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One of the side projects my hubby and I tackled this summer was a mini makeover for his home office.  Once the dining room of our 1960's era home, unless you were wise to the original floor plan of the house you would never know the area was once a gathering place for special meals and entertaining.

 As we continue to work on remodeling our kitchen the office couldn't help but be affected by all the changes.  The office is now accessible from both the front door entryway (office door barely seen on the left in the top photo).  A new pocket door, just to the right of his leather sofa, makes for an easy entry into the kitchen.  

Here's the view of the pocket door from the kitchen side.  This was taken a few weeks ago.

We decided to wainscot the office walls, repaint and re-decorate just a bit.  Because we are on a strict budget (and because I hate wasting money!) I opted to shop second hand and thrift stores for old frames to create the collage of memories.

For only $20 I purchased almost all the frames you see as well as the spray paint to paint them all in soft satin black.  Love the cohesiveness of the frames all painted with the same color.  The different shapes and sizes add interest and the painted mats add a little texture.   I printed off some of our favorite photos in black and white and I pretty much love how they all look except the large oval on the far left.  It's out of spec with the other frames, but for now it's staying put!

My favorite finds in the office include the century old GLOBE File Cabinet I scored early this past spring at Goodwill.  A couple of weeks ago I purchased the vintage Remington Typewriter at an estate sale.  Scored BIG on both purchases!

I'll share the remainder of my Mr. AGPMan's office with you once he gives me the go-ahead.  Presently he's working on installing the flat-screen TV of his dreams on the wall behind his desk...  Looks amazing!  All the wires are hidden because the other side of the wall is the garage!  How wonderful is that? Watching football this Fall is going to be fabulous!

You only thought my house was all white...

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Love to you...


Jenna said...

I think the oval frame looks nice with the rest of the frames... since you have the round clock on the other wall, it seems to balance out the whole thing. I like your wall of memories, that's a wonderful idea :-)

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I was going to say I thought something was wrong when I saw a post from you with black frames in it--but I love it! It made total sense when I found out it is your husbands office. I love the picture wall and you hung the different frames just perfectly. Now I am thinking I should do something similar for my husband--he has a man cave that is a fish room-- has about 20 fish tanks and a TV and a couch. He would probably love a photo wall! Tell your husband thanks for letting us see and we want to see more! :)

Theresa said...

Wonderful collection of memories! Love the frames! Have a blessed day, can't wait to see more:) HUGS!

sunnyskiesandsweettea said...

I love how your wall turned out! I love that filing cabinet and typewriter too.... I'm on the prowel for one myself. I want to use it in my daughters wedding.

Amy Jo

Scrap for Joy said...

What a great collage wall! I'm trying to figure out how to do this in our home and I love the look you've achieved with using frames all of the same color. Can't wait to see the rest of this office! Pocket them!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

How nice this looks ~ love your 'ancestor wall'. I always wanted to do one it is such a special feature and fun for grandchildren to explore.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I love collage walls....and yours is beautiful. And I like the big oval....just sayin'

Jocelyn said...

Everything is looking wonderful, as always. You and your hubby have such a great eye for beauty. So glad to hear that you are healing from your injury. It does take time, but like you shared, it gives us time to reflect. Take care.
Jocelyn @

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My goodness, Rebecca, it's been ages since I've dropped in on you. I found you on another blog. Every since the change to Blogger's way of doing things, I have not been able to hook up with a lot of the blogs I love. Today I took a chance and there was your blog address..I clicked and here I am. I am not too savy on the computer..and have limped along all this time.

Aren't pocket doors wonderful? We have them in our home too! I was sort of surprised to find the black frames in your home! They look beautiful. Your AG man is SO talented. How fortunate you are!
big hugs..

sharon's shabby creations said...

Dearest Rebecca,

Your collage on the wall reflected all your memories and love for each other!! So beautiful

God bless

Hugs Sharon

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
That is a very cozy and warm office! Love the collage of memories and the clock, the oak file cabinet and the sofa. The typewriter is a great addition for linking past and presence in a special way.

Ginger said...

Love his office so far. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen. I just saw the article on you in the Schabbilicious Mag. By Woodberry, how great. My mouth was drooling!! Still plan on getting to Edmond soon. Been having a lot of health issues in my family. Better now!

Ginger said...

Love his office so far. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen. I just saw the article on you in the Schabbilicious Mag. By Woodberry, how great. My mouth was drooling!! Still plan on getting to Edmond soon. Been having a lot of health issues in my family. Better now!

Anne said...

Beautifully displayed collage of photos Rebecca!

NanaDiana said...

I think it is great that the Mr has a place to call his own with rich dark colors in it. How wonderful that you were able to carve that space out from your old dining room. It is just perfect and how nice to have the double entry. xo Diana

Lululiz said...

It might be considered a 'manly' space, but I would feel very comfortable in there as well, I really like it a lot.

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