Sunday, March 20, 2011

~~~~~THOUGHTS ON A SUNDAY MORNING~~~~~ The Power of Stillness

I've taken just about a full week off from blogging and it's been good for me to pull back and regroup!  I've been busy with personal activities and several business related projects which have taken a great deal of my focus of late.  It feels good today to once again be 'right-side-up' in regards to my work and I'm grateful for the hours I was able to spend 'mingling the good and not-so-good' in my life.  I still have much to learn about my purpose here on earth and just what it is God is trying to teach me on my journey.  Trust me when I tell you I'm imperfect at best...

I found myself in the wee early morning hours reading from a small devotional by Max Lucado.  Within his simple and yet profound writings I came upon something that spoke to me in a fresh, new way.  
 I realize on a daily basis the 'POWER OF STILLNESS' rarely finds me.  I can so easily find fault in others, but rarely recognize my own struggle and need for grace and forgiveness...

Lucado said it best when he shared the following:

"We've all made mistakes and we'll all make some more.  The line that separates the best of us from the worst of us is a narrow one, hence we'd be wise to take seriously Paul's admonition: {Why do you judge your brothers or sisters in Christ?  And why do you think you are better than they?  We will all stand before the Lord to be judged...} (Romans 14:10).

Your sister would like me to remind you that she needs grace.  Just like you need forgiveness, so does she.  There comes a time in every relationship when it's damaging to seek justice, when settling the score only stirs the fire.  There comes a time when the best thing you can do is accept your brother and offer him the same grace you've been given."

 Dear me to stand within the power of your stillness.  Help me to allow your faithful, unfailing love to guide me, and like you, 'hold my peace'.

"The day when Jesus stood alone
And felt the hearts of men like stone,
And knew He came but to atone~
That day "He held His peace."

They witnessed falsely to his word,
they bound Him with a cruel cord,
And mockingly proclaimed Him Lord;
"But Jesus held His peace."

They spat upon Him in the face,
They dragged Him on from place to place,
They heaped upon Him all disgrace;
"But Jesus held His peace."

My friend, have you for far much less,
With rage, which you called righteousness,
Resented slights with great distress?
Your Savior "held His peace." 
Blessings to you for a day directed by the Most High.
I've been missing you!

Love to you always...


Jen said...

I needed to read this today.

Thank you

Rita said...

And we have missed you this past week. But we all need time to regroup and charge once again. Life becomes a struggle at times and only that quietness that comes from stopping can help at times. I'm glad it's better and pray you will have peace throughout this next week.

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Our sweet Rebecca. In all my years I have only recently discovered that Stillness can be very powerful and enlightening and we all need Stillness. My heart aches for those who don't realize it and cannot find it. Next to Stillness I find Forgiveness to be even more powerful and THE hardest thing to conquer. Hearts will never be fully open until Forgiveness is allowed in and my goodness I have a long journey. It does seem at times all too much but I am working on Forgiving myself first.

I often times think back to the post of your dear Father and find it very comforting because I see Stillness in its most comforting form.
Thank you for a beautiful post and for being you.
Love ya, Sue

Terra said...

Ah, sweet forgiveness.

Barb said...

Amen. blessings~barb

Patty C. said...

Glad your back
Grace Abounding ;)
Enjoy your Sunday !!

Unknown said...

Being still and in the presence of the Lord is tantamount to having an intimate relationship with The One who loves us the most. A friend of ours (my husband and I) gave me a cd filled with songs about sitting in the Lord's presence. One of the verses talks about how the Lord is always there and there is always new food but we don't show up. Well, I'm showing up. Thank you for posting about this important part of the Christian walk that sometimes the walk requires us to sit, be still and know He is God. Blessings to you my friend.

Theresa said...

I have missed you too sweet Rebecca! Our Pastor's message today was on listening to God's voice:) Sounds like you are doing just that! We had a Miracle Lady return to Church after being at Death's door! She has been out for 6 months and everyone rejoiced as she came walking in!

Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

NanaDiana said...

Rebecca- You have no idea how much I needed to hear this message today. It comes at a time when my work place is so anxiety producing and there is so much discord in the place that I feel like I am being tossed on stormy waters. I have been thinking of what "I could do" to "set someone right" and reading this I am reminded that I am NOT in charge and that I need not do anything...God will work it out. Thank you for this post- I think you were meant to post it today- just for me! xxoo Diana

Jan M said...

Grateful to hear your time away was just what your soul needed. Thank you for sharing such wise words with us today.
Have a wonderful week!

Mary said...

Hi Rebecca, Thank you for stopping by my blog for a vist. I enjoyed having you stop by and leaving me a wonderful comment. You are more than welcome to vist anytime, and I look forward to your return vist :)! I also wanted to thank you for such a wonderful post today, I enjoyed reading your post.Wishing you a wonderful Sunday... Blessings,Mary

Pam Traskos said...

Hi Rebecca, This is such a good message; sometimes I need to be reminded that I need to turn things over to God and to stay in him. Thank you! God is good, All the time!

Mary said...

Hi again, Juat wanted to thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. I also wanted to let you know that I did a post on my blog about your blog and added your link to link back to you. Have a wonderful week! Mary

Annesphamily said...

I am glad I stopped by. I have been out of the blog loop for a while. I miss seeing everyone here. You write beautifully. Love to you! Anne

Lin said...

Praying for you, Beck. I miss you. I'm here if you need me.
~ Love, Lin

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