Monday, May 24, 2010


I usually do my Monday post late in the evening on Sunday.  But, yesterday was a super full day for me and before I knew it the clock was striking midnight and I was done for the day.  I'm sure my exhaustion had SOMETHING to do with the simple fact that I'd cared for my Miss K all weekend  And, if I wasn't entertaining her then I was cleaning up the debris field left by the numerous mini-tornadoes she caused by twirling about in my home...

Anyway, by the time I got her off to school this morning I was more than beat.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I hurried her off to the car and all I could think of was that I looked like Cinderella BEFORE she'd been visited by her Fairy Godmother.   I looked as though I'd been sleeping by the ashes for more than a fortnight...

"HURRY!  HURRY!  HURRY!" and "I should KNOW how to do this by now!" are the two thoughts that came to my mind.

Still...I loved the pleasure of our Miss K's company and the gentleness in which she sings and plays...

I remember well days just like this from back when my two children were growing up.  I'd hurry them out of bed in the morning and then hurry them through their breakfast.  Then I'd hurry them along as they got dressed, brushed their teeth and combed their hair.  All this while I would hurry myself through packing their lunches and backpacks and hurrying to sign numerous permission slips for camp, t-ball or dance...all things I didn't get done because I was too busy hurrying the day before... I was hurrying my children out the front gate I'd give them a  hurried hug and hurry them into the car.  Then, before we reached the schoolyard I'd hurry to give each one a kiss before they hurried to slam the car's door.

I'd hurry my way home and hurry my way around my house changing linens, re-making beds and then picking up stuff I'd been in too big of a hurry to put away the night before. Then I'd hurry my way through a cup of hot tea, several loads of laundry and maybe a devotional passage or two (usually though I was in too big a hurry)!

I'd hurry out to get the mail then hurried to write out the bills, walk the dog and water the plants.  Then I would hurry my way back up to the school to pick up the kids and then hurry home to start dinner.  I'd hurry my babes through their homework, hurry them into the bath, through their prayers and into bed.

And then, without me realizing it, it would all start all over again.

What was I trying to achieve with all that rushing and hurrying around anyway?  Hindsight tells me my young life was way out of balance.  If I've learned one thing through successfully raising two amazing kids it is this...
The journey through life is brief..."Our days on earth are like a shadow." (1 Chronicles 29:15 NIV)

(Note:  To Brandon and Adrienne...I MISS YOU! xoxoMom)

Blessings as you slow your pace and enjoy this lovely Monday...
Love to you~


Tristan Robin said...


I can tell you loved every moment of it!

Nancy's Notes said...

Rebecca, thanks for the gentle reminder of how time goes by way too fast, all the while we are in a hurry! I saw myself in your post, so today, I'll slow down a bit!

Have a good day!


Cinnamonstitch said...

Rebecca, I want to thank you for that wonderful reminder. I still do that everyday with my youngest. Today my middle son started rehearsal for High School Graduation, and as he drove me to his school so he could practice driving, I saw all these kids all grown up, I couldnt help but get chocked up, I remember many of these kids as little guys riding their bikes, and the little girls in their ponytails and ribbons. Im grateful for having a little one left , maybe I will slow down a little and enjoy him more than I already do.
Have a blessed Day

TheMuffinMan said...

Thanks so much for watching K while we were both WAAAY sick this weekend. We truly appreciate it!

TheMuffinMan said...

Miss you too Mom! =)

Mollye said...

Oh Rebecca, A message we all as women need to hear. Slow down. We do not make the time to truly enjoy and appreciate this gift known as the Present. I just treasure you sweet Rebecca and your wisdom.

Deanna said...

Rebecca, I hear ya Sista'!!!!
I did the exact same thing as my children were growing up and lived to regret all the hurry. I know that there were times I simply had to slow down, but there was way too much hurrying. Breaks my heart.

Now days I look a fright! I am the frazzled Granny Nanny around here Monday thru Friday. Hahaha. I have slowed down as I babysit my Granddaughter and smile a whole lot more, but at 54 my ole body doesn't bounce back as fast as it use to...grins.

I told some Ladies just the other day that I loved my children, but taking care of my grand is well... how do i say this...funner. I enjoy the early childhood developement and cherish all the sweet things this little one says and does. And yes, my house looks a sight most of the time, but that's part of it. The wonderful thing about this is I don't always get all bent out of shape with the messes...hallelujah! I have grown!!!

Loved your post and could identify.
God bless you,
d from Homehaven

Mosaic Magpie said...

You are right we rush around for what? Great post, I had similar thoughs when I wrote about a young man and his cowboy boots on my blog if you get a chance come over and read it.

Unknown said...

Gracious, all the hurrying has made me tired..I need a nap now.
Hey, I've been going thru a few things I thought you might use in your crafts...just a few things.
If you don't mind sending your e-mail addy to me, I'll send them to some for my friend Connie, too.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Rebecca, you are so right. Life is fleeting enough without us hurrying it more. We need to slow down and embrace the here and now, take time to embrace our loved ones before they are no longer with us. Other things can wait, attention and the time we give to others cannot.


Sheila :-)

Dolores said...

Your words reminded me so much of my life when our children were growing up. Always rushing and being in a big hurry.

"If" I could turn back the clock, I'd slow down and smell the roses.
At the time it feels like being a parent will be forever, but they grow up much too quickly.

A sweet post!!!

Jeannie B. said...

I love this post. It is so very true of almost everyone today. It seems to be a badge of honor to be so busy. My favorite days were what I call my 'baby' years. Only one car so I was not running all around town. Playing baby games all day with them. Strolling them around. The days seemed endless. Thank you for nudging my memories.

Unknown said...

I see my own children doing exactly the same as did I ... & you, Rebecca. That is why it is such fun having kid-lings ... you don't have to rush, things will get done in time ... just lov'em & hug'um ... the rest can wait.

Time is too precious. Hope the kids get well soon.

Have a lovely week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Rose said...

We all get too much in a hurry. Sometimes we can contol the pace at other times we can't just doing the best but remember we need to look , love enjoy our world. have a good day.

Goosegirl said...

What a great post.
You know today was the first day I did not have to be some where or sew something on a deadline in a long long time. I thought I should be accomplishing so much because I had a good block of time in which to do it.
Instead, I snuggled my 5 year old while watching a movie she chose. She snuggled into me and I smelled her hair and thought how fast the last 18 years have gone. You see, in just 3 weeks, my first baby will graduate from high school. We did a lot of hurrying through the years, and now I wish it would all slow down. Thank you for reminding me.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for the reminder that we do need to slow down and enjoy our lives. I was the same way with my son when he was little and I was very young. We just don't realize that life passes by so quickly.

I wanted to be supermom, superwoman and super career girl and now all I want to do is enjoy my family and love them.


Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Awe, sweet Rebecca, you couldn't have descibed these feelings any better, and I think most of us mother's have felt the same at one time or another. I was just crying this past weekend of how my now 19 yr old is growing so fast. The time does fly, and we wonder to ourselves where did it go, and why was I in such a hurry. Thank you again for sharing your loving thoughts with us. sniff ~ sniff


myletterstoemily said...

such a sweet reminder to me and
encouragement to a young mommy!

Ellie Inspired said...

Rebecca, this post made me cry! I'm in that hurry stage right now and today was the last day of school. We didn't hurry to bed tonight and I won't have to hurry them along in the morning. I love summers when we can slow down and just enjoy our kids. Thanks for the reminder though that our days are short on this earth and our hurrying accomplishes nothing of lasting value.

Mari said...



Hi Rebecca, Every word is so true, thank you for reminding us to slow down, be present and enjoy each moment! Thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet comment on my "Angel of a "Thrifty" kind!

Victorian1885 said...

Make sure you take the time to smell all of your roses Rebecca! Life flys by way too fast..seems faster now after 50..
PS I love the new fabric blocks!


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

We lived the same life....I have slowed down a lot, not by my choice, but the Lord's. And really, it is better this way!

joanne said...

thank gave me cause to catch my breath and remember to slow down..I've missed so much on the path by hurrying through life..most of all I missed a lot with my children and that I regret. with love..jj

A Romantic Porch said...

You just described me! I'm trying ...honestly I am ...trying to slow down. Life is crazy hard sometimes...GOD is always good. always. xo rachel

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