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Years and years ago when I owned a brick and mortar store I found the most wonderful
 ever on one of my trips to Market.  I was so taken with them and the showroom that sold them they remained on my favorites list for years and years.  The branchy floral vines came in muted pinks and creamy whites and each one equally flew out the door faster than I could get them in.  I distinctly remember the three foot lengths retailed for $36 ($18 wholesale) and the six foot lengths retailed for $48 ($24 wholesale).  That was pricey even for the early 1990's....but they sold like hotcakes anyway!

This was during the Laura Ashley phase of decorating...incredibly no one even knew who Rachel A was...not yet anyway!

As my own personal stash of vines became tattered and worn, little by little they were discarded.  (Boo Hoo!)  The showroom stopped carrying the line, favoring instead silk-type florals which had become very, very popular at the time.  Over the years I managed to hang onto only two six foot garlands...both of them were in the white colorway.
Today I have them twisted up tightly together and wired in place because they are sooo old and fragile!  They proudly hang over the sink/mirror in my master bath and I still love them today just like I did nearly twenty years ago.

(don't you love it went people say that?'s like you KNOW something fabulous is coming!...right?)

Today I visited one of our town's antique malls and after meandering through each and every space I made my way to the back.  And there, way up high, peeking out from behind a bunch of old industrial type stuff I spied this really, really long rose vine in pink.

Now I've been in this room before and I never once noticed it there.  Well...I climbed up high and after working to de-tangle it I realized it was in two pieces.  One nine foot piece (three 3ft pieces together) and one six foot piece.

Guess how much?

Fifteen sweet little bucks for all of it!

Now comes the fun part....trying to decide just WHERE I'm going to hang them.  If I wasn't afraid the birdies would nest in the vines (they always do!) I'd hang them over the outside of my door.  Hmmm...

Decisions!  Decisions!

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Now in case you missed my post about my GIVEAWAY you can read about how you can enter your name into the drawing for the PINK ROSE TATTERED APRON shown below.

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 Hope your day is fabulous!  I'm off to hang my vines!

Love to you...


Susan said...

Your home is very beautiful Rebecca!

LV said...

You have kept and used rose vines very well.

Anne said...

Ah yes I remember those.I was quite smitten with those as well.I still have some of the smaller ones.But I gave mine away too.I still do come across them every once in a while.The prices have gone down a bit.Why did I give mine away.Your master bath is lovely.Ours is small too.But not as pretty as yours.

Marilyn said...

I never did see the vines, but did get some of the shorter pieces that I've wrapped around things, like my swan's neck. I'd love more, now, but haven't see any in years. I love your vanity!! I NEED one!♥♫

Shabbyprimdelights said...

Love those vines....did you ever find out who actually made them...they would sell like hotcakes again today.
The pink vine obviously had been waiting for you to come along.

NanaDiana said...

Rebecca, Can you believe it? Those are gorgeous and now you have a pink one. I remember something very similar back in the late 80's/early 90's. They are as pretty today as they were then.

Everything there is just beautiful, Rebecca! xo Diana

Julie Marie said...

Wow, what an incredible find! I LOVE those white ones and your new pink one... I actually have ONE small vine like those from way back then in a dusty rose color... and you are right, it cost me a MINT (which I really should not have spent way back then)... I have never seen any more like them... till now, and yours... they look GORGEOUS on your mirror!... xoxo Julie Marie

Unknown said...

OH I'm SO glad you found some more of your lovely roses...yay! What a great story!

Hope you get lots of sunshine this weekend!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!
Mrs. Sarah Coller

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

How lucky for you and what a great price! I have to tell you Rebecca...I LOVE your master bath! Just beautiful and that sink vanity is gorgeous!~Hugs, Patti

Irma@CosasBellas said...

I loved those roses too, Rebecca. I had a pink 6ft vine that adorned my daughters armoir. She's almost 13 now and into zebra print and peace signs so needless to say gone are the days of a vintage iron bed and delicate roses. Se la vie! I have it packed away in storage in hopes that her love for vintage pretties will return. She's very fickle so there's a good possibility. lol

Have a blessed weekend,

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca! Your home is lovely! I love those garlands. I too remember them at the suppliers....a 40 year floral designer here....they were perfect.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

How fun--my sister in law had a decorating shop at about the same time and I had some of those too. I don't know what happened to them:( I think they got dirty and I threw them out. Now they don't have anything that pretty (in my opinion). Lucky you!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Don't you love it when you make a find like that? Tomorrow morning is Garage sale day and we will be out there early. We haven't done much of it for several weeks now..rain, high winds and other things have kept us home.
Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful..the rain has now pass..the sky's are blue and the sun is shining. Another wonderful garage sale day...I hope I find something half as lovely!

Lululiz said...

Nothing says ROMANCE like delicate roses. Those garlands are beautiful.

Mouse said...

oooooooooooooooooo I like very much and well done on such a good find .. love having a browse through shops and seeing what you can bring home and utilise love mouse xxxx

Ginger said...

Oh I love those roses, I have a shorter version of the pink one. I know you will find someplace beautiful to put yours. Have a great Pink Saturday

Theresa said...

SCORE! Aren't you glad you looked UP:) SO BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy your day my friend, can't wait to see where you put those gorgeous roses! HUGS!

Unknown said...

Hi sweeet friend!
I too have always loved those vines. They are so hard to find. I only have a few smaller ones but like you i treasure and take care of them. But..isnt that why we loooove to shop for those treasures and theres such a thrill when we find them?
Have a blessed day!

Denise said...

Always beautiful to visit your home.When I was a little girl in the 50s My Grandma Gulino loved all white for her living room only.It was not a trend back then,I suppose ahead of her times.She loved decorating.Only one thing,Our family(the adults) would tease her.She wouldn't like us to go in the living room.One sat.We went to visit-There was sheets of plastic covering the floor and upholstery furniture.Boy!did her kids tease her then.I know times have changed. I adore the relaxed look you put in your gorgeous home.Grandma would have been swooning.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Such a delight to see gorgeous pink every week, yours are lovely!

My PINK please come and see when you have time. Have a safe and happy weekend!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

What a score Rebecca! I have one something like that. It has papery (is that a word) flowers like big cabbage roses on it. Mine is from the 90's too I think. I still have it hanging above my living room and dining room entrance, and guess what is perched right in the middle of it? One of your beautiful signs that say "cottage home"!! I love it! I will have to send you a pic of it now.

Debbie xxoo

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Your master bath is beautiful! I will be soon revealing our bathroom makeover...still have a few final touches, but hopefully by next weekend :) I have one of the pink rose vines, and it's draped over the top of the mirror in the bathroom ~ I'm always on the hunt for this type, but very difficult to find them. What a score to find such a long piece (pieces) of it!! Can't wait to see where you will put them :)

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Rebecca, I don't understand it.... I left a comment and apparently it didn't get through. I hope this one does. I am a follower of yours and would love to have a chance of winning the apron.

I want to comment about your beautiful home Rebecca... it gets better every time I see it. I just adore your taste and everything you do to it... IT'S JUST GORGEOUS!! It kind of reminds me of my taste too. I love your lampshades and I myself have quite a few lampshades I did with lace... which by the way I can't get enough of. I'm looking forward seeing the kitchen when it's done. I'm still doing my home fixing things up trying to get done, but it's really taking a long time.

Have a Wonderful Day~

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