think that is the same thing as shabby Chic?


Deanna said...


joanne said...

pink will always make my heart sing, in fact I just bought a pink/white purse and pink bracelet for Springtime!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I love the white on white--but add some sweet pink roses and I love it even more! Pink has been my favorite color ever since I was born :)

Theresa said...

I still love them but have also noticed the stores don't have them so much anymore! It seems that blue, aqua and green are showing up more and more!

Have a blessed day dear friend! Everything you create is gorgeous no matter what color it is:) HUGS!

Pink Paper Rose said...

Hi Rebecca, I use to have co-op booths at the Jersey shore. After I closed them, took a look around my workroom and found that every item painted pink was brought back and on my shelves. Whites and creams with an accent color from furniture to smalls SOLD the most, this was the beginning of last year. My hubby and I now travel and do Home Shows, anything Shabby French in the white and cream colors, vintage furniture shabbyied up white, BUT sand and stain the top dark brown is big too. Guess it kind of mixes Shabby Chic with French farmhouse. I think "SHABBY" will never fade away, only the way it is presented in color and style.
My home is neutral tones, cream, white, light sage green with accents of pink roses here and there. Have you noticed how much you also evolve with the ever changing styles, I love the new "SHABBY!"
Take care,

BrushedByAnAngel said...

Yes, I still love pink...but I love color in general. Pink is what I gravitate towards but use it sparingly in my home. And the shabby chic looks is still pretty, I just have a hard time decorating with something that looks like it needs a good coat of paint! No matter what your style is or the colors you love it is all about how it makes you feel when you are surrounded by it.

Kerri said...

YES, I love PINK and always will!! Pink roses on pink background. However, I will only use it with the antique white French Provencial furniture in my bedroom. Too much pink would be overkill. I do like painted white furniture as well... but accent pieces pink is divine!


Lori said...

Well I am guilty as charged for somewhat leaving my favorite color~pink. However, I now use pink as a accent in my cottage green and white home. Actually I love it better this way, now my pink pops much better. Bye, bye pink walls one room left to repaint, but pink and roses will forever reign as queen in my home. Lori

Ginger said...

I will forever love soft pink and continue to decorate with touches of pink mixed into my whites and eggshell. Of course I don't go with the latest trends, I do my own thing that gives me pleasure.

White Lace and Promises said...

Shabby Chic will never go out of style. It's a classic. My kids love it! Love the shade!

ShabbyESP said...

I still love the pink but like you I am liking the soft creams and white. I still will keep some pink but I think I want to redo my living room with the white.
How are you doing? I have not been able to visit my favorite blogs for some reason they do not show up in my reader.
I hope you are doing well!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Unknown said...

Hello Rebecca:
Sadly, pink and pink roses, IMO are no longer as popular as they once were. French Farmhouse, French Country, Industrial and vintage (repurposing too) are all the rage. I don't sell any more pink or handpainted roses for that matter. It's very sad to me. But we must move on, right. YOU, talented lady, must keep on painting your beauties! I've moved away from pink in my home as well. I'm more into the treasure hunting now and finding something to painte white! LOL Have a great week!

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