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Today I wish I could ES-KAW-PAY (escape) from my home.  If I could I would stay away until all the
caused from of our kitchen makeover was over.  From jackhammering up concrete to the
sound coming out of our large wet-vac (needed to remove water from the pipes) there hasn't been a day of peace for quite a while now.

I have a new found appreciation for plumbers.  I do!  Not that I ever hated them mind only brother owns his own business in Southern Cali.  It's just I've always thought they charged too much for what they did (or do!).

Silly me!  I can assure you today I'm singing a different song!!!  Those hard-working peeps deserve every dime they earn! 

If I were a wealthy person (which I am not!) I would have hired out the plumbing part of our kitchen remodel and gone to Jamaica (or some other exotic place) until it was finished.  It's been that grueling and I'm not even the one expending the labor.  That's been the boys in my family!
(Picture?  Not so much!) keep this post from being overly boring (it's not too exciting reading about concrete and pipes!) I'm showing you pics of a couple of my latest finds!  I snagged this sweet lamp for $2 (no shade tho!) and a fabulous old frame for $3.  I love it when I stumble on great old stuff for itty-bitty money! :) 
I already had the shades...just have to decide which one I like the best!

Remember this?  The picture above is what we found when we removed some of the wall to enlarge our kitchen opening.  Eighteen pipes in all had to be moved.  That meant concrete had to be cut out, pipes cut back and moved, re-soldered, etc.

Here is the shot of the pipes in one area after they were re-directed.  Felt (and looked) like a bunch of grave-diggin' to me!  Bah!  Moving the pipes took ALL DAY Saturday and most the day on Sunday as well.  And I only THOUGHT the major cost of a kitchen remodel was the cabinetry!  WRONG!  It's the labor for doing the things that are behind the scenes!  No doubt this part would have cost my guy and I at least $2K to have hired out!  I'm so thankful my guy can do this kind of work!  He's amazing!
(I'm thinkin' I'll keep him!)

See the hole at the bottom of the photo above?  The pipes will be re-routed and will come up into this hole along with an electrical outlet.  My new kitchen island will be over this spot!  Not sure it will have water with a wee little sink, but I'm hoping we'll have room. Mr. AGPMan ran pipes to it just in case!

And so there my update right now.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow and a day spent with my love!  We are going to Tulsa for dinner...such fun!
Hope your Monday is wonderful~

Love to you...


Anne said...

What a mess for you all.But when it is all over and done I am sure you will LOVE your new remodel.Hang in there.I love all those shades but I think I like the hobnail the best.Great finds and great prices you gotta love it.

Julie Marie said...

Hi Rebecca... just think how it will all look when it is all done... Jamaica does sound nice right about now though... it is still so cold here, I could go for a stroll on a nice quiet beach... sigh... Happy Valentines Day to you and your love... xoxo Julie Marie

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Oh, I'm hoping your mess will be over soon Rebecca. I'm even dusting at our rental here in Florida as I like a tidy place.
Don't you wish you could go away and come home when it's all done? Never happens that way though.
Enjoy your Valentine's Day celebration together.

Jill said...

Your finds are fantastic! I happen to like the blue flowers as I know my sister would love them.

Sorry you have to contend with all of the noise but so thankful your DH can do the work for you!

Kim B said...

Oh what wonderful finds!!!
I cant wait to see the finished look.
Hopefully your kitchen will be finished soon. I know you must be super excited about the remodel :)
Have a lovely day and Happy Valentines day (early)
Hugs, Kim

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Happy Valentines Rebecca. Enjoy your dinner out. The two worst rooms in the home to remodel are the kitchen and the bathroom. You are very fortunate DH can do the plumbing. I'm sure this part will be just a memory soon as you enjoy your new space. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. BTW, I vote for the ribbed shade.

Anonymous said...

Hobnail. It's one of my favorite things on earth. So I vote Hobnail. And Jamaica, of course. :) Hang in there, one day you'll be showing us the amazing beauty of your kitchen. Hugs ~ Mary

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Rebecca,
OH my stars..but just think how beautiful its all going to look! I can't wait to see it. I know the mess we had just from the work we did. I think it was dust that bothered me the most it was everywhere and there's still dust to come.Happy Valentines day to you and your Mr. GPA Valentine..
Big hugs, Elizabeth

Gail said...

That's the only good thing about putting off a remodel of our kitchen, all the junk that goes with it...!
Do you have a good set of earplugs....?
Have a wonderful Valentine's dinner with your sweetie!

Christine said...

A few years ago we had the tile in our kitchen, enryway and hallway taken up and new wood floors layed down in it's place. I left town! Went to my sister's and spent two days. My hubby called when all was done. It was great.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Well didn't ask but I think I love the hobnail shade....
Take an aspirin and a HOT bath. It won't make it go away, but it will be better - some!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I adore the painting in that frame! It is such a cheery shade of blue. But the shade is pretty too. I have two sound machines in my house I keep on "rain" 24 hours a day. Live amongst college kids. Yes, I'd love to see you when you next come to Tulsa!

NanaDiana said...

OH-What a mess-You are so lucky that The Man can do so much of that work himself! Is your house built on a slab then, rather than on a basement foundation? We don't have slab foundations here because of freeze depths.

I know how happy you will be to have the mess over and done with and I am just tickled that you are going to have a nice island. I hope you can get your little sink. I use my own ALL the time-xo Diana

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweet friend, First of all I love your new lamp and prefer the smooth and Hobnail shades the most. The second shade reminds me of my mom's bedside lamps. As far as the remodel, I so remember going through this 20+ yrs ago-such a pain but you'll love it when its done. Blessings and quiet peace to you.
Hugs, Noreen

Kathy said...

Hello Rebecca, I can completely understand! We are having to replace all the plumbing in our home - old house pipes giving way! We've been without hot water for going on over 2 months - Dearest is doing the bulk of the work himself when he can. Someday my hot water will come.....
Hope you have a great week,

Antiques And Teacups said...

I've lived (barely) through a few remodels. Obce without a kitchen for 6 washing in the bath tub, fridge on the porch, YOU know! It was truly a celebration when it ENDED! Of course 2 weeks behind schedule! But I loved the result!

EllenaElizabeth said...

Hi love the framed vase of blue flowers....chin up it will all be worth it in the end. Exciting times. SO wish I could renovate something. Not in this 'interim' house though. Thanks for sharing.

Marilyn said...

I can not believe that you have to stand on concrete! It's the way the floors at school are, too. I can be on my feet at home during the summer and never have leg aches, but as soon as school starts, they're back.

I love the fact that you have three shades that fit that lamp! My Sarah would most likely choose the hob nail as she loves that look in milk glass. How about some pretty painted flowers on the smooth one. I can picture some pink roses on it.♥♫

Anonymous said...

Hi Most Beautiful One! Oh, I've been missing what's going on with you! You're getting a new kitchen! Woo Hoo! I'm so proud for you! Well, I always say - you have to make a mess to make a pretty. And I guess a little noise too! Can't wait to see it and your lamp is gorgeous!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

Happy Valentine's Day to you and may it spill over onto all 365 days of the year! And make sure that you keep that sweetheart of yours!!!
As for the lamp, picture number 1 is THE choice or me. The lamp has so much beauty already that the shade needs to be plain.
Oh, we know the feeling and the noise and the sand and gritty stuff in the shower etc. etc. That is however soon forgotten once everything is over with. Be grateful and sing with the noise a happy song.

Love to you,


Mouse said...

ooooo love the holes reminds me of our house ... love your wee finds too and actually like the picture in the frame sorryyy and hope you manage to get your island too :) love mouse xxxxx

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