Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Our day started off bright and early with two big trucks and a trailer parked outside our home...they hold our new furnace and A/C unit.  After three days of HOT HUMID TEMPS we are ready to feel cool again!

If you don't follow me on Facebook then you didn't see the reveal picture of the Chalk-Pained Upholstered-Chair reveal.  Here it is!  I still need to do a final sanding of the entire piece AND add the wax coating...  But~seeing this one finished to this stage was very exciting for me.
I will tell you this about the process...IT WAS WORK!  After the 4th coat I thought...WOW...this is grueling work and very time consuming.  At that point I wasn't sure painting the thing was going to work or IF it was possible to cover up the black and white Savoy-style print!  By the time the 5th coat went on I knew it was truly looking fab!
I added a tattered edge to the bottom and I will be adding one more coat of paint to that.  Because it is ruched up it has taken a big longer for it to dry.  Sometime tomorrow I will finish it up and start on Chair #2.  
I purchased these neat looking "feet" to add to the chairs as the original front legs were covered up with the flounce and looked too skinny/thin once they were exposed.  They will be stained and waxed.

So there you have it.  Will share photos again with the other chair is finished.  I wish I could snap my fingers and have it done

Have a wonderful day...I'm soooo looking forward to sleeping tonight with our new A/C system cooling everything down.  The Oklahoma humidity has been a killer.




Bente said...

Wow the chair looks gorgeos. Love the result.
Hugs from here

Carol said...

That chair looks fabulous!

sandys7118 said...

I really love the way this turned out! I am curious though, do you think it is going to be durable? And is the painted fabric soft enough for people to sit? I have toyed with this idea for a while now but I have heard that it is not a durable idea with furniture if it is used a lot.

Rebecca Nelson said...

We'll see, Sandy! Since I've never painted a chair before I just can't say. But it is smooth and soft and once I apply the wax I'll know more. We plan on using them and sitting on them...so we should find out before long. I'll keep you posted! <3

Rose L said...

I am so happy it turned out so lovely! It makes the work worthwhile.

Maggie said...

LOVE!! Can't wait to see it with the final wax. You is good :-)

Ann said...

The chair looks amazingly fresh and new. Enjoy!

Mari said...

Hi Rebecca,
Wow your chairs turned out beautiful, so happy they turned out great.....can't wait to view them with there new legs.....


Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Rebecca, the chair is just gorgeous. I know it was quite a job, but well worth it. I noticed on one of your comments the question was asked how well it would hold up. I have to say, although it wasn't a project as intense as yours, I did two cushions for the chairs on our screen porch. They were tapestry grade with flowers, dark colors. I used 2 coats of chalk paint in an aqua color and then I put AS clear wax over them by "buttering" them with a knife, just like a piece of bread, and then rubbing the wax in with a soft rag. They came out feeling just like butter and sat out all winter on the porch, (did not get wet but damp) and they look as good and feel as good as they first did. I think you have a winner there..Happy Tuesday..Judy

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