Sunday, April 15, 2012

~~~~THOUGHTS ON A SUNDAY MORNING~~~~ Being Less Than Perfect


As I prepared for my recent trip to California I found myself becoming a bit harried when I arrived to the airport later than expected.  No good reason for it except to say I'm truly not travel-wise and spent too much time
dinkin' around
and not staying in sync with the ticking of the clock.
By the time I arrived at the check-in counter the agent told me I probably wouldn't make my flight, but encouraged me to try.

With that he took my bag, charged me a whopping $25 bucks for it and pointed me in the direction of the security line.

My Mr. AGPMan was parking our car and by the time he met up with me there were still about 30 people in front of me also waiting for their invasive pat-down.  Just as I saw the face of my hubby he sensed my panic as my name was being called out over the loud speaker urging me to get to Gate 9.  I had five minutes to get through security and get on board.  I was so angry at myself for running late and felt terrible.
Lower than low. husband is a gentleman and I try my best to be a lady.  He is bolder than I am and didn't hesitate for a second to ask, in the nicest of voices, if his wife could 'cut in-in' and be allowed to go to the front of the line.  Expecting this would not be a problem, and because no one immediately spoke up, I ducked under the security rope with my ID in hand and began to walk forward.  All of a sudden a man who was a couple spaces in front of me said...

"I'm barely going to make my flight, too!  Mine leaves two minutes after yours!  I'm sorry!  I'm running late as well!"  My heart sank, but the situation was what it was.  I was to blame for not arriving at the airport in order to be processed in a timely manner.

And then...directing her words to me as if she knew me personally, an older woman began to speak in an elevated voice saying something like this...

"What's so special about YOU?  Why don't you get to the airport in time for your flight?  What makes YOU so special?  We're all here waiting just like you are and taking our turn!  What makes YOU so special?  What makes YOU so special?  Huh?  Looks like to me you spent too much time getting ready!  Why YOU???????  What makes YOU so special?

With that I ducked back UNDER the rope and returned to my original place in line.  I was embarrassed and being the emotional person I am, began to tear-up.  This woman knew nothing about me or even if my trip was for pleasure or need.  Now...I wasn't bawling my head off mind you, but I was teary-eyed and very upset.  My hubby continued to pace the length of the rope frustrated over the entire thing.  As the older woman continued to spew her "WHAT MAKES YOU SO SPECIAL" rant, in desperation my guy finally told the woman who was verbally blasting me to please stop yelling!  I think his words were something like this...

"OK lady!  We got it!  Everyone's in the same boat!  My wife is back in line so will you please stop screaming and trying to humiliate her?  She doesn't THINK she's special!  That's why we ASKED permission before just cutting in line!" 

But she continued...


"Rebecca Nelson!   Come to Gate XXX immediately for final boarding!"

By this time I was almost to the front of the line with my shoes removed, my purse and a tiny shopping tote in hand.  After my license was checked I tossed my things in one of the plastic bins and made my way through the scanner. 


Back to the bins to remove my jacket, tiny necklace, leather belt and petite silver-hoop earrings...

One more time through the scanner before quickly gathering my belongings and yelling back to my hubby...

(it's a personal joke where he refers to me as High-Maintenance!)

Thankfully my gate was only two spaces down from the screening station.  I was never more thankful in all my life I had decided at the last minute to travel light and forgo a carry-on bag.  I was also grateful for my weight-loss of last year because I've never had to run so fast in all my life...especially while barefooted.

By the time I got to the ticket counter I was out of breath and in a full-on sob.  My Boarding Pass was crumpled in my shaking hand and I was more than upset.

"Rebecca Nel................."

   It was then a little boy came up to me and said...

"Excuse me, ma'am!  But you dropped one of your shoes back there!  Would you like for me to get it for you?"

I only managed to nod YES and in total disbelief this tiny child ran to retrieve my shoe and got it to me just as the door was being closed behind me.  I continued to cry as I made my way down the ramp when a sweet young man said

"Oh lady...don't cry!  You made it!  You made it!"

As I walked down the center of the plane I realized I was truly half-clothed with only my jeans and a tank-top on.  My shoes, jacket, scarf, belt (which held up my pants), purse, jewelry and tiny tote bag were in my arms.  Everyone was staring at my mascara smeared face and my ratty-trap hair.  I generally pull my hair up when I'm traveling and somewhere along the way my hair clip fell out leaving my loosely coiffed hair in a big fat mess...

I welcomed the three hour flight to my homeland and tried to calm myself down.  I spent the time reflecting upon the morning's earlier events, my own imperfection and even the woman who was screaming at me in such anger. I couldn't believe how the morning hours had played out before me and silently wished for a do-over.

(Few do-overs in life, huh?)

A couple of days ago I shared with you a little tale about Burned Biscuits.  I think it's message is fitting here.  I don't know all the things the woman who was yelling at me was facing, but obviously it was more than my eyes could see.  I believe her verbal jabs where less about my tardiness and irresponsibility and more about her own hurting heart.  Honestly it's taking everything in me to let the experience go and not become soured from it...  

(The Taylor Swift song Why'd You Have To Be So Mean? comes to mind here...)

Now that I've had a few weeks to think back upon everything that occurred I'm left with this final thought...

A good deed is never lost.  Even though there may be times when a given situation prevents us from helping another I personally hope I will always remember that courtesy reaps friendship and gentleness is never out of fashion.  When kindness is planted only then can we gather up understanding and love...

"...For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.  And let us not be weary in well-doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."
Galatians 6:7,9

Hope your Sunday is beautiful.  For now the storms have passed over our area of Oklahoma and the skies are blue once again.  I'm so thankful for His goodness and grace.

Love to you...


Kathy said...

It sounds like you had quite the time. Poor dear old soul - she had no idea what you were going through and it is wonderful for you to recognize you don't know what people are going through -one of the verses I read this morning dealt with being slow to anger, slow to speak...wish some people understood more the heart of God and his immense patience with us - remember always His unfailing love - and yes, you are special - because God loves you!
Hugs from Georgia -
btw - hope your trip was great,

Kathy said...

It sounds like you had quite the time. Poor dear old soul - she had no idea what you were going through and it is wonderful for you to recognize you don't know what people are going through -one of the verses I read this morning dealt with being slow to anger, slow to speak...wish some people understood more the heart of God and his immense patience with us - remember always His unfailing love - and yes, you are special - because God loves you!
Hugs from Georgia -
btw - hope your trip was great,

Julie Marie said...

Oh Rebecca... I am not as nice as you... I probably would have smacked the woman!... I am hoping you are right and that the lady is really nice and not mean, like she sounds... I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that!... sending much love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

Connie said...

You'll have to read my post where I said I learned something vitally important from th' hubs when he told me the universe DID NOT revolve around me. I was truly in shock and astounded it didn't, sugar. I had always thought I was at the center of this universe until he told me that. I truly had no clue.

The other thing that sent me looping was when he told me not everyone thinks like I do! Ooooh, honey, I about keeled over. Of course everyone thought like I did. What's the matter with him??? Little did I realize then how wise my man is. Celebrating 51 years of married life with him has been quite an experience I talk about in my blog off and on. I'm also high maintenance and wonder how he stands me sometimes. But he does and for that I will thank my Lord profoundly when I meet Him some day, sweetpea.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Sorry honey for the horrible experience at the air port. You were right by stepping back in line because no telling what might have happened if you had not.
People I am finding more and more are just so stressed out that sometimes they just take it out on others.
I too have found myself running in a airport only to find when it's all over that I scold myself for not getting there earlier.
We all have moments we wish we could relive but at least you were not the old lady doing the needless screaming. I feel sure she regretted it later or it least I hope so.
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. I thought of you when the bad weather was going through Oklahoma.
Take care honey

Marilyn said...

I wouldn't have been able to run at all because I need to lose A LOT of extra pounds. But I can imagine the run down the way to your gate. Too bad we couldn't just give that other woman a hug and let her know how special you are.♥♫

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Rebecca I have to fly to California in 2 weeks and we live an hour away from the airport, plus it is an 8am flight. I think I am going to just stay up half the night so we can get there on time! Your story really makes me want to be on time1 I don't want any irate people yelling at me...I am a little nervous. Haven't flown in 33 years! Glad you didn't have any storm damage....I thought of you yesterday when I heard the news about the weather.~Hugs, Patti

myletterstoemily said...

poor thing! as if flying weren't traumatic

and you are special.

Tanza said...

Aaahhh ~r~,
I would of been bawling too my friend, BUT, than, that fiestiness in me probably would of come out, and, I would have socked her in the nose with a left, and than arm-barred her to the floor, hoping she would have to TAP OUT, and than run right on past her, ALL the while Rocky music playing in my head !! Take this you meanie !! Right ?!

Okay, okay, maybe not ... BUT, would so want to !! Mean people suck !! That's kinda naughty, BUT, soo true !! I would of let you cut in front of me .. promise .. and, yes, cuz you are SPECIAL !!

Love to you this beautiful Sunday !! I just love your stories .. always have :O

Big huggers from a bad girlie
~TEA~ xxoo

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Oh sweet Rebecca,

Sorry this happened to you. Mean, just plain mean. People are so inconsiderate these days. I sure would have let you go ahead of me. Now, I am a lady too, but I think I might have bopped her one! lol! So glad you are safe and sound after those storms.

Love you!
Debbie xo

Nannyaboo said...

How peaked can you be???
I can relate!
The only thing I can say is:
YOU are SPECIAL because YOU are YOU, and Steve is Extra Special too!
Love you dear girl...
Hugs-- Mom

Jenna said...

My heart was so sad for you Rebecca after reading this...There is never a reason for people to humiliate other people...I know we all have our faults but we all need to show a little compassion during times in our life. I have been reading your blog for a long time, (even though I don't comment all the time) YOU ARE SPECIAL! you are one of those people that leave footprints on others hearts... you don't take sides and you have made me feel welcome to visit your blog when others haven't...Given the opportunity, you would have left footprints on the hearts of the women and others yelling at you...That's what makes you special...Have a lovely Sunday! hugs Jennifer

EllenaElizabeth said...

Oh Rebecca what a terrible ordeal! Some people really are over the top, the old lady sounds like she thought she was special the way she carried on. You are probably still re-living the drama. Try and forget about it somehow. I know about getting to airports late, it happened once and will never happen again. The stress and tension had my head and neck stiff and my heart rate was through the roof thinking I might have to pay for another ticket to Alice Springs....not cheap, but did not eventuate in the end. I must tell you a funny story. One time on a 3hr flight to Adelaide I was seated next to the emergency exit. You know they have extra leg room and the people in those seats are supposed to be fit and able in order to helo open the exit doors and or help other passengers off the plane in an emergency. I was told this by the man beside me so don't know if it's really true or not. But the hilarious thing was and all three of us laughed about it. I was seated in between 2 men. One with a huge cello case between his legs, me with severe back disabilities and on the other side of me a man with NO arms. What the!!! Got to see the funny side of it. Hope you are feeling a bit better soon.

Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

Your Grace is so comforting. You thought you didn't hold it together because your mascara was running and so was you. But, your delivery of the story shows your grace and above all your compassion for others even with all you went through. You are already blessed by blessing others with your kindness in spite of them. You was tested you came through.
With a big hug and love,

Julie Marie said...

Me again... I came back to read everyones comments... so happy to see one from Tanza again!!! Boy, let me and her at that woman and she will never do that again... you go Tanza!... xoxo Julie Marie

Theresa said...

Oh my friend, I was walking along with you... standing in the line, feeling the hurt of the lady's words and thankful when you made it on the plane! Looking a little mussed but still on the plane! Some people feel better while making others feel worse! I pray for those people and wish them much happiness because they are mighty miserable! Hugs to you dear Rebecca! I tried to read the burned biscuit post and couldn't get it to come up, I am trying again!

Rita said...

I'm so sorry you had such a rough time, but glad you got to make the first flight and not have to wait for a later one. Kindness means so very much in our world today. Great post!

Mr. AGP Man said...

Oh, my HM girl, never a dull moment with you! LOL I think I told her to please just stop, that no one there needed or wanted to hear her comments. I run into so many people in my work that try to lord their power over me, be it at a security checkpoint at a state or county office, or a parking gate at a lot etc. etc. I always just smile and try to work it out, always reminding myself that I have no idea what is going on in their life and that checkpoint or parking gate may be the only thing in that poor person's life that they feel they have any control over, so I let it slide and wish them a good day. Almost everyone out there is hurting in one way or another. It is sad that some respond by lashing out at others but we are all just human and full of imperfections. It is a good thing we are or we might think we do not need the Lord in our lives and then where would we be. So I will take my imperfections, (I am sure you have a list of them somewhere), and go on with the hope that mine do not hurt anyone but me. Ye reap what ye sow and that lady was sowing up a storm that day. I hope she survives the harvest! I'm just sayin! :-)


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I really don't know why people have to be so mean. Like you didn't hear her the first 5 times she said it, which she shouldn't have said.
I do not like to I probably would have had to be medicated after all that.
We have been working so much on the MH, I haven't colored my hair, got my nails done...I am a mess...and I can't blame it on one day!
I am glad you are back home...where we love you!!

Ann said...

Oh my what an ordeal. I have come to dread flying because it is such a bad experience anymore. I have noticed no one smiles or chats casually while waiting for flights. Just ask yourself though, if you had missed your flight, what harm would have come from that? Be at peace and let it go.

However, when I was rushing to go visit my father who was terminally ill, and they announced my flight was being delayed, I started crying and let the ticket counter know that I could not have a dealyed flight I HAD TO GET THERE ASAP because of my father's illness. EVERYONE was so wonderful, when the plane arrived, the airlines let me on first, a stranger let me use his pen because I couldn't find mine, The attendant came by and tried to console me. So there are a few nice people left in this world of flying. Peace.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, Rebecca! I am so sorry that lady was so evil. Traveling can sure be anxiety inducing. I'm glad, though that you made your flight. I hope next time it si more pleasanter that this experience.

Your Craft Book said...

Dear Rebecca, What a horrible way to start your trip. We have to think and believe that the lady had a very heavy burden to carry. If we do not then it is a case of just pure spite. I do know some people that are never happy and I do not think they have the capacity to be happy. They are always looking for the lottery win to make them happy, but true happiness does lie within and I hope the lady in turn finds her true happiness.

I hate traveling also and find it very harrowing. I will be off to England again soon and I am truly terriefied of flying but will do it again to say a final Good Bye to my mother.

I hope you have a wonderful coming week and know that God and his son are by your side, blessings, Maureen.

Jacoba said...

Oh, Rebecca, what a story .....
I think all of us know these situations of being too late for no reason. I have experienced my husband returning home from missing his plane, etc. But the lecture given you was a bit too much at the airport. Well, we can always learn and calculate extra time for the unexpected hold ups.
Have a happy day and I hope your reunion with your mother will be good and the moments shared cherished forever.
Love from Holland,

Yasmin Smith said...

Dear Rebecca...I have not been visiting the blogs much lately, due to problems with some new meds,
and this is the first time I have had a chance to read yours for a while..I see you are still "running through life with the scissors open"!! LOL I was horrfied as I read how the story
unfolded, but then I got a mental
picture of a red-faced angry woman
hurling near-curses at you, and your Mr.AGPMan trying to calm every
thing down (all the while probably thinking "YEP..that's my girl..can
start an uproar over nothing"!!!) and you, the sweet, sensitive little thing I KNOW you are, wishing a black hole could come and swallow you up....and I agree, the mascara running down those reddened cheeks as you tried to make it down that LONG aisle to your seat with all the dignity you could muster, and everyone's eyes on you, would have been the longest mile ever I had to walk........but for everyone who
agreed with that woman, there were
many, many more who thought YOU had
been given an undeserved harsh treatment. I am sure most of them were thinking YOU had what you call
CLASS and that you were quite a LADY not to get into a shouting match with the irritated woman.
I hope by the time you reached your destination you had a chance to recover and did not let it spoil your visit one second more..
I thought what Steve wrote was so true, too....we never know what it is like until we walk a mile in someone else's shoes...they may be
hurting so badly and we just never know...
I am sorry it had to be you that was "attacked" because I could never picture you ever being so unkind to someone...
Now that I have put in MORE than "my two cent's worth", I am going on to read the rest of your blogs I have missed....
Also wanted to tell you I am so happy y'all were spared any of the bad weather over the weekend...I was thining of you...
Hugs and love, Francy (Yasmin)

White Lace and Promises said...

You write as well as you create. I think it's the gift that God has given you. Such a lesson there. It is usually when I am hurting most that I hurt others. Thanks for the lesson. I needed that today.

Unknown said...

Wow...I teared up just thinking about this. You are stronger and braver than I because I wouldn't have ever asked to go ahead in line. We do so depend on the kindness of strangers and I think an Angel sent that little boy to pick up your shoe to give you perspective and hope in humanity. Yes, we all have a story and who knows why that woman kept yelling/repeating her issue with your cutting in line. BUT it still hurts. Sadly, I find more and more she is the norm and when a stranger is kind to me or I am kind to a stranger, it is almost shocking.

Love to you and thatnks for sharing the burned bisquits story too!


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my Sweet Rebecca......I'm so sorry... I've managed to be late more than once in my life and arrived in a panic.... I feel sorry for the woman who yelled at you too. Years ago when I was getting some bereavement counseling....which involved some stress with a family member.........she told me if this person yells at you (I was afraid of that)... just be still and listen..... she'll be telling you all about herself. And, on top of that, hasn't flying become so darn stressful in and of itself? We'll be on a plane soon and I'm already stressing about it. Mostly it's about keeping and eye on my purse and bag as they drag me to the side for the big 'ol intrusive pat-down. Well.... enough said.

LOVE your new spread. It's just stunning... and looks so peaceful too.


Spencie Girl

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I agree with Tanza and Julie Marie! I would have lashed out at this lady and she would not have known what hit her.
After being out in a very demanding work place for over 34 years, I have come in contact with many people and have learned to pretty much deal with just about everyone. Joe is usually the one who is embarrassed by my big mouth telling people off.
But my Daddy taught me one important lesson, "Never let anyone use you for a door mat". And I surely do not.
Sorry this happened and it upset you so....


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