Wednesday, June 9, 2010


 I nearly skipped doing my Wednesday Post because I spent most of my time today doing one of three things...

#1.  Painting the furniture I showed you a couple of days ago...

#2.  Finishing up several painted projects for my website...


#3.  Wading my way through over 125 emails regarding my GIVE-A-WAY that started yesterday!  Whoot! Whoot!

I was hoping you'd be excited about the PINK ROSE PRETTIES that some very special person is going to WIN!!!!  And...I think that MAYBE you are.  Maybe the WINNER will be YOU!

Did you know that....

In 1984 I won $1,000 in Captain Crunch Cereal!? I did!  True story!

Now...I'm just hoping all my new BFF's (aka: Followers) don't un-friend me when a name that is OTHER THAN THEIRS is pulled out of the hat! :)  That would be a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal bummer! KIND TO ME!  I'm sensitive!

Sometime tomorrow I will be showing you a few AFTER pictures of the furniture I snagged on Saturday.  The two big pieces are almost done...just need their hardware reattached!

Blessings for a restful night of blissful sleep.  I'm going to bed early!  I'm beat!
Love to you~


Unknown said...

... & I thought you NEVER won/win anything ... hmmmmm! Chuckle! We won $1,000 in the Pepsi contest once, does that count!?, Rebecca?! My greatest win in life is all my wonderful friends ... the rest is just an added bonus.

I'll just buy the sewing box ... okie dokie? That is awesome! Absolutely awesome! What?!?! you won't sell it? Pout! So I have to actually have to win it ... well, then put my name on it ... chuckle!

Have a beau-TEA-ful day tomorrow!
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Patty C. said...

sweet dreams :)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I am beat too...having 2 girlfriends over for lunch on Friday and I am trying to foof up the house. I just am not what I used to be....oh well, still here at least!
Have a great sleep. Can't wait to see what you have been working on..

Char said...

Hi sweet Rebecca, I have not entered any of your lovely give a ways simply because we both make things along the same lines. I however have found myself unable to stop entering this one. I love (adore) the box and would love to have it. I do have several painted pieces of yours and would be honored to have just one more. Maybe that's too much to ask for, I don't know but I would love to toss my name into the hat, Char

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! If anyone un-follows your blog for not winning in the giveaway then that's just silly. I wouldn't, I love your blog. By the way, I am really looking forward to your furniture transformation!! Can't wait!

Dogmom Diva said...

Goodnight Rebecca..just finished posting about the giveaway and I am beat..your items are just beautiful!


cottagepinkperfection said...

Hope to win this beautiful give-away. You are the best!

Blessings 2 U!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Un-befriend YOU? Are you kidding??? Nope! Not gonna happen. You are far to special to let an adorable little pillow stand in the way of being your friend. After all, BFFs are forever!



Julie Marie said...

Oh Rebecca... I want to know how you won $1000 in a Captain Crunch contest??? You need to post about that! I hope the winner really is ME in your sweet giveaway! xoxo Julie Marie

Unknown said...

I'm mustering up the courage to paint some of my furniture. I always think I'll make an unfixable mistake and ruin everything!

Heather said...

Good Morning Rebecca,
I hope all is well for you. I have been away from blogland for a while. Things are well over here. I created a new blog and I'm hoping to keep it updated as much as I can. I still read your blog every morning even though I wasn't "following" Talk to you soon- Heather P.S.. this isn't a comment for the giveaway.. <3

Rebecca Nelson said...

TO Julie Marie:

About the Capt'n Cruch $1,000 win!

Early in 1984 I found myself prego with my daughter, Adrienne. Our son, Brandon, was about 2 1/2 and he wanted some cereal for breakfast. Well...a few weeks before this I had sent my Mr.AGPMan to the store for PEANUT BUTTER CAPT'N CRUNCH and he came home with the original kind (you know...the kind that rips up the roof of your mouth). Anyway...i didn't give Brandon sugar when he was little and told him for two months he couldn't have it (I've softened over the years!).

Anyway, one day I finally relented and opened up the box of Capt'n Crunch only to find a little treasure chest inside with a hand-written serial number and the words "YOU'VE WON!" I immediately flipped the box over and read the said "Win 1 in 500 chances for $1,000!" I nearly went into labor right then and there.

Guess what we bought with the $$$? A refrigerator! BORING! :) I still have the little chest SOMEWHERE!

Now you know the rest of the story!


Anonymous said...

Cool story how you won 1,000. I would have bought something along that line -- if the need was there - wink -- enjoying your blog and the information you are so willing to share - I'll be back to see the end results of the furniture!!

Rose said...

just love your blog. i go nuts looking at the photos. where do you find these? rose

Auntie Pam said...

Rebecca, they look gorgeous already. I can see your sweet whimsical soft pink roses all over them already. Perfect for a little girls room. !!!

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