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Back in November of 2002 when I joined eBay as a online seller my then 21 year old son, Brandon, was my original template designer.  I can remember standing over his shoulder dictating to him EXACTLY what I wanted and then becoming very quiet (which NEVAH happens :) !) when I saw him magically create with his hands (and incredibly gifted mind) the very thing that was in my head!

Up until the day he left for the Air Force he did all my eBay listings for me.  I'd type out the descriptions and take the photos with my Sony Mavica 4 Mega Pixel Camera (Wow! Have we come a long way or what!?), and then he'd do all this amazing stuff before uploading my offerings for sale.
(From the awesomely talented Frances Brundage)

A few days before Bran headed south for basic training, I, his emotionally distraught mother, stared with glazed eyes at the endless pages of instructions he left for me in a total panic.  He demanded I "practice" doing the listings ALONE because as he put it 'I wouldn't have his FREE expertise at my disposal for much longer!'.  As terrified as I was, I was forced to go it alone and today I'm so grateful Brandon SHOVED this momma bird of his outta her nest!  Truth be told there WAS a little bumpin' and thrashin' on the way down, but....

  I can't help but wonder sometimes where I'd be today if he hadn't given me that push!!  Thank-you, Bran.  You will always be the wind beneath my wings! :)

This past week I spent several hours on my computer working on a sweet little project.  A few years ago my brother's and his wife chose tiny china teacups with personalized teabags for their wedding favors and I thought they were just charming.  I tucked that little keepsake away but totally forgot about it until stumbling upon it last Tuesday.  

Now...I've seen personalized teabag wrappers many times over the years but never anything that took me to the moon!  So, I decided to play around a little bit with some of the vintage graphics I'd recently used in some altered art designs in hopes of finding something totally shabby cottage chic FAB for my latest project!  Besides, with the holidays coming up I'm always looking for special (but inexpensive) treats for gifting to our friends and neighbors...

The teabag wrappers you see above were made for tiny thank-you gifts for my A Gathering Place customers.  They honestly weren't that hard to do if you already have knowledge of Photo Shoppe or Paint Shop. Some of the same designs previously used in our altered de papier greeting card line were used and then modified just a bit before a sweet sentiment was added to the back!  That fabulous vintage pink Santa and the rose-wreathed Angels made darling wrappers as well...  Pop one into a tiny cello bag, tie it up with silky soft ribbon and you're done (sweet tucked into a Christmas Card, too!)... 

Can't you just imagine a pretty glass jar filled up with deliciously wrapped (and flavorful) tea personalized with a favorite image or design?  Once I decide exactly what I'm planning to do for our neighbors I'll be showing you more!

If you don't know a thing about the computer programs I just shared with you about then why not GO LEARN?  If I can figure them out then you can, too!

In the meantime I hope you enjoyed the little peek into what's keeping me busy of late!  Vroom!  Vroom! :)

Hope your Monday is AWESOME!

Love to you...
 PS:  If you are interested in having personalized Teabag Wrappers you can self-print using your own printer, stay tuned.  Later this week I'll be sharing more details about this and on my website, too!  xo~R


Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Oh what a great idea Rebecca for so many things!
I also relied on my son for my computer needs and when he moved to Missouri I felt alone and abandoned...:( He can link with me on occasion with a wonderful program and while we conference on the phone he helps me work on things. I do know though that I have to get in there and learn it all for myself...but wow it is scary!
Thanks for the early morning smile and yes I will be brave and give it a try...
Tina xo

Mari said...




Tanza said...

Good morning sweet ~R~,
Now these turned out beautifully !! Again, something only you could create so PeRfEcTlY !! I just adore them .. Sooo, is there anyway .. tea could get a hand-ful of these to fill that sweet jar your going to send .. Not sure how you are selling these, I went to your shoppe, and couldn't find them .. let me know sweet one, and we will chat soon .. It's that time of year again !! yi yi yi, where oohh where do the days go !!

Have a happy day, and just send me a note .. Love and Hugs to you as always ~
BiG squeezes
~TeA~ xo

The French Bear said...

Oh, I love it, what a fabulous are so clever!!!!

NanaDiana said...

Rebecca-What a lovely post and although I really love what you wrote about your teabags and getting into the world of Photoshop...what really jumped out at me in this post was how much you love your son. I have a 30 year old son that is still the light of my life...afer all these years. Thanks for the post that made me misty-eyed....because I realize how much you miss your boy! Hugs- Diana

Carol said...

What a Perfect way to embellish something that can be so very plain into something so Lovely. Since I am down-sizing my cup & saucer collection this would be so exquisite to send as a gift. I also like Sweet Tea's idea about placing them into one of your 2-Die-4 jars with the painted roses on the lid...
Your sugared pecan recipe last year was a hit..Your ideas are always SUPERB :)

Carol from
Good 'Ol Texas

Donnie said...

They are just adorable. I have my tech man living in Gastonia and I call him "son" too. He can lead me through all sorts of problems just over the phone. Don't know how they do it?

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Oh Rebecca,

these are just so cute! Love them!!
I would love some of these. They would be great for Mother's day too! Can't wait to see more!


TheMuffinMan said...

Ya I am pretty awesome huh Mom? HAHA! You have tipped the scales however, Mom... Your image editing expertise far outweighs my own now. It also is very much a 2 way street... Doing all the work on your original templates catapulted my knowledge of HTML, and then years later making you your current website again forced me to learn entirely new concepts in Web Design and Programming. Tons of things that I have taught myself out of necessity to help you with your business have come back to me 10 fold in my professional career... So no thanks needed Mom, let me thank YOU :)


Miss Rhea said...

Those are adorable ! I just did a tutorial on my blog a few weeks ago on how to make these. I made decorative sugar cubes to go with mine. Maybe you could add something like that for your neighbors and a tea cup ? Your tribute to your son is so sweet. :) I WISH mine would come help me !!!! Lol !!! He told me I was computer stupid, so ever since I have been trying to prove him wrong, the little snit !!! Unfortunately I haven't gotten very far :( Hope you have a Blessed week sweet friend !! Hugs :) :) :)

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

These are just adorable, Rebecca!


Peg Woropay said...

Your tea bag wrappers are so sweet and wonderful! Such a nice idea!!!

Janine Claire Robinson said...

Hey lovely lady! I LOVE your personalized teabags. I wish I lived closer so I could order a few for pressies.
I also wanted to thank you for your encouragement on my blog the other day. What you shared not only encouraged my heart at a difficult time, but gave me fresh perspective. Sending you a sunny South African hug xoxox Janine

mariondee-designs said...

Rebecca, they are just beautiful! How sweet is your son to leave that wonderful comment! Looking forward to seeing more..take care, Maryann

Theresa said...

How sweet is that Son of yours! I know you are so proud of such a fine young Man!

Love the teabag holders, just too beautiful for words!

Enjoy your day and can't wait to see what else you have been working on!


Dolores said...

Oh my goodness.... you've done it again! What a great idea!!!! You really are an awesome / creative / beautiful.... lady!!!

Dolores said...

I tried posting once before, but wasn't sure it 'connected'.... anywhoo... just wanted to say to you... what a great idea! Beautiful idea!

Rita said...

Rebecca, anything you do is lovely. You are so artistic!

Jan's Blog said...

Oh Rebecca you do continue to amaze. As my illness progresses my hands become more and more useless so I'm hoping you will make some kind of offering of a complete set. I'm kinda known as the 'Tea' Lady in my group, though we only ever drink herbal tea, and usually fruit flavored. When you are ready, quote a price, and I there!!!

You bless me too!!!


Rose said...

back from a trip. i think we can always learn from our children and grow in various ways. love the wrappersyou mentioned great idea. thanks rose

Bluebell said...

Hi Rebecca, I love your blog it is so pretty and I love all the shabby chic, vintage things you do. I have never used photoshop and I would'nt know which one to buy bt I would love to try, where do I start?
Love Jillx

Sheila said...

Love this idea. It is great.
I LOVE Teapots, Teacups, and saucers. The tea bag idea is perfect and yours are always so preciuos.
have a great day.

Heaven's Walk said...

LOL! Sometimes it's just sooo hard to take that first step all by yourself, isn't it, Rebecca? But it looks like you've come through it with flying colors! :) Beautiful beautiful beautiful...!! :)

xoxo laurie

Kathy said...

What a jewel you are! Can't wait!

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