Friday, August 20, 2010


I do think I may have won the prize for winning the most Blogland Giveaways!  I'm starting to feel a tad bit guilty over the great menagerie of fabulous gifts I've received since I first began blogging about 20 months ago...
So...please permit me to brag a bit about my most recent benefactors and share with you the 2die4 treasures they have sent my way!
 I'll start first with Miss Stephanie from Stephanie's Cottage!  Stef is an amazingly talented gal and I know you are going to just love her sweet Bloggie!  She loves to create and I was over-the-moon excited to receive several things created by her own two hands!  I won her recent Giveaway and being true to her word Stef sent me lots of lovely little treasures that arrived on my doorstep about ten days ago.
In a beautifully wrapped box  I found so many sweet presents!  First...there was this vintage beaded purse that just about left me speechless.  I'm NEVER at a loss for words so this was really something!  It's already hanging in a place of honor in my studio!
Next was this flirty, lacy, pink rose fan (made with one of my all time favorite discontinued cottons) that took my breath away...  So much work and detail!  LOVE IT!
Next came these two darling handmade roses and a lovely vintage crochet doily...Yum!
Then...tucked inside nestled within lots of colorful shreds was this tiny pair of WHITE DOVES.  I immediately fell in love with them...I love birdie figurines of all kinds...but white ones are my favorite!  Along with them came a precious handwritten note on a pink rose tea card.

Thank you so much Stephanie for all the beautiful gifts, for the wrappings, the note and for your very generous ways!  Thank you so much for sharing your gifted heart with mine!

I hope those of you visiting me today will hop on over and give Stephanie a little SHOUT OUT and tell her you think she's wonderful, too! if winning Steph's Giveaway wasn't fabulous enough I recently won another giveaway from Miss Shelia from The Quintessential Magpie.  Now...SheilaGirl is a hoot and she's been around for awhile (not an old gal, mind you...just bloggin for a bit!) so many of you already know of her!  Still...I hope you'll stop in for a visit to her sweet little blog.  She's been down for the count for a spell and I'm sure she'd love to hear from lots and lots of you bloggin' gals.
 Now Miss Sheila is a true giver just like Stephanie!  Inside her box were packages that were all individually wrapped and the loveliest handwritten note.  You can see above the amazing bath products she sent me that are all PINK (squeal) and the six precious starfish I've wanted for sooo very long now.
Being a transplanted Southern Cali girl I love anything from the ocean and I can assure you there are NO STARFISH in the state of Oklahoma (OK..maybe a fossil or something SOMEWHERE...but prob'ly NOT!).
Next came this gorgeous vintage handkerchief that I absolutely adore!  I'm crazy-nutso about vintage linens of any kind and I can promise you that this one is simply amazing!  I just love it!
Now...see this sweet pink rose EGG?  It is HAND PAINTED and just the tiniest little thing ever!  Here is another shot of it to give your the size...
 This little cutie was wrapped inside a box all it's own and I think it took me five minutes just to find it amidst all the pretty wrappings!  By golly I got her out though and she now proudly sits on my china cabinet right where you see her in the top photo!  This little beauty once belonged to Sheila's Momma and I absolutely LOVE IT and her for sending it to me.

Now...last but not least are two little presents Sheila sent for my Miss K.  I re-wrapped them (Yes!  Of course I knew they were for her and YES I peeked)!  See the little PINK PIGGY Spatula and the PINK PIGGY WHISK you see in the lower right corner?  Well...those are for my grand-girl for when we bake together on her next visit!  I'll share pictures of our favorite little girl and her piggies very soon!

If you aren't familiar with The Quintessential Magpie, Miss Sheila herself, I hope you'll make time for at least a quick visit!  You'll love her and you will adore her sweet site.

Thank you Shelia for sharing such lovelies with me!  I can't thank you enough for your friendship and for being so incredibly generous and kind!

Now..since I've won soooo many neat things of late I just MIGHT have to disqualify myself for a time so some other sweet bloggin' peeps can have a chance to win as well (unless of course someone is giving away a refrigerator...I really NEED a new one!).

Blessings for a fabulous Friday!

Love to you~


Lore♥ said...

Wooou Rebecca!!
cuantos regalos!!!
hermosos, lindos, maravillosos y delicados
me alegro mucho que los hayas recibido
la verdad uno se pone contento al recibir tanto cariño
un abrazo grande para ti

stephanies cottage said...

Awe!! I'm so glad u liked your goodies! ! I enjoyed putting it all together! !! Tons of hugs Stephanie! !

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,my dear,dear Rebecca!-)*

Wow,wow,and wow!!!
SO nice post,realy,realy nice...
You know,I am always admire all creative peoples,that's unbelivebly great,SO much beautiful hands and hearts from these magic Blogland world!!!
I adore the state of your mind,
Thank you for share,dear Rebecca,


Rena said...

I guess I'm the first one up this a.m., yes? Haha!
I just finished reading this post and the previous one. You do have a way with words that holds my attention and just makes life more, I guess! These gifts that friends sent to you are SO beautiful and I'm especially partial to that little painted egg. As Brazilians would say, "Ai! Que coisa linda!"
Thanks for visiting me yesterday!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Congrats on your wins! Such wonderful bloggy friends and such fabulous gifts.

Kim B said...

One lucky girl to win all those beautiful things. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I am happy that such a nice person won all those items.
Smiles to you my friend,

Vintage Sandy said...

Rebecca***Congrats on your beautiful wins they are all very lovely for a lovely person!

The French Bear said...

Beautiful gifts for a beautiful lady!!! How sweet and lovely it is to receive something someone else has made with love........ you must have been over the moon to open all these gorgeous gifts!!!
Thanks for always leaving me sweet little notes, I am recovering well and I am feeling the same as you about blogging, how much fun and what a blessing it has been!
Margaret B

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my Rebecca, what fabulous gifties, love them all! You are so the lucky one!~

Have a wonderful weekend full of fun!


A Southern Rose said...

Congratulations to you on your sweet wins! They are all so pretty and perfect for you. You deserve them all.

Lee Laurie

June said...

Hey Rebecca girl, you are feelin' the giveaway love, aren't you? Such wonderful pressies for a wonderful girl! It is so fun to go to the post and find a box (from who knows where) isn't it?
It is so good to stop by here and see all that has been keeping you busy (and I do mean busy).
Have the sweetest day ever dear friend!!!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

OMG Rebecca, I think you hit the jackpot!! All those lovely treasures. Isn't it fun to get a package in the mail and especially fun to get two. Your a lucky lady and a very sweet one. Enjoy all your treasures!!
Hugs, Pat

Theresa said...

W*O*W!!!!! Great gifts Rebecca, you are surely LUCKY:) Enjoy all of your pretties! I am amazed at the talent and generosity of our blog sisters! Have a blessed day! HUGS!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Rebecca, I am so very delighted that you loved your pressies. They all wanted to come live at your pretty house, especially the pink things, and I hope that you and Miss K have much fun with your spa day and your baking!

Mama's egg looks so sweet there as I knew it would. She would be just thrilled that you like it, and I know she's smiling down from Heaven. The hankie had your name all over it. I loved the work on it, and I thought you would, too. And every pretty lady needs a pretty hankie. I had to laugh about starfish in Oklahoma being fossils. When you told me on my blog that you couldn't find shells there, I knew these had to come live with you!

Still on break and will keep you posted about the other. I'm going to go take a look at all of your goodies from you other friend again. She sent you some true lovelies! I think you need to buy a lottery ticket! LOL!

Love you much...


Sheila :-)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

You might have to fight me for the of those french door ones...hmmmmm, oh, sorry, I got to dreaming there for a minute!
Congrats on your wins...I will try not to be jealous! I just do not have the touch or whatever to win those things...but I am happy you did...and the piggy things are just too cute!

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, you lucky girl. I love all of your new gifts. I think everyone knows that being a pretty lady, you love pretty things!



Deanna said...

Blessings to you! Sounds like you are a winner!!!!! Fantastic.

Rebecca, I izzzz tired. Been on the go and really do need to slow down a tad so I can prepare my body for surgery September 9th. I'm still recouping from the August 5th surgery. Appreciate your kind words and prayers.

God bless,

stefanie said...

oooooooh, you are a lucky gal...everything is just beautiful!!!

Lore♥ said...

pase para dejarte un abrazo grande!!
mi blog

Dolores said...

Wow, you hit the jackpot, those are awesome gifts!
You deserve them for all your sweetness....

Mari said...



Julie Marie said...

See my friend, everyone loves to send you pretty things! Hope Miss K had a good first day of school yesterday... love to you both... xoxo Julie Marie

NanaDiana said...

LOL Rebecca-If you haven't been buying lottery tickets I think now migh be a good time to start-lol Good for you ! It is always fun to see someone win something that has so much appreciateion for it! Diana

Ginger said...

Rebecca, what wonderful gifts you received. Sheila and Stephanie are two talented ladies. I don't seem to win anything anymore, boo hoo!!

Hope you have a wonderful Pink Sat.


My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Hello Sweet, I bet you were in heaven opening all those gorgeous goodies you won I cannot decide which one is my favourite. Wishing you a fantastic weekend....
Lyn xxx

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Rebecca: Thank you for your sweet comment. I wish you were here in LA, I sure could use a friend to cry with. (That would not be any fun!) Thank you for always being there for me. God bless you for your kindness to me. Martha

bee'nme said...

Hi Rebecca!

Congratulations on your bountiful bonanza of prizes!! Such cuteness at every turn. I'll be heading over to meet these sweet gals very soon. I'm so happy that you were the blessed recipient! Bloggers are such generous, lovely people!

Speaking of generous and lovely, thank you SO MUCH for your VERY kind comment on my blog!! It meant the world to me! So glad we found one another. Your profile reads like my bookshelf and DVD collection :o) And there is nothing like the sweet serendipity of finding a sister in the faith to share hellos and how-are-yous with...

I look forward to many more visits - your work, your shop, is just it here!

Come by anytime! And for being my 100th follower, I have a little something for you :o) I'll email you and get your address!!

Hugs & Blessings,
Becky at Just Bee 'n Me

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Dear friend, you deserve all the lovely things that come your way!!
Love and hugs,

Laura said...

YOU are the gift-
to all of us!

Have a great weekend.


Andrea said...

Everything is so beautiful! Enjoy all, for you deserve it because you are so giving.

Laura said it well: "You are the gift to all of us!"

Have a beautiful, blessed weekend!


P.S. My precious sachet survived the fire and smoke damage. It is now hanging on my guest room door. My 3 yr. old granddaughter loves to press her face into it and take a breath. She always asks, "What is it, Mimi?" I tell her it's lavender. "Lavender?" Olivia replies. "Ummmmm...."

Patti said...

Wow!! Christmas definitely came early in your house, didn't it? Those are all such wonderful gifts.

I have never visited Stefanie's blog before, but I love Sheila's blog. AND, I must tell you, how blessed I was by a totally different way. I was reading her blog about 2 months ago, and she had some photos of friends, and I recognized one of her friends as a very dear friend and prayer partner from when I lived in Florida, with whom I had lost touch. I contacted dear Sheila about the photo, and sure enough, it was, indeed, my friend, so Sheila told me which blog on her sidebar belonged to her. And we are renewing our friendship. Talk about a fabulous gift from Miss Magpie!!

Well, my dear, you have a lovely day...and enjoy all your beautiful gifts.


Unknown said...

Great, 'loot'! lol Congratulations on your winnings and I hope Miss Mollie is better soon.

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