Friday, December 3, 2010

~FREE SANTA GRAPHIC...and the Legend Continues~

Whether you believe it to be just a nice story, folklore or simply a legend, the story of St. Nicholas is worth repeating.  I love how good always wins.  Don't you? (Feel free to grab this charming vintage image by clicking to enlarge and then right click and copying!)


St. Nicholas of Myra, a fourth-century bishop, was known for his charity and life of good deeds.  His parents had died early, and Nicholas was left a fortune which he willingly gave to the poor.

According to the story, a poor father was faced with selling one of his three daughters into slavery (can you imagine?) in order to afford the dowries needed for the others to marry.  One night the daughters had washed out their stockings and hung them over the fireplace to dry.  Having heard of the family's misfortune, the good saint decided to pay them a visit.

Late that night in the darkness, riding his faithful white horse, he stopped by their house and saw the stockings through the window.  He secretly tossed three bags filled with gold coins down the chimney.  The bags fell into the stockings that were hanging by the fire.  His kindhearted gift made it possible for all three maidens to marry.

Throughout his life, St. Nicholas tried to help others while inspiring them to do the same.  Tales of his unselfish giving spread all over Northern Europe.  Like many many other traditions in America, this legend was brought by immigrants to our country when they crossed the Atlantic many, many years ago.


I'll be back later today with pics of my home.  The decorating thingy this year seems to be taking me FOREVAH to get done!

Blessings for a fabulous day!

Love to you...


Jacoba said...

Dear Rebecca,

We celebrate 'Sint Nicolaas' or 'Sinterklaas' birthday on Sunday next. It is a huge thing all over Holland, for both young and old.
He arrived the other day by boat in my village. When I was trimming my trees and heard the hooting I realized hundreds of kids would be waiting for him to greet him on the quay side next to the huge big Dutch windmill. Later on I heard all these excited children's voices, as they went home. It is a time of great suspense - will I have been nice enough these year, so that Sint&Pete don't take me back to Spain? how come parcels come through the chimney?, how come the carrot for Sint's horse has disappeared and sweets in my shoes whereas the doors are locked?, will I get gifts that I have noted down on my wishlist?, etc. etc. On Monday he departs for Spain and then we start heading for Christmas!
Happy day!

Christmas-etc... said...

Well... since my blog is called "St. Nicholas and Christmas - All Year Long" I think it's safe to say that I couldn't agree with you more!! His story is definitely always worth retelling!
Such a lovely graphic!

Theresa said...

Thank you for sharing the graphic and the story! You are a sweetie! My decorating is taking me longer that usual this year too:) Have a blessed day dear Rebecca! HUGS!

Marica said...

Ciao cara Rebecca, un bacione e buon fine settimana:)



Laura's Rose Garden said...

Dear Rebecca,
Have I told you lately that I love your blog???!!! I love you, too!!!
Schroeder's piano playing is just the best!!! And... as always....your message is wonderful!!!
I have been busy redecorating our upstairs hallway and stairway. Washing, sanding, painting the walls and woodwork, washing, staining, sanding and urethaning the banister. Needless to say I have not started any Christmas decorating yet!! But!!!....after reading your post this morning I went to your shop and ordered some of your exquisite Christmas cards and some of the pretty pink girlie cards. It's late, but it's a start!!!
A few weeks ago I ordered some pink corkscrew bottlebrush Christmas Trees from Stefanie at Rose Petals and Rust and they arrived yesterday!! OMG!!! They are gorgeous!!
Well, I had better get my arsey into gear and get to work on the stairway!!
I hope you have an exquiste day my friend!!
Much love and many warm hugs, Laura

I will be finishing the stairway and upstairs hall this weekend, so Christmas will begin for me next week!!!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

I love that story Rebecca! The true spirit of giving. Love your recent posts and congrats to the winner of your gorgeous sachet. My little pillow is gracing one of my sweetie girls beds in their room, looks so feminine & sweet!

Blessings to you this Christmas!!

Hugs, Sherry

June said...

Hi Rebecca sweet,
I for one am so glad that the traditions have been carried on through the generations. I adore the season with all is rich blessings.
I can hardly wait to see your beautiful displays for Christmas!
big hug

One Cheap B*tch said...

What a great image of St. Nick! Love it!


Jo said...

My mother was Dutch/South African, and we always grew up with the story of St. Nicholas. That's a wonderful image of him.

I love Christmas, and I can still hear the little silver bell on the Polar Express. :-)

PinkGranny said...

I love the story and the graphic. We celebrated St. Nicholas Day when I was a little girl. When ur family grew larger, (11 kids) we found our treats from St. Nicholas on the front porch in a large bowl. They usually had candy and oranges. It was exciting when someone would get the newspaper off the porch and say..."St. Nicholas came!"

NanaDiana said...

Yep-Ours was the 6th..and all the stockings were hung and ready. I love these old folklore tales.

Can't wait to see all your Christmas treasures displayed. Hugs- Diana

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful image. I love Santa. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

Anonymous said...

Hey there, girl! I've been reading your blog offline. It's hard not being able to comment but i wanted to let you know that I AM looking and reading and that it's always a joy to visit your lovely home, crafts and decor! ♥

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