Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Sticking Christmas Seals on the Cards

In just a little over a week we will be celebrating Christmas 2009. After all the decorating, baking, caroling, partying, (stressing), entertaining, shopping, wrapping and the sending out of Christmas cards, I think I'm just about ready for the big day! I'm looking forward to having a wonderful dinner with my entire family gathered around my table.

How about you? Are you counting down the days?

It is my hope that as you take part in the festivities of the season that you will be mindful of just what it is you are celebrating.

After is the birthday of someone VERY SPECIAL!

Blessings to you as you honor the Christ Child. The Savior of the world...Rebecca


Tara said...

Happy Holiday blessings to you Rebecca!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Post! It is very hard not to get caught up in the sadness of the season. I just keep putting one foot ahead of the other & keep reminding myself what it is REALLY all about...
Happy Holidays!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Love your post. I am so grateful that I am able to have everything done and now am enjoying the sounds and smells and the STORY of what Christmas really means. Precious times.

Unknown said...

Please pray for little Andrew, he passed into the arms of Jesus.

G'day Rebecca ~ Another cute 'Love Is ...' So grateful for self-sticking everything!

I hope that the reason for the season of Christ is kept alive in every heart & day throughout the year.

We all gather on Christmas Eve for family & have private celebrations on Christmas Day to enjoy quietly ... I will write about this shortly.

Have a beautiful warm day ...
Hugs, Marydon

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right! After shopping,wrapping,cleaning,etc....Jesus is THE reason for the season!I pray that anyone that does not have a relationship with Jesus goes to

Happy Birthday to you too,Ms.Rebecca!
Laurie Beaudette

Miss Rhea said...

Beautiful Post ! :) Yep, it is a time of Celebration ! Yippee !! Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas !! I am SO very grateful Jesus was born and brought His hope to all !! Hope you are having a great week sweet friend :) Are you and Miss K baking lots of cookies ? :) Needing to pull my son's leg this year to get him over for sugar cookie decorating :) 24 year old boys don't want to admit they like that sort of thing, hee hee :) Hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Howdy Rebecca. I have crawled out my migraine bed and have come back to life. Lots of praying got me over this one. I adore the season for the only reason, Love. From Jesus, to our family & friends & all those we've never met. How he loved us so to honor him every year at this time. It's a wonderful season!! Hugs to you and yours. Tammy

Unknown said...

Oh, can't they be adorable...
They must be taught, I have heard so many cute stories about things like this,where kids just don't understand what teacher is saying.
Secretly tho...It is usually so funny, like your little miss...that we wind up laughing at their antics..
Merry Christmas,

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