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I've been soooo busy getting things for my new booth space ready I forgot to tell you I am going to be away for a few days finishing up all the behind-the-scenes work!  I'll be ducking in and out this week as I have lots and lots still left to do!

I never KNEW I had so much STUFF!

See this pile of wood?  Well this is the framework of my new booth!  It's going to be done with a pergola style awning and I'm pretty excited about it!  It's all re-claimed wood from past house projects and also a bit from a space I had a couple of years ago.  All it needed was a little fresh paint!  My Mr. AGPMan is putting it up either tomorrow or Wednesday and once it's assembled I'll be working to fill up my wee little area!
Not much time to junk this weekend with Mother's Day and all.  I did have a wonderful time with my children and enjoyed spending time with my mother as well.  I hope your day was blessed!!!
I did find this old cake cover hiding out in my storage shed and I think she looks fabulously SWEET painted up in my favorite not-quite-white paint before being gently distressed.  No roses on this one...I'm saving those for the pink cover!

I don't know HOW LONG the thing has been in storage...a long time though!  Long enough for me to have forgotten I had it!  If I had room it would be a keeper...

I'll be back soon with pictures of just WHAT I'm doing.  Truthfully I think I've kinda 
taking this on and all...

I'm doing it just the same!

(There are no mistakes in life~only lessons!  Right?)

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Hope your week is fab.

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NanaDiana said...

Your not crazy...you just want to share all your beautiful stuff with the world at large (oh~and pay for your new kitchen, remember?;>)

I LOVE that old tin. I remember seeig those when I was a kid...sitting on a sideboard with cake inside.

Happy Tuesday to you, Rebecca. If you get the chance in your busy day-pop by and see the baptismal gow I made. I know that you, in particular, will love the history of it- xo Diana

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Rebecca, I can't wait to see your wee little area filled with all of your treasures! Know it'll be incredible! What an awesome cake cover, I love it! Have a great day!


One Shabby Old House said...

Best of luck to you Rebecca. I can't wait to see what your hubby builds. I love booth spaces that are done like that! I hope you take one picture after another of him building it.

Theresa said...

Can't wait to see your booth! I know if I could shop there, yours would draw me in:) Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Jen said...

I think you are so lucky to have such an opportunity. Sharing all your talents with people. I just wish I lived closer.
Good luck!


Marilyn said...

Busy people always get more done! So we know it will be fabulous. Just remember to share more pictures!♥♫

Julie Marie said...

Good luck with your new booth Rebecca... I miss you, xoxo Julie Marie

Michele said...

Hi Rebecca ~ Your little cake pan is so darling ~~ Yes, only lessons ~ I think you are going to do really well with your booth.


Unknown said...

Blessings on your booth! I am so excited for you!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

You are just soooo happy right now ~ I can just tell! Wishing you much success in your new venture!!

Big TX Hugs,

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Love the cake thing--have fun with your booth creating!

Anne said...

Your booth is going to be gorgeous.
I was just approached by a friend to rent a booth at an antique mall in town.I am not sure what to do.

Jocelyne said...

I can't wait to see pics of your booth and if I lived closer I know I would be shopping there! I love my booth - It is sooo much fun to create & decorate and then when someone buys something I made - woohoo! Have fun with it and when I go to Oklahoma I will be sure to stop by! ~ Your friend from Colorado Springs, Jo

A Southern Rose said...

I can't wait to see your booth! I'm so excited. It is going to be beautiful.I just wish that I lived closer! :)

Lee Laurie

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