Monday, May 3, 2010


Last night I was reading a few pages in one of my favorite devotional books when I came across a fairly short inspirational story entitled "Try Again" by Max Lucado.  I'm all about reading anything that helps me meander through my days with a good attitude and then ushers in peace with the setting of the sun...

I especially love reading about how very much God loves His children.  He lovingly sees past our imperfections, failures and shortcomings....  He looks far beyond it all, knowing all the while every wonderful thing we can and will be... if only we will trust.

 "We worked hard all night and caught nothing." (Luke 4:5 NASB)

Mr. Lucado put it this way...(From Next Door Savior)

"Do you have any worn, wet, empty nets?  Do you know the feeling of a sleepless, fishless night?  Of course you do.  For what have you been casting?
Solvency? "My debt is an anvil around my neck..."
Faith?  "I want to believe, but..."
Healing?  "I've been sick so long..."
A happy marriage? "No matter what I do..."
I've worked hard all night and caught nothing.

You've felt what Peter felt.  You've sat where Peter sat.  And now, Jesus is asking you to go fishing.  He knows your nets are empty.  He knows your heart is weary.  He knows you'd like nothing more than to turn your back on the mess and call it a life.
But he urges, It's not too late to try again."
I'll be in my studio today working on new product while finishing up the last of the special orders I took for Mother's Day.  I'm back again doing what I love after spending DAYS packing and shipping out purchases made on website last week.

How grateful I am for you!  How truly SCARY it's been to move beyond the comfort of eBay and cast my net in a new direction.

Thank you for the blessing of your support...
An ever grateful...


Karen said...

What a beautiful posting. I love Max Lucado, but I sure miss his daily readings. I need to get back to him.
Good luck with all your creating. What a blessing.
Have a wonderful day.
Ladybug Creek

Dolores said...

Ahhhh, this was a great message. I love Max Lucado's writings.... thank you for sharing this.
Your courage, and your sweet and positive attitude is always so uplifting. We need this so much, with all that's going on in our world today.

Your art/work is a reflection of your softness and beauty....inside and out!

Ginger said...

Beautiful post, and I am glad God has lead you in this direction, you are soooo talented. Thank you for the inspiration.


myletterstoemily said...

thank goodness for second, third, and
fourth chances to get it right! :)

Sheila said...

Hi, Rebecca - I found your lovely blog through Lovey's site. What a beautiful and special place you have here. I'll now be following. Gorgeous post. Your work is so romantic! Sheila

Cottage Sunshine said...

Hi Rebecca!

Beautiful post...I love Max Lucado too! One of my very favorite authors! God is good! :)

Hugs, Carolyn

Dorothy said...

Hi Rebecca...could this message have been more perfect for me today? In two words, no way! This day you have been a messenger, and I thank you for these inspiring and uplifting words.

Unknown said...

Ahh, Max Lucado, what a breath of fresh air, he knows how to bless your heart, huh???
Ahh, that Rebacca, she knows just the right thing to bless your heart, too...
I needed to hear that, becky.

karen said...

great post. As always.

Paula said...

Beautiful post, dear Rebecca, so encouraging! I loved your sweet words and the devotional you shared too.

I am so glad you are happy working in your studio, doing what you love! You are very gifted and creative! I knew your website would do very well!!! Love and blessings to you! Paula

Rebecca Nelson said...

I'm sooo stupid! I accidentally deleted the comment below so I copied and pasted it below! :(

considerthelillies has left a new comment on your post "~IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO TRY AGAIN~":

a very encouraging post! and a lovely blog! thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Hey Sweets!
Gosh! I'da thunk you were talking about moi!!!
I sent ya an email a few days ago and I know sometimes they go to your spam...just a FYI.

I have read the Prayer of JABEZ and KNOW God has been a blessing me..I too know he has blessed your work and love for old treasures!

Blessings my sweet friend!

ps..Im a loving your music picks!

Janine Claire Robinson said...

Lovely Rebecca - you have such a wonderful warm heart! Thank you for another special post. I am so blessed by you. Many blessings with your exciting new step of faith! May you continue to see the goodness and favor of God each day. Love Janine

Terri Smith said...

Sweet Rebecca..thank you for this particular post. It came at such a perfect time for me...but isn't that precisely how the Lord sends things..when we need them most.

I could almost do handstands for you and the success you're experiencing with your web-sales. It's truly wonderful dear friend!

Sending you a hug along with some of this beautiful Georgia Sunshine, Terri

Lisa said...

Lovely post! I am glad you took the plunge! I am so glad you are doing well!
Hugs, Lisa

Diane said...

Lovely post, Rebecca, you present such a pretty page. And the inspiration is wonderful. Diane

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