Monday, August 30, 2010

~LOVELY PARTY FAVORS...Totally Chic and Sooo Girly~


Last Spring I was contacted by one of my website customers who was desperately looking for something sweet to use as a guest favor for a luncheon she was hosting for thirty to forty women.  She was hoping to find something not too terribly expensive but at the same time wanted a lovely little gift for each attendee to be able to carry home.

After chatting with her on the phone for a bit I found she clearly loved all things vintage and of course (wouldn't you know it...), PINK!  The party's theme, "Dressed In Beauty", intrigued me.  As we talked a while longer she shared with me how she had a passion for helping women who were facing  a multitude of challenges in their lives.  The purpose of the luncheon was to both educate and inspire ladies across her state to dress with femininity, modesty and grace without losing their sense of individual fashion.

Gift baskets would be given away to several stand-out women and tucked inside the "lucky" recipients would find beauty and bath products, coffees and teas and a set of Note Cards showcasing one of my favorite "Altered de Papier" website designs. Additionally orders were placed for matching Sachet Hangers and Pillows...  It was very exciting for me to be involved with such a fun party and I loved filling the orders even though it was a bit of a challenge for me to meet the deadline.

As my thoughts returned to ideas for finding and creating a memorable favor I remembered something I had seen when my daughter, Adrienne, graduated from high school a few years ago...

Back then I only knew a  smidgen about computers (now I only know a LITTLE) and never dreamed of trying to do anything with graphics on my own.  So, when I found an offering for customized candy wrappers (for mini Hershey Chocolates) I purchased several sets and before long our girl had personalized graduation treats for her family and friends.  In hindsight they truly weren't anything fabulous~  But, they were sweet and did include her name and a pretty little floral motif!

I tossed out the idea of creating a full-sized candy wrapper for my customer and a design similar to the one you see above (the PINK DRESS FORM) was ultimately chosen ("Dressed in Beauty" replaced the French Chocolate sentiment).  Her Chocolate Bars were then individually wrapped with the customized labels, tucked inside clear cello bags and then tied up with pink ribbons.  A personalized sentiment was added to the reverse side.

Now...several months ago one of my dearest friends phoned me and I was excited to hear about her daughter's engagement and upcoming marriage.  The beautiful bride-to-be has also chosen to gift her guests with personalized chocolate bars at the reception.  Instead of using a vintage graphic a black and white photo of the couple was chosen instead.  A simple 'Thank You' sentiment personalized from the bride and groom was added to the back.  

If you are planning a party or celebration this idea is sure to be a hit.  Even if you don't know much about computer programs (I use Paint Shop Pro) you can still create a label using hard copy elements (scrapbook papers, etc.).  Scan or photocopy your single finished image (wrapper design) and then reproduce it.  Most any candy bar or boxed candy can be turned into something truly sweet and special.

I'll be in my studio every single day this week working on new website pretties.  I PROMISE...more painted finds coming up in a few days!  

Blessings for a lovely day!

Love to you~


Blondie's Journal said...

The way you give of yourself and your time is truly admirable! These little bundles of goodies turned out SO cute!! You could market these!! :-)


Patti said...

Oh, how totally lovely!!! So pretty that no one would ever actually want to eat the chocolate and, thus, ruin the pretty wrapper.

Thank you for sharing such a neat idea.

Also, your friend's luncheon topic sounds fabulous....very necessary in today's world. I get upset on things like American Idol, for example. The men are always dressed in jeans and shirts...there's nothing hanging out. But the girls have super shirt skirts and tops that barely cover them. And I wonder, why do women feel the need to flaunt it all while men stay covered? Women need to be taught that modesty CAN be fashionable and pretty.

Blessings on your day, my dear.


stefanie said...

wowie!!!! just gorgeous!!!!

Theresa said...

I think that is a wonderful and beautiful idea! My Daughter ordered some for my Granddaughter's birthday party with a "Thank you" message and a picture of the birthday girl!

Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Rebecca that was a brilliant idea! I am not good with computers but I would like to learn enough to make some nice business cards and maybe labels for mailings....sigh...oh well in any event your printed wrappers were just perfect and I am sure the lady who needed them was thrilled with the results! I will be waiting to see what lovelies you come up with next....hugs
Tina xo

Unknown said...

Oh My Rebecca, You did such a lovely job, you are surely one of my favorites. Such beautiful things created by a beautiful lady. Thanks you for all your lovely post! XOXO

BellaRosa said...

Rebecca amor, I just love how these came out! They are such a lovely idea for a custom take home momento :) Amor, your comments always leave me smiling hours & sometimes days after I read them :)I will definitely make an effort to visit the ocean more often and enjoy some walks along the shore for the both of us! As bitter sweet as it can be for me to go is worst to stay away for so long, the older I am getting, the pain & sadness starts to diminish somewhat...As for the veggies thing...that is exactly what happened to me too, I am currently in love with Subways Veggie & povalone sandwich lol but I truly need to work on getting some more protein in, the neat side effect has been the healthier & shinnier hair, skin and shrinking body...I am losin sizes and amazed that is happening w/o dieting :) Amor, for all your heartfelt thoughts...grazie from my heart...they truly help & inspire me like I know you would understand! Besos and hope all is well with you and your loved ones amor! Besos, Rose

Ginger said...

I love the wrapped candy bars too. Yours are lovely and what a great gift for a wedding favor. I made some for Christmas treats last year. Someday I am going to have to buy PHOTOSHOP and see what I'm missing.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca,
Oh my talented friend this is just awesome. I love the idea and the way you designed them is stunning. Everyone would always remember that being the perfect favor. I would carefully upwrap the candy, eat the chocolate and save the wrapper. LOL

Have a fun filled week in your studio. I am doing the same.
I also hope you have the best time ever this weekend!! You so deserve it.

Love ya, Celestina Marie

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Hello my sweet friend........ first I wish to thank you for your kind & loving words to me, this year has been hard but you are right it is time to let go.
I really loved this post all your piccies look gorgeous & what a great idea having personalised chockie bars. I have yet to master Paint Shop Pro I keep losing what I change (need to remember to save) but will get there.

Wishing you a great day Hun....

Lyn xxx

Deanna said...

Dear Rebecca,
Luv this!!! What a neat thing to share.

Appreciate your talent!!!

Thank you, Rebecca for praying for me. I am very touched when the Saints pray. Ready for regained strength...praying for a healthy recovery after Sept. 9th surgery.

God bless and may you have a sweet week,

Marilyn said...

So sweet! My SIL has a similar program and your post makes me think I need to borrow it!! I love your comment about knowing just a "little" about technology. That's one reason I started blogging-to teach myself something new. I sure is frustrating from time to time! ♥♫

Home and Heart said...

I love making these. However yours are ESPECIALLY lovely!! Your talent shows in all you do!!

Victorian1885 said...

Beautiful Rebecca! I was so thrilled to recieve one of your chocolate bar creations when I ordered my tote a year or so ago..I still have the lovely wrapper! Take care..


Chris Arlington said...

Hello Rebecca, it was a delight visiting your blog. Absolutely stunning work.

Hugs, Chris

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Rebecca,
Oh, everything is just gorgeous with a capital "G!"

I wanted to tell you that your work is posted as of tonight and will be on all day tomorrow on I Owe it All to Him...hope you'll come over and see it!


Nancy's Notes said...

Rebecca, love those sachet pillows, those are just beautiful, oh so frilly too! Those bars are the cutest things ever! When our grandson was born, our son and daughter in law had them made as birth announcements, was the cutest thing ever!

Have a wonderful day!


Kim B said...

Those are so cute. You make the loveliest things.
Have a great day,

Mari said...




Annesphamily said...

I love this idea! But you do so many wonderful things over here. I am so glad I know you. You are one smart sweet lady! Anne

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