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On Monday sweet Laurie from Heaven's Walk passed along to me the "ONE LOVELY BLOG" award.  I always feel so honored to be thought of by ANY fellow blogger...so~ thank you Laurie for remembering me and for the kind words you shared about me on your beautiful site.  I hope you'll pay a little visit to Laurie and check out her inspiring place.  I think you will love it.

So... this is what's supposed to happen:

1.  Thank and then LINK BACK to the person who honored you.
2.  Share SEVEN things about yourself that others may not know.
3.  Pass the award on to at least 4 other Bloggers who inspire you.
4.  Notify the Blogger you've honored them with an award.
Now...I'm going to do the first two and forgo the last two.  Not because there aren't peeps who deserve to be remembered but because I just hate feeling like I'm intruding on another person's life.  That said...if you would love to share a bit about yourself I say GO FOR IT (just left click the button above to enlarge and copy!).  I love learning more about the people who write behind the blogs I personally love!

Gosh...I feel like I've told you everything about me a long, long time ago but here goes...

1.  Because Nerve Deafness and Glaucoma runs in my family I've always been extra careful to keep a close watch on both my hearing and vision.  My grandfather, my mother, her sister and several cousins each have profound hearing loss and my grandmother lived in darkness for the last 18 years of her life.  I'm incredibly thankful I've been spared such trials in my life.
~My Very PINK Wedding - September 1978~
(more about this day coming soon!)

2.  Although greatly inspired by the finished projects created by both my grandmother and mother I pretty much taught myself to sew.  Despite the fact I slugged my way into getting a big fat "F" in Home Economics (my poor Jr. High teacher, Mrs. Wylie, couldn't handle my over-the-top antics and chattering mouth) I somehow learned to stitch a straight line!  By the time I was nineteen I managed to copy the pink dotted-swiss dresses I had purchased for the candle-lighter girls in my wedding (the one on the right is my sister, Jenny) and made my flower-girls a shorter version of them.  Only problemo...they barely fit!  Mrs. Wylie might even have been proud of me (as long as she didn't look ON THE INSIDE)!!!!  Argh...

3.  I'm a GOOF-OFF (always will be!) and even though I still LOVE to laugh I've paid a big price for not taking some things more seriously in my life. I was never a naughty girl but I was extremely mischievous and that along with mindless talking when I should have kept quiet has gotten me into lots of trouble. If I could go back and do school all over again I would (except for the Math part...nooo noooo   NOOOO!!).

4.  I have NO TALENT for growing things.  NONE WHATSOEVER.  If a plant, shrub or flowering bush thrives in my garden it's because somebody else did all the work for me.  I feel like I kill everything and that is VERY overwhelming for me, especially in the Spring.  I just don't believe that gardening as a whole is my gift...but~ I will never stop trying to one day grow for myself God's most beautiful creations.  It will happen!

  5.  I  am deathly afraid of bugs or creepy crawly thingies.  If they make their way into my home I totally freak out.  I mean I FREEEEEAK OUT, MAN!  I try not to but I just can't help it!  One day last week a lizard (though I incorrectly thought at FIRST it was a SNAKE!) somehow wandered into my guy's office and I'm surprised my neighbors didn't call 9-1-1 because of the screams.  I'm NOT being dramatic here...I'm not!  Ever since I was in 3rd grade and a humongous (Galveston)Texas-Sized cockroach flew up my petticoat I've been a goner!
 ~My Beautiful Girl~

6.  I'm totally in love with both my children but today I will share my deep affection for my daughter, Adrienne.  She is my very best GIRLfriend.  I will be forever thankful for this lovely young soul.  She is a true giver and wise beyond her years.  Deeply kind and loving I do believe I may have learned more from her than any other woman, young or old, in my life.  Aside from God and her hubby of nearly three years, she loves her daddy and I and is constantly blessing us in one way or another!  Presently she is in her last year of college and I'm so very proud of her.  Kept her word to FINISH SCHOOL even though we gave our blessing for her to marry her beloved in 2007!  Can you tell I adore her?  Truly a gift to me from the Most High.  Beautiful on the inside and the outside!

7.  I believe in second chances.  It's as simple as that!

And there you have it!  More than you probably ever wanted to know!

Blessings for a lovely TUESDAY!  I'm back in my studio working on new pretties while loving the gentle rain we are FINALLY getting in blazing HOT Oklahoma!

Love to you~


NanaNor's said...

Hi Rebecca, I just found you through Dena's blog and noticed you are a Ca. girl. I was born and raised and lived 56 yrs in northern Ca. I do miss the ocean but not the stress of all that goes with living there. I love your blog and we were married the same year. I will be reading more and following you. So glad to meet you.

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

OMG I cannot believe after reading what you have just written down how much THIS IS ME.... but I have to disagree with you on one thing... you say you are no good on growing things....(I know you are talking about plants, gardening etc - which I LOVE doing) I just need to say Sweet Reb you have produced & grown two BEAUTIFUL KIDS.... they would not be what they are now whith out you & your beautiful Man... do you know what I mean???? I hope so...

Lyn xxxx

Stella said...

Having a sense of humor and loving life is a good thing. I am sure you have brought sunshine into many lives. No one is good at every thing we just need to use the talents we have. But if you would like to grow something try iris or daylillies they are practically fool proof and will grow in almost any climate. Stella

Theresa said...

Lovely wedding photo and you were a beautiful bride! I can't believe you made those little dresses, they look like they were made by a professional designer.

Your daughter is gorgeous and I can so relate to have a daughter who is also your BFF!

Have a blessed day and thanks for telling me all about you:)


Anonymous said...

You my Dear, are a Lady who truly loves life & deeply appreciates every blessing that has been bestowed ! !

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Love your post, Rebecca! Your daughter is as beautiful as her Momma! I got married in pink so I really did the pink thingy! I too am hysterical {on the inside} if a creepy crawly comes into my home or near me! {Don't tell a soul, please. My boys and grandsons have no idea!} Congratulations on your lovely award; you sooo deserve it! Enjoy your day, beautiful lady!


Unknown said...

Nice to know a little more about you. So you flunked Home Ec too eh? Me too but only because I wouldn't do things their way LOL I already knew how to sew the way my mom taught me - lay out the cloth, lay out the pattern, and anchor it with coffee cups before you cut around it LOL When I refused to trim off the edges around the paper pattern first in class and use pins - my teacher was not pleased LOL

Rose said...

good morning. cong on your award. well, i think you shared some interesting things. if i had a med. problem in my famil, i too would watch. i don't sew did poor in school. you on the other hand ...thanks for all info. have a great day. rose

myletterstoemily said...

dear rebecca,

and those seven things just display
why you received another lovely

you're a lovely person!


Thanks for sharing 7 things about you.I also had a 1978 wedding (you can see my wedding photo on my blog also ~ if you dare :) Wasn't that an era to be married? My colors were blue and yellow, and I have no idea why. Thanks for sharing the sweet things about my blog on winning your giveaway. I had several of your friends visit and follow and appreciate them.
~ Julie

Linda said...

Your girl is so beautiful...just lie her mama.

Glad you received the award....You are such a lovely person and all of your followers just adore you...

Always fun to learn a little more about you Rebecca.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh sweet Rebecca, I love this post! Some of your comments really tickle me, being extremely mischievous one, love that one! I sensed that one, you are such a fun lady! Aww, what a sweet tribute to your beautiful daughter, that will just make her day when she reads it, so special. I have a feeling she is a lot like her mom! Oh my, creep crawly things, I hate them too, same reactions too. Okay Rebecca girl, love your wedding photograph, you were such a radiant and gorgeous bride. Oh and that little first photograph, it's just precious!

Thanks for sharing this great post,I enjoyed reading all about my friend!


Anonymous said...

Okay I giggle just a bit when you speak of your planting abilities. Try marigolds! Thos suckers are indestructable. Just a couple though and start it out in a pot NOT your beds. They are aggressive. But, if you can keep them alive, by golly that is step one in your recovery of plant mutilation.. hehe Perhaps your hands were just not meant for dirt & plants but for painting and sewing. You know the whole story of each of has a gift... yours is shared worldly! Just sayin....

I, okay I don't hate much but, I HATE southern cockroaches... oy When I was in the Army at fort jackson one got in my hair and my hair and my hair is really really thick.. well you get the picture. Not a fan. Otherwise, just mice. I can't handle mice and when the cat brought one to us my hubs will tell you I was on the edge of the bathtub screeching. no. no mice.

Love your post.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rebecca!Nice to read about you, I found it very interesting.I can relate to the glaucoma thing. Unfortunatley no one has had any in my familes either side.But my eye Dr. is keeping watch.I have to go every 6 months.Anyway on with more postive things,lol
Your daughter is so pretty,she looks just like you wow.Its wonderful shes finishing college after her marriage.
I too believe in second chances,life is good that way.
Im great when it comes to growing things,I can manage just about anything that grows in the soil lol.Im not to afraid of bugs unless they are spiders just to look at them makes me shiver.

Funny I had a teacher named Mrs. Wylie in grade school I wonder if they were the related, LOL.As far as sewing goes we just wont go there.I love sewing by hand but the machine sewing no way Never.Last time I used a machine was in Junior high made a dress and never wore the thing.Somethings you just dont enjoy and that is for sure one I dont.

I visited your shop and looked at the adorable fall pillows oh so pretty Rebecca.The one I loved was the little girl and I saw she was sold out.Have a lovely evening!

Unknown said...

What a terrific post!!! It makes me smile to think of you as so mischievious and goof off!!!! You have a great way of loving life!! Thanks for sharing

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dearest Rebecca!-)*

HOW enchanted,HOW amazingly nice is you post...
You story is so lovely,so wonderful,
I love all you photos from those whimsical,nice days!!!
Congrats with you fabulous and very deserved Award,my dear friend!-)))*

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Rebecca you are Adorable!! School without Math?? Snap!

Goosegirl said...

I love this post Rebecca. I loved your wedding photo and the very pink dresses. You sound like my kind of girl! I pray the Lord blesses you today.

NanaDiana said...

Hey Rebecca! I had to laugh as I was reading your blog. My home-ec teacher HATED me (and I don't use that word lightly). However, I got the last laugh because back then we used to take national tests for home ec related things. I got the STATE award (LOL) for Homemaking! They called an assembly and SHE had to present me with a PIN that I wore everyday of life for the rest of the schoolyear. Oh...I...was....bad!
Our class was the only one that was not allowed to bake because she was afraid I would throw the flour around..lol

So..you can't grow things? No big deal. You have grown people-how much better can it get...and when I see you around BlogLand you are always such a sweet and uplifting person. Growing the garden of friendship is one that will have bigger rewards than any old tomato plant will ever produce.

Loving your PINK wedding...My own was Pink AND Blue...yeah..THOSE were the days.

Don't you love that Laurie? She gave me one of the awards too...I'm gonna get her back-one way or the other- Diana

Blondie's Journal said...

I enjoyed learning more about you! I failed Home Ec, too. Mine was more for lack of talent! lol! I loved looking at your pictures, you were a beautiful bride and your daughter is a beauty, too. Both of my daughters are my best friends, I couldn't ask for anything more!


Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Rebecca,

What a beautiful wedding photo, and I can't believe you made those dresses! Adorable! Your Home Ec teacher would be proud of you. Your daughter is as beautiful as you are, you are truly blessed.


Dolores said...

Oh Rebecca...This is the sweetest post..... I love the beautiful pictures and learning more about wonderful you!!

The Galveston roach gave me a good chuckle.... bless your heart.


Jeannie B. said...

Rebecca, it was so much fun to hear about you. Totally understand about the bugs!

Mr. AGP said...

Ok, I just have to chime in on the FREEEEEEEEEEEKing out thing. Some background......I had been working for hours on paperwork so my eyes were killing me. I decided to lay down on my office floor and rest for a few minutes so I was basically asleep when the "alleged" snake incident occurred. So....... I am awakened to this blood curt-ling scream and yes I am amazed that the neighbors did not call the police. Coming out of sleep, I sit up to see my beloved SCREAMING and SCREAMING. I mistakenly thing she came around the corner and was frightened by a body on the floor but after she saw me sit up she continued to scream even after repeatedly asking what was wrong. All she would do is keep screaming. :-) Finally, after asking repeatedly what was wrong she blurts out S S S S S S S S S SAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKEEEEEE and it ran right under you when you set up. Some information that might have been delivered in a slightly more timely manner I am thinking. Then I tell her a snake would not be that fast and it was probably a lizard. Of course she vehemently denied this and stood firm that is was a snake and informed me I would not be allowed to rest until I found it!!!! Well, I finally crawled under my desk with a flashlight and cornered the SNAKE, I mean lizard. I told her I thought her scream had scared the poor thing half to death but she was not amused. He He I put the poor frighted critter back outside, (I doubt he will try and come in again).
I think she screamed almost as loud as when the dog came up with one of his friends in her mouth......but I digress.
And such is life here with my babe.

Rebecca Nelson said...

STEVEN KENT! I cannot believe you posted this comment! I'm sooooo going to GET YOU BACK! You weren't suppose to read my blog today!

Shame on you for making me sound like a LUNATIC!


Heaven's Walk said...

LOL! Oh, Rebecca! What an adorable post! Especially those comments between you and your hubby! I was laughing so hard! :) I adored getting to know you (and your sweet daughter and hubby!) better with your 7 Little Things today. I KNEW you had a mischievous side to you! lol! You ARE such a sweetie and a true blessing to me! :) I will add you to my prayer list and pray that God will continue to bless you with good health.

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Beautiful post, lovely daughter--yes, second chances are wonderful, aren't they?

Love you,

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Your daughter is gorgeous! The more we know about you, the more we love you! You are such a blessing to all of us. Yes, yes, I know we have told you this...but..as far as I'm concerned, I can't say it often enough.
My love to you...

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Rebecca, wonderful post..and I have to tell you, we absolutely did have the same wedding dress..I just pulled a picture up on my computer (I scanned a few a while back) and it has to be the same..how cool.


Julie Marie said...

Hello Rebecca... and I could easily add more than seven wonderful things about you! Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Sweetie, I love your blog and that fact that you are so down to Earth and NORMAL!!! Your posts are heartwarming, honest, open, sometimes hilarious!!! educational and down-right wonderful......just like you! Don't change a bit!!!
Love and warm hugs, Laura
p.s. Your daughter is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rebcca! I've been so busy baby sitting the grands but I just had to come read more about you! ♥

MFEO2009 said...

I love your blog. Your page is so heartwarming, inspirational and "homey!!" Thank you! ~Blessings~

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Rebecca,
I enjoyed learning more about you... I did not like math either. Thank goodness for adding machines....(did I just date myself)LOL. Your daughter is very beautiful....
Gary and I are working on the outside of our home too, we are going to put shutters up. The house is very plain on the outside and shutters will really perk her up.. I can't wait to see your new shutters..
Have a sweet day, Big hugs~Elizabeth

Unknown said...

Love, LOVE your husband for commenting on your blog, my friend!!!!! It gave me quite a laugh. He is very descriptive!!!!!

Darlene said...

HAHAHAHAHA I am CRACKING up at your hubby's take on the snake/lizard thing!!!!!! Oh, and my hubby's middle name is Kent too. That was a great post about you and I love seeing your wedding picture!♥

Kim B said...

Thanks for sharing. Its so nice to get to know one another. Your daughter is beautiful. I love your wedding photo, lovely.

Unknown said...

Oh MY Rebecca, Your post is wonderful and your comments made by your Hubby is hilarious, you are the best and it just makes me love you more even though I have never met you!! I loved you sharing a bit more about yourself. Have a beautiful weekend! XOXO

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