Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I love living in my La Chaumiere de Briarwood.  I do!  For almost 18 years we've made this two story beauty our home.  And, even with the challenges that have come with owning a 40 year old home, neither my Mr. AGPMan or I have ever regretted  purchasing her back in July of 1992.  We raised our children in this house and we built a happy marriage.  We plan on calling it home until we can no longer climb her aging stairs...

Our home was built in 1970.  Back then the homes that were built in our town were void of most of the amenities that are commonplace in homes of today.  Our galley style kitchen will never win any awards (we have plans to remodel her soon) and all four bedrooms are upstairs (we've always disliked that!!).  Plus, our three bathrooms were dated and to be honest with you, downright UGLY.  From the tile to the counter-tops they could easily cause even the strongest of stomachs to churn from disgust.
Before Picture

You may remember these picture from this POST where I shared with you the process of remodeling our main upstairs bath.  It was a HUGE project as the entire thing was gutted down to the studs. 
After Picture

Another one of the less than admiral traits of our home is our "Master Bath".  I actually use that term loosely because I don't really consider it a "Master" of anything!  More like a "Pretend-Bath" or a "Nightmare-Bath"...or even a "I'm too big to get myself into this ugly shower" kind-of-bath.  It's soooo sorry looking and poorly designed that it  ALMOST kept me from signing off on the dotted line all those years ago!  Still, the positives outweighed the not-so-good things and besides, we always PLANNED on remodeling her...  

Operative word here was "PLANNED!"

Life happened, I suppose!  And, piano lessons for my kids happened and starter jackets for my son happened and new bikes, Gameboys, trumpets, flutes, season passes to White Water Bay...and Barbies and girly things for my daughter...

You get the idea?  Right?

Anyway,  with the completion of our main bath AND the redesigning of our formal dining room (showing pictures soon!), we FINALLY began the tear-out of  the UGLIEST BATHROOM on the PLANET!

Gag...I'm embarrassed to show you!  Here goes...

Now...is this something or what???  Such a gnarly/nasty 1970 'one-piece-molded sink' and how 'bout that awesome light fixture???  UGH!  Now...just to the right you'll see a pocket door.  This design just had to be the worse thing about our home...I SUPPOSE it was put there for privacy given the fact the sink area was right off our the master bedroom...

Are you getting the picture?  I told you it was UGLY!  Keep looking!

I promise you...it felt like I was in a CAVE when I showered in this thing.  I can't believe we've lived with it for soooo long!  Keep going...

Whoot!  Whoot! and YAHOOO!  No wonder my make-up sometimes looked GREEN!  I couldn't SEE what I was putting on my face with a light like this!

Ripping out this MONSTER OF A SHOWER and hauling all the debris downstairs was a JOB NIGHMARE!  My poor Mr. AGPMan.  He zonked out after getting only half of it done!

Now...we are actually a little beyond this point now.  The sheet-rock is off, the pocket door/wall is removed, the toilet and sink were hauled away and the shower almost dismantled... all that gacky  (that means really yuck) tile is about 2/3 off!  The last thing to we have to do is to pull out the LED shower pan...OMGOSH...it's about 500 pounds (well...maybe not that heavy but you get what I mean!).

Because the space is SMALL with no possible way of enlarging it, we chose to remove the pocket door and the drop ceiling to open up the room.  It's too hard to explain what we have planned so I'll show you in pictures as we complete each part of the makeover!  

Now...get this...

We INQUIRED as to the cost of remodeling this super-tiny bath a couple of months ago...  Even with US  my Mr. AGPMan doing all you see above, the ESTIMATE was $10K-$12K.  WHAT??????  

Soooo....being the thrifty cheap peeps we are, we are AGAIN doing the remodel ourselves!  Even with a new sink and GORGEOUS cabinet (have to have it for storage), new bath fixtures, lighting, vent/fan, shower tile/pan, plumbing, paint and flooring, we are hoping to come in at about $3K....


We will take what we have saved on the remodel and fly to Paris, France on our wedding anniversary in 2013! :)


Blessings for a lovely spring day...   


Pink Princess said...

ADORE the remodeled main bathroom, you both did an awesome job ♥♥
ON to the second lol.

Hugs from Marian

VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh,my Godness,sweetheart Rebecca!!!-)*

You beautiful HOME is indeed a very enchanted place...
I smell the atmosphere an what an unbelievebly great makeover here by you!!!
I have no enough nicesest woords to describe you,my beautiful virtual Friend HOW amazingly nice you HOME is...
LOVE all details there!-)))*
Pure romantic,light,pure LOVE...

Many sunshining hugs for you,

lisa said...

Looking forward to following along!

I know it's going to be beautiful.

Have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

We need to "do" our bathrooms too but with my health concerns going on it will have to wait. We are getting a new heating system this summer!!
Hang in there & before you know it you will be basking in the beauty of HOME!!
Have a Great Day!!

Gone said...

I love the make-over of the first bathroom you did....and can't wait to see the make-over of the true Master Bath.

Denise@alloverroses said...

I love reading your stories! You crack me up. I'm excited to watch the progress of your bathroom remodel. You're so lucky to have such a handy hubby. It does keep the cost down. My hubby is quite handy also. That really helps when you want to save a few bucks. I try not to ask him to do anything to major since he has such a huge commute to work everyday. He drives from Roseville (next to Sacramento) to San Francisco airport everyday which is about 250 miles round trip! He kind of runs the other way when he hears me say "I have an idea". :( My house was just 10 yrs. old on May 10th. It doesn't look anything like it did 10 yrs. ago! hehe How boring that would be?
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Hugs, Denise

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Rebecca ~ I cannot wait to see how it comes out ~ I love your other bathroom ~ it is gorgeous !

Stacey said...

Rebecca, I know you will totally transform that bathroom. Your home is gorgeous!

Mollye said...

Oh Honey, I am truly sorry but I cannot feel your pain here! teehee

You see Punkin and I bought the home in which he grew up in and it was over fifty years old when his family bought it in the 50's....Yep do the math. Are you getting the picture in your head? Two bedrooms with single closets. One tiny bathroom off the DINING ROOM which when you're sitting the throne pretending to be a Queen you can see anyone who walks up on the front porch. AND they can see you too! Oh enough. I can't stand to go on because it will begin to sound as if I'm making sport of our tiny wee house and in all honesty I thank God for it each and every day because without it we might be living in the bushes behind Walmart or somewhere.

You are doing a lovely job on your remodeling though. Luvs ya, XXMollye

Dolores said...

Oh my, the front of your home is so beautiful, it has a warm and inviting look, that says, "welcome come in"......beautiful tree too.

I can't wait to see the transformation of your master bathroom. It's so wonderful that you all can do the work yourselves....not only saving all that money, but also the feeling of pride you'll have when it's finished.

The bathroom that's finished is so beautiful!!!

Lottie said...

Wow! What a lot of work just to get started! Can't wait to see the "after" pictures!

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Hi Rebecca :) I've always hated the work it takes to remodel a room! Our home had all that plaster & lathe? that had to be ripped down in several of rooms, and it is a messy business to take down. But when it is all done & finished, you think "Maybe all that work wasn't so bad" well, not TOO bad anyways, lol. Looking forward to the progress on your Master Bath :)

Warmest always, Brenda

beth said...

We are int he same boat, but winding down those tuition payments and hope to update the house soon..!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Melissa, I think that is amazing that you can do the work yourselves. I wish we knew how to do that. I have a bathroom or two that could use it! I've always had SMALL baths until our recent place. Now I can see to put on my makeup!

I can't wait to see the remodel pics as you go along, and I'm very happy that the money you save will be spent on a very happy anniversary trip to the City of Lights! YES! :-)


Sheila :-)

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Oh my gosh, the after is beautiful! I honestly think I have the ugliest bathroom though
:-) (especially now). I can't wait to see the dining room. You have a lovely home. Be well, Connie

Rose said...

Hi! have to admit that it's alot work to do this your self but cheaper. Last year the original bath in our 70 year old house had to be done. We had a bathtub in our living room for over a month. Hope you never get to that point. Wish you luck-- I'm certain it will be beautiful with all of your shills. Have a good day.

Janine Claire Robinson said...

What an amazing makeover of the first bathroom. I cannot wait to see what you are doing with this next one. When you are done with that, won't you use all your extra savings to pop on over to me here in sunny South Africa and help me fix up my 2 ugly bathrooms too :) hee hee. Love Janine

Oklahoma Granny said...

Our son just finished installing a shower in the TINY bathroom just off their bedroom. It was truly a JOB. The plumbing had to be re-done to accomodate the new pan. Now they are in the midst of installing a new tub and shower in their main bathroom which is very small too.

Love what you did with your remodeled bathroom. Can't wait to see pics of the dining room and the bath remodel you are working on.

Jonny said...

Amazing remodeling-I love your bathroom the colors are rich and gorgeous.Sincerely Jonny

Victorian1885 said...

Good morning Rebecca
Your renovated bath is going to be as lovely as the first one.. I know it! Our home is 86 years young and I am so glad we had time before we moved in 5 years ago to renovate what needed done. Our walls are plaster and a real mess to repair or remove. I am definately due for another viewing of your beautiful home so please bring on the photos! ; ) Take care & have a glorious day..


The Feathered Nest said...

REBECCA!!!! This. is. GORGEOUS!!!! What a relaxing, serene bath ~ oh hon, you guys did a beautiful job...Wishing you a wonderful week, hugs and love, Dawn

Mari said...


Tristan Robin said...

The top bath is just stunning - what a sanctuary!

I have to laugh at your ugliest bathroom - it reminds me very much of the bathroom I had in my first NYC apartment. My mother actually refused to use it LOL. AND we had the very very same horrible florescent light box fixture! They must have been de rigueur in the -70's LOL.

What marvelous plans for your anniversary ... will this be your first visit to Paris?

Looking forward to more pics of the bthroom - and the new dining room. I love seeing pics of others' houses - I actually walk the dog at night when people have their lights on and look at their decorating from the sidewalk LOL. Talk about a busybody, huh?!

Unknown said...

Yuck, remodeling is such an ugly business...but so worth it. You have a beautiful home, Rebecca.
I should be so lucky.
have a good day.

Unknown said...

G'morn, Rebecca ~ Your bathroom is absolutely awesome & I see your 'master' bath like ours is going to take on the aura of peaceful beauty when you are done.

We are taking down the wall between our vanity area & the bath area also ...

As you said before to me, our homes are very alike in design. What fun to make all the interior & exteriors changes to reflect the beauty of her bones thru our decorating. Miss you ~
Hugs, Marydon

My Grama's Soul said...

What a pretty blog you have. I, too, am planning on remodeling in the fall, I hope I can get my costs down like you have managed to do.

By the way......I think I have the ugliest bathroom on the planet!! LOL LOL



Deanna said...

Rebecca, I know that when you are finished with the masterbath that it will be outstanding just like the other bathroom you've mastered!!!

Gorgeous work you and hubby do together.

That remodeling can be such a workout.

Can't wait to see pics when done!
It will be awesome.

God bless and may you have a sweet week,

Sheryl said...

However ugly, at least you had real tile. LOL. My first home had tile all right, but they were metal. And not the pretty embossed metal. Just plain square 4x4 metal tiles that someone painted. Wonderful luck with your makeover! Blessings.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

That ugly duckling won't be ugly for long.


Kerrie said...

loved the bath remodel, what a wonderful job!

Alison Gibbs said...

Rebecca you guys did an amazing job

Jeannie B. said...

I can't wait to follow along! You are both brave souls!

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca!
Oh you are doing what I looooong to do...I am sure my mst bath is as ugly as yours..almost 20 yrs and the same carpet in area where our sinks are! I sooo would love to redo it and make our shower larger...alas, in due time!

Can't wait to see how you put your ever so elegant and sweet touches in it!

Hope youre is a great day!

Jessica said...

Wow! A lot of work, but how exciting to finally be working on your "master bath". :-)By the way, I am enjoying your relaxing music. Beautiful. :-)

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Rebecca~ We've just finished remodeling our very (old)tiny master bath.
We didn't have enough room to have a double sink or a private toilet stall...so, I talked my hubs into stealing space for our shower from removing the hall linen closet. It made such a "huge" difference. I had a shower seat installed too. I may not have the sunken jacuzzi tub, but I've got a nice tiled shower instead. We were fortunate to find a very affordable contractor who only charged us $5,ooo (labor cost) for the whole BR remodel . Needless to say we've put him on the payroll for other projects.

I think doing it yourself is a great compromise for the exchange of a trip to Paris!

Sweet wishes,

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Rebecca, its going to be soo nice when it's done..thank goodness you have other bathrooms while remodeling!


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