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When I first started blogging in January of 2009 I shared with you all about a little old house not far from my home that was destined for demolition.  (The title of that post was The Enchanted Cottage and if you'd like you can read it HERE).  The house was indeed torn down but not before my hubby and I stripped it bare of every vintage door and window worthy of rescuing.  Incredibly the land the little cottage sat on is still undeveloped and I think that is truly sad.  The house, though tattered and disheveled, was better than a parking lot with nothing but concrete slabs...
(I'm on the hunt for a different one!!!)

Anyway...of all the doors and windows we hauled away that day two of the doors were absolutely fabulous!  Great old hardware and the original old glass panels were still in tact.  I was in heaven and still am.  Since that time I've used both of them in different places in my home and over the weekend I gave one of them a new makeover...the one I'd originally painted pink is now my favorite shade of cottage white (Behr Cottage White/Home Depot).  I moved it from my upstairs landing and it is now hanging on the wall next to our exterior French Doors.  I actually have plans to do a glaze of sorts on the door...maybe some artwork, hand painted roses or at least some French style lettering...not sure yet!  If you'd like to read how this old door was originally transformed you can read the tutorial HERE!
(Early Last Spring)

It seems like this was forever ago!!! Was it just last Spring we my Mr. AGPMan did all this work???
(I was bummed that it had to go!)

For now the Cafe de Paris sign will stay put!  I actually like the door plain!  Funny thing is before we ripped out the window seat (which we installed nearly twenty years ago and I loved!) and installed the new windows and French Doors our original backdoor was right where we hung this old vintage door!

I have a couple really neat lamps that I may pull from another room in my home for the table you see above.  I'm hoping to recover a shade with some light French Graphics...  I've been on the hunt for some wonderful linen alphabet fabric with a soft white ground and brown lettering but so far all I've found is black.  It's too dark for me so I'll keep looking!

This week I'm going to be working in my studio on new product for my website and also trying to find a place for all the things that have been left homeless since our wood floors were installed...  I have no idea where this sweet antique pie safe is going to go.  Right now it's in my dining room and I'm terrified it's going to have to find a new home! :(

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 Hope your Monday is fabulous!

Love to you...


Michele said...

you are a gifted designer indeed! and you have much patience! thank you for your kind words and for following my blog. i am your new follower now as well! love to you. xo

Lululiz said...

I am so glad that you managed to rescue at least something from that cottage. It really is sad that it was torn down and never replaced. You did such a wonderful job on the door,it looks fantastic and is such a lovely background for the beautiful little table. The whole scene is just utterly charming.

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

I love what you have done with these vintage doors ~ and I am still loving those gorgeous wood floors my friend! Have fun creating your magic this week ~ looking forward to seeing all your new things you'll have for your website when you re-open it!

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Theresa said...

Beautiful, love that door:) Hope you find a place for the pie safe, don't let her go! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Jill said...

So many nice things that you make beautiful!

I'll take that pie safe off your hands.;)

Dolores said...

Wow, there's so much beauty in your home. I love what you've done with the door......and all your wonderful renovations...
You're amazing!!

NanaDiana said...

Great old vintage door! It looks great just the way it is..but if you did do a design on it that would be equally wonderful. I am going to pop over and read about that old cottage now. Have a wonderful week, my sweet friend- xo Diana

Julie Marie said...

Oooh Rebecca... your home is just like a fairytale cottage!... I LOVE your old door, and I think it looks fabulous plain, nothing painted on it... so sad when they demolish beautiful old homes... I went to a similar home here in Centerville some years ago... none of the family wanted anything as the elderly man who had passed away had been adopted many many years ago into a prominent (??) family here in Centerville, and they considered him an "outsider" isn't that sad???... anyhow, I did the same thing, brought home the front door, doorknobs, old windows, a whole basket of old family photos that some woman was tossing around carelessly (almost got arrested for grabbing her when she did that!)... okay, I am getting off track h ere... can I come live with you???... xoxo Julie Marie

stefanie said...

love how you displayed it!!!!!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Rebecca,
I love, love the door! how fun to have saved the vintage doors, they really are a treasure!. The door looks so pretty and chaming the way you decorated it.I think some roses would look so amazing on the door.
Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

Barbara Jean said...

Love your door sweetie. Everything is so beautiful here. A reflection of you.

blessings and have a super week.
barbara jean

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
What a great rescue!
Those old doors were made far better than new ones.
You sure have a way with things - lovely look already.
Love to you,

Unknown said...

I have the front door to G'ma Maggie's house I've been packing around for over 20 years. You just gave me an idea for usage in my bedroom redo. And then I also recalled I have a fabulous vintage window I haven't used yet ...

Thank you, Rebecca. Love the door & decor.

Have a wonderful eve ~

Tara said...

Oh no! The poor pie safe! You must look really really hard for a place for it! Your door transformation turned out beautifully. I love old doors and windows too, they are such treasures.

Anonymous said...

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Have a Great Day!!

Anonymous said...

I have a door very similar to this one you show. I am hunting down an old knob plate for it as the hole is larger than the average knob hole. It had a security plate on it as well as the decorative knob plate. I know, in the end, the hunt will be worth the effort. For now, it's waiting for Spring to be painted & then set on stands to bring in.

Love your floors & the color you chose is fabulous! I love how everything else pops! Hugs.

Mouse said...

ohhhh love those doors too and mmm yup that lamp is a wee bit small ... shame about the window seat and mmmmmmmmmmm thunks what about making it to a cupboard to store the computer ???? or some linens ??? love mouse
who is catching up on blogs

Unknown said...

Oh, My! It looks wonderful, Rebecca.
Your husband sure can work magic. I love Cottage White. It's my all time favorite.
Hope you find a lamp!!

Annesphamily said...

You are so interesting and talented! I have not been over in a while and I really enjoy your stories. I hope you always create and share with us. You are wonderful!

Anne said...

Love that door.I just found an old door I am going to be bringing in my home.As a decorative piece and a back drop for my photos.
I love that pie safe.Do you have a place in your home that you can use it for a storage cabinet?I have a pie save in my laundry room.It houses all my cleaning supplies.Just a thought.

farmhouse-story said...

such a pretty door, rebecca:) your whole blog is lovely!

Passionate for White said...

I love decorating with vintage doors and yours is just perfect. Good luck with finding your fabric.

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