Thursday, June 30, 2011

~~~~~~~SWEET VINTAGE BABY SHOES~~~~~~ and a Nest To Make You Smile


While trying to find more vintage baby shoes for new project makeovers I snagged two pairs of antique button-up-the side high-top shoes recently on eBay!  These little beauties are getting harder and harder to find and the prices for them are generally out of site!  Imagine my delight when I stumbled on two Buy-It-Now offerings for a cra-ra-zeeee low price!!!
I could hardly contain my joy!

Both pairs are in wonderful condition!  The shoes are at least 100 years old so I was shocked to find that although they were obviously worn, they were completely damage free!
I feel a transformation coming on!

This afternoon I went out into my hubby's workshop and when I closed the door something flew near my face.  I nearly jumped out of my skin before I realized it was a little Wren (?).  It had perched itself upon a cross beam on the ceiling and started chirping away at me non-stop...
I honestly felt like I was getting chewed-out or something!!!

I pretty much knew I'd disturbed the little bird and when I looked around I saw a nest had been made inside my hubby's spare garden hoses...  What a strange spot!  I'm not even sure how the birdy got in!!!  Of course I had to run back inside and grab my camera!  I wasn't sure any baby eggs were inside because I couldn't see that deep!

So...I angled up camera up high (and from a distance) and sure enough, two little bitty eggs can be seen deep in the center of the nest. 

Truthfully, I'm not happy about the nest being made where it was made, but it's there for the long-haul.  I don't have the heart to disturb it, nor will my Mr. AGPMan!

I'll keep you posted on the hatching! :)

Hope you've had an awesome day!

Love to you...


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh those birdies...they can nest is the most unconvenient places for us! Ooooh, I was eyeing those black baby know those are my colors!! You find the best things!! Have a great 4th my friend.

Something Special said...

Oh I love the baby shoes so much. I have very much enjoyed visiting your blog. Come say hi and get in on my celebration giveaway!

Barbara Jean said...

oh what swweet baby shoes!!
and the nest in your garage?
sooooo fun!!!

happy weekend sweet girl

barbara jean

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

I don't like bird nests near spots I am going to be needing things. Sometimes those mothers get viscious. But Wrens are an exception. Always made nests in my Clemitas and I'd use them in my Christmas decor. They were so tiny.
You find the cutest "Old" things. I love these baby shoes, have never seen Black before.
Enjoy the holiday weekend. Lots of festivities going on in our area.
About 4000 motorcycles near for ABATE. Some really cool hardware!!

Unknown said...

The shoes are amazing. Soooo vintage/perfect sweet. You got lucky snagging them on Ebay, girlfriend!

Your new profile pic is GORGEOUS. You look amazingly beautfiul. Beauty on the outside to match the inside!

Happy 4th of July weekend!


Melissa/Piney Rose said...

What a lucky girl you are for snagging these darling shoes! I need to visit ebay more for the bird's nest, we had a bird build a nest on top of the outside light fixture of our entryway. It's way tall and we intended to dissuade momma bird by tearing it down before she got too far along. We waited too long and she had some young ones. The babies finally flew, but right away she (or perhaps another bird) laid more eggs! We now have a second family of little birds, and our guests have to dodge the bird poop when they come knocking. LOL

KatyDidStitches said...

Those little shoes are so cute! Love the tiny buttons.

We had a Carolina Wren in our garage one year...built a nest on top of the car-washing stuff. Needless to say, we had a couple of dusty cars until those birdies flew away. And yes, they're very noisy! I also had one living in my Christmas greenery above the porch light. It stayed there all Winter and into the Spring. (We thought it might be the mate to the one in the garage.) That was the year our garden was featured in the local Garden Walk. And since I couldn't have crispy old evergreen boughs on the porch, I had to finally shoo the bird away. I felt sad about it.

This year, we had a Robin's nest under our patio umbrella...and got to watch the babies grow up. Every time it rained, Mrs. Robin looked quite pleased with herself...sitting up there high and dry!


GwendolynKay said...

Those booties are quite a find, a real treasure. I wonder who wore them? and what their lives were like.
Love the little nest, that is a bit big for such tiny eggs, but the birds will probably grow large quickly. We had some robins build a nest and grow a little family on our deck this spring. If you are interested in it, it is in my older posts.

NanaDiana said...

Love those little shoes! They are just darling. I held up the finishing of the garage on our house for about 3 weeks while Mama bird had her babies and they were out of the nest. xo Diana

Marilyn said...

Sweet boots! Dirty birds, but I'm like you, they'd be staying til they fledge and that doesn't take long once they hatch as they grow so fast. Have a nice holiday!♥♫

Dolores said...

Those are the sweetest baby shoes...what a good find.
The tiny eggs and bird are equally sweet!

Happy weekend,

Carol said...

Just lov'in your sweet baby shoes. It makes me wonder what chubby little feet had the priviledge of wearing them. Such a sweet & unique find!!

With the severe drought in southeast Texas, we haven't seen too many birds starting their little family. I am missing the morning bird songs.

The Fourth of July will be ~QUIET~, no firewords nor BB'QUING because The Woodlands is beyond dry. Have a safe & wonderful 4th.

Carol from
Good "Ol Texas

Anonymous said...

Darling little baby shoes,and a PAIR, how lucky! I don't think I have seen black ones before! I am sure they will be trans-
formed into one of your gorgeous little projects and be super neat!!
The birds build a nest up high in one corner of our open front porch this year....such a mess they make, but who can destroy a momma's home for her babies!! One year they chose the wreath on my front door...we had to wait out the babies getting old enough to "fly the coop"!! Every year they come back to build some place on the porch!! And they scold US when we sit out there, too!
Have a fun, happy Fourth of July week
HOT 100 degree hugs from Francy in Louisiana!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heaven's Walk said...

There's nothing that melts one's heart than to see those tiny little eggs in a nest, Rebecca. :) We've watched so many feathered families raise their young on our property this summer so far...bluebirds, robins, wren, and even a crested flycatcher which we've never seen before! What a blessing! Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!

xoxo laurie

karen said...

I love the shoes. We have old pairs of adult shoes like those. I guess I should check out ebay to see how much they are worth. The eggs are so cute too.

Chatty Crone said...

I love those little baby shoes - the stories they could tell.

Elizabeth Golden said...

I make pin cushions out of these types of shoes and doll shoes. They look so cute in a sewing room. I have also seen necklaces made out of the smaller shoes.
Love your wren experience. I once had pair of wrens make a nest in my rolled up pool cover. We had taken in off the pool and set it on a brick wall next to the garage. I decided to let it sit for the day to make sure it was dry before we put it on the shelf. The next afternoon we already had a nest and a sitting wren. We left it out til the eggs hatched and the babies were on their own. The bully mockingbird laid an egg in the nest also. Momma wren did not take to the mockingbird when it hatched and pushed it out of the nest. Nature in action. What a show.


Hi Rebecca, I love your baby shoes. What great finds! And what a wonderful little nest, little things in nature can give us such joy. I watched a blue jay in our bird bath the other day.
Thanks for your comment on my peony post.
Have a great 4th!
~ Julie

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