Saturday, June 25, 2011

~~~~~~~~~~HAPPY PINK SATURDAY~~~~~~~~~ And I Love Everything FRENCH~

(with a pretty soft pink rose)

Happy Pink Saturday!  Thank you so much to Miss Beverly of HOW SWEET THE SOUND for hosting our Pinkalicious Party for us each and every week!  I'm so glad I get to participate again!  It's been a while and I've been missing you!
(smells yummy on the inside)

It seems I've had the busiest week ever, but truth be told...I love it!  I spent hours upon hours working in my studio and somehow I managed to not only finish painting the room, but the two HUGE-A-MONGUS closets as well!  My Mr. AGPMan installed new shelving for me and I've vowed to truly get organized...and I will...even if it kills me! :)
(i love paris)

Anyway...I worked like a dog and even though I'm MORE THAN TIRED I know all the work will pay off during the busy holidays!  I barely breathe the last three months of the year and nevahhhh-evahhhh have time to do any re-do stuff.
Soooo...I'm a-doin'-it-now! :)
(i love tea, too)

In the midst of the chaos I somehow managed to finish up some new PINK PRETTIES that will be offered soon on my A Gathering Place Website.  They've been MORE THAN FUN to create and I've loved tapping into the All-Things-French-and-Paris craze!   

Since "I LOVE PARIS IN THE SPRINGTIME" (and in the Summer, Fall and Winter) I've continued working during my evening hours on some new greeting cards, tags and notes that showcase my affection for French Confection-ry.  I'm having so much fun and the possibilities are endless when working with vintage graphics!  If I'm not careful the wee morning hours can easily melt into my evening just doesn't feel like work!

Eeek!  I just love PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro!  I'm soooo NOT a techno-girl so if I can master even a tiny bit of each of these programs it's not unusual to see me rock-out with a 'happy dance'.  :)

And there you have it!  My tiny contribution for
Miss B's Pink Saturday Parteee!  

Thanks for stopping by to visit me today...hope your day is wonderful!

Love to you...


Lynn B said...

Love them all Rebecca! I just love anything French and in particular Paris as I visit nearly every year!

Wonderful creations!

I was thinking about getting this photoshop paint shop pro thing but I was unsure, is it that easy to use?

Ann said...

How lucious are those pink tea bag covers!! I love all things Paris too and your love truly shows in your work.

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Happy Pink Saturday
I relate to your post as I am fixated with any Parisian (or French). It so gets under your skin, doesn't it.
A gorgeous post.

Ruth said...

what a beautiful pink post!! Have a great weekend!!

Sonya Badgley said...

Dear Rebecca,
Happy Pink Saturday, my dear! Your pink creations are as lovely as always!
I have been very busy too!

Blessings and love to you,

Jennifer Scull said...

so much beautiful french vintage! I absolutely adore those tea covers!
happy Pink Saturday to you!

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Everything looks so pretty Rebecca and I especially love the little pillow!
You are way ahead of me if you have shelves to sort onto as I am still trying to make room to have shelves!!
But I figure as busy as you are if you found the time to get organized then so the heck can I!
Have a great weekend Rebecca!
Tina xo

Linda said...

Hey have been a busy gal haven't you! Lovely work as are so talented.

Pink is such a feel good color. I love to look at it. I enjoyed your "Pink Saturday"!!!

Have a great weekend!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Scrumptious pinks, sweet Rebecca! I love the delicate shades of pink on all your goodies! Love, LOVE the frenchy pillow. My youngest son just spent three weeks in Paris and Nantes at a Math conference. He got back yesterday and I can't wait to talk to him! He lives in another province so I have to be happy with the webcam and photos. He was supposed to bring me back a little momento of his trip and I can't wait to see what he got me! Happy Pink Saturday and have a lovely weekend. Blessings~

Nancy McCarroll said...

My bro and SIL live in Edmond! Love your pink things. And the music is sweet. Happy Pink Saturday.

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi dear Rebecca, glad to see you on this Pink Saturday..when you organize your room, will you come out here to help me??

Love your pinks, you are so talented, girl!


JJ said...

What a busy bee you have been. I too love pink , France and art software.
Happy PS

The Artful Diva said...

I love all your French pinks too!

Dixie said...

Rebecca... I always love looking at your Pinks!

Anonymous said...

Oooo-la-la!!! Love the new pink Frenchy items! The pillow is lovely, and the cards and tea bag covers are beautiful (soaps??)
You have been have more energy than ten other people! I can
remember a time when I was like you, but time has sure slowed this old gal down a lot!! LOL :( I know your items for Christmas are going to be "over-the-top", as always!!
Let us know what treasures you uncovered today on your "junking"
outing. I hope you hit GOLD!!
Love ya, Francy

Julie Marie said...

Hi Rebecca... I am so glad you love all things French, because that means you love ME!!! tee hee hee!... Seriously, everything is sooo beautiful, I would love one of each!... my gorgeous bottle arrived and I love it!... it is so pretty and thank you for the little extra surprise too... love you most!... xoxo Julie Marie

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

How absolutely lovely and girly those teabag covers are! Can't wait til our swap - I'm working on your box as inspiration hits, and wait til you see the little lovelies I'm gathering for you!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

One of these days I'm going to learn PhotoShop... the Hubbs bought me the program for Christmas and I haven't even opened the box.... Hmmmm... I swear, Chickie, you do NOT sleep.

Love your new pretties..


xinex said...

Everything is so charming and adorable and so Frenchy, love that! Pretty pillows....Christine

Eat To Live said...

I too love tea... what cute little bags they are. I just love seeing girly, girly things.

By the way, what a beautiful blog you have.
Happy Pink Saturday!

Tammy Neal said...

Hi Rebecca!

Happy Pink Saturday! You always post the most beautiful, amazing, delicious things that inspire me so! I also love all things French. What a lovely style! Thank you for sharing these sweet pinks today. Thank you also for your well wishes on my recent engagement. We haven't set a date yet but I will keep you posted! I loved your wedding favor idea and just might have to try to make some! They were so beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Love Tammy

Carol said...

Beautiful Pink Post...You know me, I always love those sweet sachets & tea bag covers. My bottle arrived yesterday and it was way over the top, more than I expected. The glass is nice & heavy, and the petite fleurs just add to it's charm. Big Hugs for the extra surprise. My Miss "A" has already claimed it :)

Have a great weekend
Carol from
Good 'Ol Texas

Sue McPeak said...

Hi Rebecca...goodness but you have Paris all wrapped up in pretty pinks. Who wouldn't want to see Paris through your lovely sachets, cards and gifts. All so creative and pretty. Happy Pink Saturday!!!

Lorraine said...

Soooo pretty...I love everything French too! Happy PS!

Kay Ellen said...

I love these little covers!! Adorable!!

Happy PS!! Rebecca :)

Have a blessed weekend too!

Kay Ellen

Julie said...

Beautiful pinks! Safe travels to Nebraska!

Shabbyprimdelights said...

ooh la la how very french. I hope we are going to see some piccies of your newly painted studio.
The tea bag covers are delightful.

Tara said...

The tea bag covers are devine .
Every time I visit your blog you bring a smile to my face.
Thank you for that..xx

Chatty Crone said...

Happy pink Saturday to you too!

Annette said...

Love all your pretty pinks Rebecca. Pink, French, Paris all seem to go hand-in-hand don't they? Thank you for visiting my blog and I'm glad you're back. You always have such beautiful pink posts!
Hugs to you,

Shirl said...

Hi Rebecca, Happy Pink Saturday! Love your pink post this week, you've made so many beautiful things! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Alma Lynn is a favorite cross stitch designer of mine also. I have so many of her books.
Hugs, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Lord girl this is a candy shop of products and ideas, everything you make is oozing with pretty pinks


LV said...

As usual, you never disappoint us with your Pink Saturday feature. Very nicely done.

Deanna said...

gorgeous tea cup!
Why you'd feel extra special sipping from such a pretty!
We all need to feel really special from time to time!

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