Tuesday, June 1, 2010


~Antique Sewing Machine Graphic~
(From the FREE Company)

Last Summer I stumbled upon a fairly good Garage Sale and bought the Sewing Machine you see above.  Cabinet and all!  Last Christmas, after cleaning her up A LOT I sold her in my Shabby Cottage Booth at French Quarter Antiques in Oklahoma City.  The piece was fabulous and the lady who purchased her was planning on using it as a side table.  SWEET!   I did very well on the resale of her...but, it was the Instruction Manuel that I truly loved.  Although parts of it were beyond repair, some of the original graphics were in wonderful condition.  Also, tucked inside the Attachment Case was the Bill of Sale from 1886.  Can you imagine? Anyway, the new owner of this sweet old find didn't want the Ephemera and so I kept it.  The Sewing Machine (Receipt below) originally sold in the state of Rhode Island for $35.00.  It had ALL the attachments and was in beautiful condition when I found it!
~Wow...Only $35.00~
(A lot for 1886)

Over the weekend I scanned in lots of aging images for my business and thought surely there were some who would be interested in a few of them as well!!!

I scanned the original graphic in at 300 DPI and so it should be wonderful for lots of your sweet projects.  I also cleaned up the one you see below and removed all the lettering and most of the directional arrows.  I hope you'll have fun enjoying it!
~Cleaned Up Image~

I love vintage paper goods and I'm fascinated by the artwork and scrolly designs from the late 1800's.  I'm quite sure the reproduced drawings you see above were originally hand done making them all the more delightfully sweet and charming!

Now...can you believe it is June 1st?  That means it's been a full six months since December 1st and the Christmas Decorating Craze began...  Six months until it all starts again! :)

Blessings as you enjoy the sunshine of the warm summer days ahead...

Love to you~


Anonymous said...

WOW...1898 is the same year my Beloved Grandma was born!!
Great Post!!
Have a Great Day!!

Nancy's Notes said...

Rebecca, love the drawings! They are truly sweet and charming, you are so right!! Thanks for sharing, I have not seen such beautiful drawings like this before, they are unique!

Oh my, six months from now, I already feel behind!! Yikes!

Hope you are having a good day!


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...


That is such a great graphic!! It looks very much like Joe's Grandmother's sewing machine that i have on display in my Craft Room!!


Dorthe said...

Thankyou, dear Rebecca,
Love this image,-so sweet of you .
Hugs, Dorthe

Stephanie said...

Awe, so cute, it has sooo much detail.
Love it!

Unknown said...

This is a lovely graphic, Rebecca. Haven't seen one this old before on the sewing machines. It brings back memories tho, of G'ma Maggie's treadle machine that we used to play with, when she would allow it.

Really sweet of you to share the image.

Have a great week.
TTFN ~ Hugs & love, Marydon

Mosaic Magpie said...

Love the image and how much did a sewing machine cost in l898?

Bring Pretty Back said...

How adorable are these drawings!! Love them!

Rita said...

Rebecca, thank you for the wonderful graphic. My grandmother had an old tredle machine which I used when I was a young girl. I hope to put this graphic on my blog in the near future and link back to your blog if that is alright with you. I've used a sewing machine since I was 9 years old.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Such a wonderful graphic, Rebecca! I can tell you are having such digital fun, girl! AND you are so talented at it, too!

I'm having a WEDDING BLOG PARTY on June 25th (my first ever to hostess!) so please stop by if you are interested and read about it ~ I'd love to have you join us! And there will be another sweet giveaway, too!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh Rebecca...this was such a great post about the sewing machine and all....everything the music, the pictures so relaxing...and then you HAD to mention 6 months to Christmas!!!! Sent a chill up my spine:0 I am begging hubby for an away Christmas...then I don't have to take out all the decorations!! I know, I am getting old and scrooge like!!

Mosaic Magpie said...

$35.oo would have been an expensive machine back then. But imagine trying to hand sew everything. Some lucky lady was the proud owner of that machine. The fact it was in such good condition when you got it proves it was well taken care of. Or maybe she didn't use it at all and was really lucky to have someone else do all her mending.

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

Great post! And thanks for the graphic. I actually learned to sew on a machine just like that one! It was my grandmother's and, unfortunately, it is long-gone.


Olivia said...

Oh my this is very neat. I love it that you shared this...thank you for your heart and inspiration.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Whoa............a FREE sewing machine that cost $35? :-) I've antiqued and junked a LOT during my life and have never even heard of a Free sewing machine. What a find!

The chair is actually slipcovered....I don't know a thing about upholstery....and I like to wash the darn things!


Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Rebecca, how are you?? I love the graphic and thank you so much! I am just now getting back into sewing so it's perfect!
I have my nana's sewing machine and cabinet..not sure what year it was built but they married in 1925 and not sure if it was new then or used..I need to clean up the cabinet but it does still work. I will email you a picture.very cool.
have a blessed day,
PS we need to blog about our wedding dress one day..!

Rose said...

love the sewing machine pic. when i was a little gire, my mother used this item. when we moved, i had no idea where it went. brings back good memories. rose

Barbara Jean said...

Thank you Rebecca!

barbara jean

Zoechaos said...

Now over 12 months later your fabulous image has been rediscovered and is loved. It reminds me of my late Aunt's trundle machine which was quite possibly as old. I loved my Aunt who passed in 2000 her home and its contents were all sold off. Your fantastic treasure will become special reminders to me of a dear lady. XOXO Zoe

Crafted Spaces said...

What a great illustration. Thank you so much for sharing. I will like to add it to the wall of my sewing studio :-)

BeccaCookArt said...

I have this exact sewing machine and I use it all the time, mine also has the booklet and all the attachments that are original. I am sewing puppet clothes with it today.

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