Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"LOVE IS..." and Other Things That Matter

Denying It When He Insists He's Going Bald

OK...if you take a look at the photos below you'll see the relevancy of my "LOVE IS..." clipping for this week! The subject of "HAIR" (or the lack thereof) HAS definitely come up OCCASIONALLY in my marriage.

When my Mr. AGPMan and I first started dating in the winter of 1977 he had a mop of chocolate brown hair. It was dark, thick and wonderful... And, it still the back!

This of course might make him the perfect candidate for a "Hair Transplant" or those gnarly looking "Hair Plugs"...

Can you even imagine?

I think not! "Totally WEIRD!" I say...

"...And don't try and dye it back to it's original color or do that BIZARRE looking comb-over thingy either! ICK!"

Our Engagement Picture - 1977/78

On the rare occasion he does opt to speak out loud about the loss of his now silvery-streaked locks I say only this:

"I'm not in love with your hair...".

Handsome (and Happy) as Ever - 2006

It's been a privilege to grow older and older with this man...

(Just a tip to you Ladies: DENYING there is a "problem" does work for a long, long time!) :) :) :)

Blessings to you as you accept wholeheartedly the ones you love...Rebecca


Anonymous said...

What is it about men? They get to age and look better whilst most of us women reallllly have to work at it!! Not fair.

My hubs is a shiner on top. Your hubs still has top hair. I love his bald head though... helps me find my way in the dark!

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Lol!!! Just laughing out loud at this one Rebecca!!! and love the photos of you adorable!
Hugs & hearts; Teresa

Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie couple you were/are! My Bobby has a receeding hairline and he just jokes and says, "I have more face to wash every day!" ☺

Dixie said...

Rebecca... isn't it amazing how men become so much more handsome as they age... and I'd say girl... you've done pretty well too... what a handsome couple... back in the 70's and today too...

My Ricky is losing a little hair too... he says he tries not to think about it... so I try not to remind him...

A Southern Rose said...

You two look gorgeous! Its so good that y'all have been together all these years. You both look very happy too.
Lee Laurie

blushing rose said...

What a charmingly handsome husband, Rebecca. You make a beautiful couple, then & now.

My husband earned every grey hair legitimately & looks so distinguished to me. Each phase of aging is interesting to watch & I enjoy his appearance now best. I am grateful he is not so vain to want plugs or extensions (yup) or a 'rug'.

Vanity just doesn't figure into our world. We work with what we have, & proudly display our 'beauty marks' of time.

TTFN ~ Marydon

Connie said...

Love Bunny has tried to ignore it for years also, but ya know what, chickee??? He still looks the same as that young Marine that stood with me in front of the preacher 48 years ago yesterday. Yep, he sure does. We laughed last night about the glory of seeing our "age spots" and "bumps" on our bodies and still loving the bodies even though wrinkled! He still thinks I'm one hot sexy chick and that's what matters to us. He also has the best legs of any man I've ever seen too! Hair??? Less of it but not bald.....yet.

Anonymous said...

My Hubby still has the hair he started out with (metaphorically speaking of course)... He will be 59 next month.... Hair is one thing that doesn't matter to me. I Love a man who has a sense of humor not HAIR!!

Tanza said...

Ooohhh ~r~,
Hahahaha... You continually crack me up !!! It's sooo funny, cuz it's only when I look at pictures, that I truly can see this aging thing goin' on..What is this about loosin'hair..I'm like you, I act like nothin' is different..Their sweet little foreheads..don't ya just love plantin' a kissers right up on that soft lil' part.. sweeet..Is it true that us women thin a little too as we do that agin' thing as well ?! Nooooo.. that can't be true.. We all stay the exact same..right?!! hahaha.. You two are just as beautiful 30 somethin' years later..truly..
~~To the moon sweet friend~~

Barb said...

Hi Rebecca, what an interesting post. I have never been attracted to men with tons of hair...don't know why.

Ron, my husband, is so secure he never mentiones his thinning hair and the good Lord knows, I would love my hubby without a single hair on his head. I am blessed beyond words to have been given this remarkable man!!

I love that YOU love your husband.

Blessings this day, Barb

Secondhandrose said...

It is true that men look better as they age I think. And you are more beautiful today then when younger! How does that happen? Your inner beauty must be shining through.


Tara said...

How sweet! I don't know why men are so sensitive on this subject. It is so much more common and acceptable for men to just shave their heads and nobody thinks anything of it. My BIL who is 35(and balding) shaves his and he looks great. It's the women I feel sorry for. I know my hair has thinned drastically in the last 15 years and I'm only 34. I worry if I'll have any left when I get older. I may have to turn to hair extentions, hee hee! It's just a good thing I started out with so much, it was unbearably thick, wish I had that NOW! Have a wonderful day Barb!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful couple you are....You are beautiful and he is handsome. Ya'll looks so happy on your engagement and you still look happy now...My husband still have his hair but it silvery gray hair. I get mine touch up at the salon with highlight to blend with my gray I'm not ready for totally gray yet...I looks tired. Maybe I'll be ready in my 70s. Thanks for stopping by...Always love to hear from you. Smiles and Hugs Katherinellen

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

For the record (and please don't take this wrong), he's still handsome! I need this; more than you know. My husband's hair is receding, and I've spent a lot of time trying to imagine him without it. So far, not a good mental image for me. I'm working on it...


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca, This is so cute. I enjoyed your Wed. post. You and your dear guy look as gorgeous today as you did in 77. Beautiful people with beautiful spirits!!
XO Celestina Marie

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I remember those 70's photos!
You look more beautiful today! My hubs is going for the Friar look! And what isn't leaving is white!! But he is gorgeous to me...

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said... are just gorgeous and every bit as beautiful as when I first saw you some ..was it five years ago? :) Could it have been more? I just remember the wonder of your lovely things for sale..and your daughters wedding.
Now...Mr. AGPman... Sorry...but the young man is cute...adorable in fact..but some men just get better looking with age...and yours is one of those. He has a receding hair line...SO what! He looks mature and wonderful and you can tell him I said..he can take it to the bank!
I know HANDSOME when I see HANDSOME!! I happen to be an expert on handsome men! Go look at mine!
~smiles and hugs~

June said...

Hi Rebecca,
Two very beautiful people! Boy when you said he had a lot of hair when he was young, you weren't kidding.It looks to me that he's just put it on his face now. I love the silver in it. My husband is getting silver in his as well. When he is under a lot of stress, his turns all silver, then goes back when he's not. Isn't that weird? You two are a gorgeous couple!
Thank you for the sweet message. I would love to have you come and live in my garden. What fun!

Mr. AGP said...

Wow,babe, who's that young guy in the first picture. HA! My how the years go by.
As for the grey hair, I can totally account for that from my son's teenage years. :-) I know the ones that have been there totally know what I mean. Ha!

As for my never seems to age, babe of a wife, I do get a little concerned people will think I am out with a much younger woman. But that's ok, when the young'uns check her out as we walk by, I just smile as if to say, "you couldn't handle this tiger even if you had a chance. (Which you will never get so eat your heart out!) He! He!

As for losing my hair, I would rather not but if that is the worst "health" problem I have I will take it. They say you are as young as you act. In that case I must be around 18! Wow, I am losing my hair young. :-)
You are just like a fine wine babe, you just seem to get better with time.

I miss you babe, I will be home in 2 more days. Can't wait.


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Rebecca!!!

After I was divorced I wrote a list of what was important to me to find in a husband. I read that if you wrote down all the things that really mattered to you, you'd recognize Mr. Right when he came along.....I remember writing: hair or no hair...doesn't matter. My darling hubbs falls into the latter category. First...I can't imagine him WITH hair....he started shaving it recently...he NEVER did the comb-over...thank goodness......but, if hair HAD mattered to me, I'd have missed my soulmate. We match perfectly...and he's very cute bald! :-)


TheMuffinMan said...

Yes Dad, to paraphrase our beloved Walter (one of Jeff Dunham's puppets for you uneducated folk) at least Mom ages like fine wine and not milk!


And I guess fate gets the last laugh on my for my teenage years causing your grey... since I am now 27 and going grey myself. =( But as long as I have as much hair as you still do now on your head by the time I qualify for a senior citizen dicount at IHOP (like you do heh) I will be happy!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rebecca! This is so cute! Yep, my Mr. Precious has reached the beginning to be open spot on the back of his head. It does bother him a lot more than it bothers me!
Oh, how precious you two look - then and especially now!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sandra said...

Aw, you guys make a lovely couple:) My hubby is full of gray hair but he is just as handsome as the day I met him. :)

Lori said...

Thank you so much for visiting! Sorry I gave you the happy-sad tears! summers were so blissful when we were kids! I really love your site and have to not lose your address this time! Notice we like alot of the same music and movies and of course roses! Visit agian, loved having you! Lori

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